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    I had a good day but I am still feeling hopeless. I don't see anything changing in my future. I will be alive but I will not be living. I wish if I could go to sleep and never wake up again. No dreams. No nightmares. Nothing. No more pain. Just serenity.
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    Made the mistake of taking an afternoon nap and, as I often do, I woke up very anxious and with depression threatening. Maybe a workout will do the trick? Best, everyone.
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    I'm sorry, man. I know how you feel and often wish for the same. I wonder why the severely depressed were put on this earth. We can never truly be at peace or happy in this life. Someday all pain will pass, I hope.
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    This morning I find myself thinking about the concepts of acceptance, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness... along the lines of Buddhist philosophy and Zen Buddhism. This is the path that has helped me to heal and recover from multiple catastrophes and crises in my own life. I used to carry around a tiny book of the Dalai Lama's sayings. I don't know where that book is now, but I want to purchase another and keep it nearby. I have come to accept what is, even if my circumstances are not what I wanted or expected. I have forgiven myself and others, even my worst enemies who caused the most damage to my psyche. I am starting to forgive my boss for her abuse and mistreatment towards me. She does not know any better than to behave how she does. And I believe that treating others with respect and kindness is a pathway to inner happiness. I think I want to embrace Zen practice again. It helped me so much in the past. I have come full circle back to this path. There are so many kind people on here, who even in the darkest of moments, reach out to others to provide support and kind words. To me, this shows testimony to people's true character. So even when things seem most hopeless & bleak, being a good person to others I think counts for so much. Please be kind to yourselves dearest DF friends, as you are to others --- kindness & compassion are traits that not all people possess. These are amazing qualities and are truly special. I am so glad to know all of you.
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    ((((((((feelinglost))))))))) thank you for your reply and for your kind comment on my poem. I have little hope for my own situation since the supportive letter won't come from my own doctor, but you're right -- who knows what will happen. I'm sure I will be anxious all over again soon, but yesterday I felt I could survive this. Very sorry you're having health issues caused by your work. I do know from what my own lawyer tells me is that yes it's a long process and they require lots of proof. So sorry you're going through that. You sound very motivated though to get out and move on, which is great. In the meantime, I hope they give you the compensation you need once this process ends. (((((((hugs)))))))
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    Hang in there Duck. I hope today improves for you!
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    I am listening to Lana Del Ray.
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    Yesterday and today have been "ok", I guess. The kind of days that just pass by. Feels like I have accomplished nothing but I'm rather calm.
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    I can also say that your replies have been very encouraging and helpful. You are doing a lot of good in this forum. I personally believe that each and every one of us has something good. It just takes sometimes a while for ourselves to see that good and even appreciate it ourselves. {{{{LaurynJcat}}}}} thank you :)
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    The worst thing about depression is...?

    The feeling that life is just not worth living. Having nothing to look forward to but more emptiness and pain.
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    {{{{RiverLight}}}} Don't give up hope until there's a decision :) But nevertheless I am happy to hear you're not feeling so anxious about all of this anymore. Your poem was beautiful <3 I have my own process going on at work. I'm kind of losing hope that it's leading to any compensation for me. I have some health issues due to my workplace (like so many others there have too) and I'm trying to get it recognized as caused by my work, officially, so that I would be entitled to compensation and if I ever need any meds for the symptoms, they would be free. But it's a long and difficult process and they demand really heavy proof. I try not to think about it since with my main cause for feeling depressed/anxious it would just drive me crazy. I am looking for a new job though and trying to get to college this spring to further my education since I don't want to let all my health go because of one job which I don't even enjoy.
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    Thanks ((((((Lauryn))))). Yeah that was a real disappointment for sure. Talked to my lawyer today and I will go see the law firm's appointed doctor. It should not hurt my case. They will know it's not my own doc though since I already gave my company the info. She sucks though, so I will not be returning to her. At this point, I am not hopeful that I will get the workers compensation. My lawyer also told me I could be fired at any point in the process. For some reason, and I have no idea why, I suddenly feel OK about all of it. Hence the inspiration for that poem... somehow I feel like I will land on my feet no matter what happens. And colds suck! Hope you feel better soon! (((((((((hugs)))))))
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    I'd say the worst thing is the negative impact on interpersonal relationships. We all have 'troubles' in life, of one sort or another. Having someone to support you can help a person endure and overcome those troubles. But depression can make it so that a person can't even have that. As such, many depressed persons end up spending much of their time alone.
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    The worst thing about depression is...?

