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    This is the first holiday season in a veeeeeerrrrryyy looooong time that I have - gasp - almost (I said almost) looked forward to Christmas. I guess Covid has given me a 'legit' reason to openly be a coward about get togethers. 'Cause Covid' - there, I can isolate (apparently my lifestyle is referred to as 'isolation') and not feel guilty - or, more importantly, guilted. BTW, I've really missed you guys.
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    Children of narcs refuge.

    Things have been different lately. I'm not allowing myself to be the old pushover anymore. I'm expected to just do what I'm told. Ok sir in a little mouse voice no matter what the demand is. It doesn't happen anymore. I stick up for myself and tell people exactly how things are going to be. This holiday will be the turning point. A holiday is supposed to be a celebration not a chance for someone to push you over the edge and make you lose what little hope you have left. I am stronger than these people and they will not mess up one more second of my life!
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    Judge Judy What's going on with that show? The camera on the people is clear and half the time the camera on Judge Judy looks like something from the 90s.
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    All my family and pets My cat My spiritual beliefs
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    I would normally agree, but she went off the radar after we "broke up." Again, it wasn't her doing, it was me being too stupid to realize why she wanted to end the relationship.
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    Sunday night. My least favorite time of the week because I know Monday morning is just around the corner. Soon I will get to face the main source of my anxiety and stress full blast. Thinking about it wrecks my Sunday evenings and night. I try to watch something "funny" on DVD to take my mind off of it but I've seen everything so many times now. My go-to has always been Mystery Science Theater 3000 but I've seen all the episodes several times, including the most recent two seasons. I used to get absolutely bombed on Sunday evenings just to blot out all of the thoughts. Fortunately, I quit drinking. Nothing worse than a Monday morning at work, except a Monday morning at work while suffering with a hangover.
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    1. Perseverance. In the face of overwhelming isolation I have kept going and taken care of business. 2. Self Care. I have done a pretty good job of taking care of myself by eating well most of the time and exercising. 3. Exploration skills. I've got out there and discovered new places to visit which keep me engaged and interested in the world.
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    The Jumbo full moon that I can still walk, though with great difficulty. My ssdi -- I applied and was denied. Then a law firm from a completely different state contacted me and got me the benefits. the new suv lease my parents and I are sharing. (Gotta love a Honda!) my hearing my vision my senses of smell and taste my sense of TOUCH!
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    1.I am grateful that I have infinite patience with mini lion. Perhaps she has taught me this? I have never raised my voice to her when she is constantly under my feet, pulling washing off the airer, jumping into my cooking, puking everywhere, making a big mess of her litter tray, worrying me with her ailments and separation anxiety and demanding masses of food, attention and play time on a daily basis. I'm not gonna lie that it's tough but she's taught me about dedication and the important things in life. Seeing her little smiley face and hearing her little chirpy noises makes it all worthwhile. 2. I am grateful that I have organisation in my life. I'm really grateful that I've been able to get a handle on everything to do with organising my stuff and my home. I've worked really hard on it and I appreciate the result of that effort. I could easily be completely overwhelmed by stuff if I hadn't plugged away at it. I collected a lot when I was younger and was never taught how to look after a home or practiced in it. My mother did everything and I grew up floating on a cloud of leisure and abundance of everything. I was completely unprepared for adulthood. She discouraged me from working and from doing anything practical in the house 😳 So I had plenty of yoga and socialising time but no clue how to manage in the real world. This is just how she wanted it #narcissist. 3. I'm grateful for my communication skills. In spite of some shocking gaslighting from narcmom, I feel I'm still able to read people well and communicate on different levels. I do have work to do in the area of people but then, who doesn't? NJ
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    Well I'm not going to the celebration on Saturday.
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    the dreaded holidays

    and so begins the hurt, disappointment, and hidden tears. Oldest child called about being id'ed buying a lottery ticket (she's 34) which led into what she was making for thanksgiving with her husband's family. I stopped doing dinner about 3 years ago when I was sick and haven't done it since. And what are 'we' doing for christmas or "are you even doing christmas this year" Don't know where that can from but I wish I could. It's bad enough that I feel guilty for not doing thanksgiving but the guilt would be overwhelming if I didn't do christmas. Why? because for years all I heard from my mother was that the only thanksgiving/christmas my older brother had was at her house. And so I carry that guilt trip with me and probably until the day I die. I have always hated the holidays/birthdays. I have no happy (whatever the hell happy is supposed to be) memories of any time in my life. my mother would always find something wrong and the yelling would begin.
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