    There is no "life" or "living" in it, it just makes me blank.
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    glass sky

    it is a never ending cycle.

    i know tomorrow will be the same as today, maybe even worse. constant arguing with my mom, frustrations, feelings of hopelessness, and emptiness. no motivation, or no urge to get out of bed to do something productive. tomorrow, im going to wake up, and force myself back to sleep, because it's not like i'm going to accomplish anything. it's not like i have plans, i never do. its not like i go to school, i dropped out. its not like i have friends to hang out with, ive pushed them all away. tomorrow, i'll do nothing, but go on the laptop, and eat every hour. tomorrow my neck will ache, and my heart will break. tomorrow, i'll fight with my mom, or get mad over every little thing anyone does. tomorrow i'll be moody, and tired, even though i've had plenty of naps throughout the day. tomorrow i'll think of every single bad and embarrassing thing i have ever done in one moment, and feel so overwhelmed with shame, and guilt, that i'll want to hit myself. tomorrow, i will wake up alone, and wake up feeling alone. tomorrow i'll look down at the floor, with my hands on my head, and my elbows on my knees, wondering what the **** is wrong with me. tomorrow, ill wake up, wondering why i even did, because i will know that today, will be another yesterday.
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    That often happens to me in the afternoon. It's like it's disturbed my rhythm or something. Hoping you got to work out and sweat the anxious blues away.
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    Hiya all,I suffered a bout of depression in 2014 which lasted a few months caused by issues at home. At the time i was on a 20mg dosage of Citalopram once a day which lasted until i started to feel better down the line, which i put down to the drug mainly it really did work wonders for me. I came off it properly as discussed with my GP who advised dropping to 1 tablet every other day for a month before stopping completely. All was well, i still felt great and was doing well after i stopped.Within the month, i seemed to start to slowly regress again. I started to feel worn out emotionally, mentally exhausted, easily agitated and get angry over small things. I would feel dizzy at times too and fainted on one occasion which was unusual for me. It created huge problems in my personal life. Fast forward to today, i have found my family were spiking my food with my meds which has led me to wonder if this was creating the issues i was having and whether it kept me in a state of withdrawal. I would visit them every other weekend mainly, so a 20mg dosage at least although it could have been more depending on how many tablets they used, spread 4 times over 2 days, this went on for months. Occasionally i was there more frequently than every other weekend too. I'm in a good place again mentally and have stopped all contact with them for a while now and intend to keep it that way. Could the meds have been causing me to feel how i was?
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    hopelessness and exhaustion

    Hi guys. For a long time now I planned to share my thoughts about my life. Until now, however, I didn't feel to pressed to do this, so here I am writing a bunch of words on this forum. It sometimes help to pour negative emotions out. I suffer from depression as most of you here. I know that each of us has a different story, a different experience; yet the feelings are similar. So let me tell you my story in a nutshell. Please forgive me any language mistakes, as I am not a native speaker. My problems started when I was little. I was always described as “surprisingly well-behaved child”. I was always the calm one, the silent one, the one who can sit all day and do the same thing over and over again. My mother told me, I pretended to read a newspaper for hours when I couldn't even speak! It always amazes me, how no one in my family noticed, that this calmness might be a problem. My social anxiety was ever-present. I was extremely shy to say the least and I never tried to make friends. Unless my parents helped me with this, I could stay at a safe and quite place forever. Solving puzzles, building with lego bricks, all day long watching TV – all this was enough for me and I hated any physical activities. When I started going to school, for the first time I realized that I am different. All my interests, my goals, my thoughts seemed so out of place. When I bragged about astronomy, other were satisfied with pokemons. I didn't feel any need to do the same as they do. It was like their way of life was so different, that I have to be an alien and for some time I thought like it was true! Of course I never truly believed in this but it gave me some comfort. This pretending allowed me to function somehow in the weird world not made for me. I was always good at math and science fascinated me. Solving problems rewarded me with satisfaction – satisfaction that was stronger than any other positive feeling. I quickly realized that if I can't be normal, I can be at least the best in a science field. This boosted my confidence and this confidence drove me up to high school. Social anxiety never leaved me. When you have the same companions every day, you will get used to them, but each time when I had to cope with new people, I felt the same stress, uneasiness, fear. But still, being good at science gave me happiness. Before entering the high school, I became fascinated with physics. I wanted to know the true nature of reality and it really gave me a goal for life. I knew that I can't have a normal job because anxiety will destroy me as it never leaves me. So I struggled to learn physics and be the best. I entered one of the best high schools in my country and I saw most people were intelligent. Most people had talents like me. But there was a problem. A problem that bit me each day. They didn't have this kind of anxiety. They behaved normally and again I felt like different species. Depression didn't hit me hard however. It didn't hit me until I tried my skills in a physics contest. I scored poorly when compared to other “normal” people and I began to question my talent, my skills. If they can score better, be normal, have girlfriends (and money – most people were quite rich and I would put myself even near this status), what there is to life for? My first depression began. I lost all the energy, all the motivation. But I carried on, without any dreams, any visions of future. The first depression passed away quite naturally, on its own after two months. It left a scar, a scar that would bleed. I was 16 years old if I am not mistaken. It was the first high school grade. Let me just add one thing. I always was a pessimist. Always. People thought I was very mature for my age when I was a child. The truth is different. I was scared of any new activity, I saw the worst outcomes as the ones which will happen. This state of mind adds up of course to the pile. When the first depression left me, I again became addicted to physics. It was still the one and only thing in this world that gave me some feeling of worthiness. As you can imagine, next year I also didn't score at the physics contest as I wanted. Again a “normal person”, who was popular at this moment in the school, was better than me. This time depression hit much harder. I cried, I felt sick, empty, lifeless. But I also didn't want to tell anything to my parents. You see, my parents showed me only the negative way of living. When I was young, I constantly heard arguments, then there was a divorce, but it ended up so weirdly that still my parents were together. Don't ask me why and how it works, but let me tell you this: I have witnessed a constant war, were nothing gets better, were there is no plan for the future, no hope. When something as important as family is portrayed as worthless, you don't have a positive outlook. I also was criticized and I never really felt any real support – only a shallow one. So I figured that they won't understand me. Let me add that my parents up to this day didn't really improve their life and move on so it is hard to treat them as a potential help in life. But I will talk about this later. So basically, during high school I had 3 depressive episode that lasted maybe from month to two months. After each time I became more and more empty. Even when the maximum passed, I felt like I am living day by day without any future. I didn't have any dreams from now on. They felt so unobtainable and all kinds of possible problems (constant pessimism) felt insurmountable. I lost my confidence. Still my social anxiety existed so I never had a girlfriend. This added a feel of being pathetic. I couldn't imagine any future and I didn't want to make plans. There was a subconscious need to just fall asleep and never wake up. I went to a technical university. I was quite good in science in this new surrounding, so again it lifted me. But any kind of a simple everyday problem, which I had to solve, stressed me severely. When I failed my first exam during the second semester, I was so upset. Something that happens to all of us felt like a traumatic experience. When I had to bring some papers to the administration, I was scared that I might have overlook something now or even before. It was like all the world tries to destroy me. I had paranoia episodes. I thought constantly about problems which where easy to solve, or even they didn't exist. But the anxiety was real. It really hurt. During the third semester I had another depressive episode. To be honest I don't remember why! It was the end of 2012 and it seems I really wanted the world to end! But of course it didn't. There must have been a subconscious need to disappear and an apocalypse sounded like a solution. For the first time I looked up suicide methods. It is hard to write about such episode because once they are over, you can't replicate the feelings and motivations. One thing is certain – I dwelled deeper than ever before. I could go on about the past but let me write you about now. I finished the technical university with a bachelor degree and I was so happy. Happy because last year of studies were pointless to me, so I was glad that this is over. I realized the level of academic courses was low and it didn't compare to high-end education. There is a huge unemployment so obviously I didn't get a job. On the margin: my country is not really a top tier one. I decided to further study physics as I didn't have any other alternative in my mind. Social anxiety didn't pass away and all kinds of “normal life” behavior was stressful way beyond what it should be. I knew that only a work of a scientist can give me a good life. So I entered the best University and started studying physics. Quickly I realized that I don't meet any requirements. I mean: the level of courses at the previous university was so low, that even the hardest things were like the easiest ones here. I was motivated to study really hard because physics gave me hope for the future. I spent my whole time on revisiting old material and trying to understand current material. Near the end of december I failed to perform at ALL tests. I knew I made a huge progress – I couldn't even begin to study stuff when I entered the University and now I understand at least what they are saying to me. But I also knew that it might be not enough. Before the christmas, a familiar feeling began to pour onto my soul. It was a prelude to a huge depression. I lost all the energy, all the urge to study, I couldn't bring myself to work hard anymore. In the end, I struggled to the very end of examination period. I succeeded barely in some cases and failed in other cases. But the feeling of hopelessness didn't leave me even when I know it is not over. I feel like I'm going towards the inevitable. Let me summarize what I feel and think. I feel like I can't live a normal life. Social anxiety successfully prevents me from acting normally. I can't get a job which is based on social-skills because I have only butchered skills developed through constant fear and I learned to pretend or act as a normal person. I can live, but I am nowhere near anything normal. I am always sweating even at parties with familiar people. I still can't get myself to interact with new people as it paralyzes me. I also know that girls don't want to have anything to do with me. Trust me: never in my life I felt noticed. Not to mention the fact that I never could properly deal with being the center of attention. I am a kissless virgin. I put all my time, all my strength to develop intellectual skills at physics, as it was the source of satisfaction, worthiness, happiness and future perspective. But every sign in the heaven and on the earth points out that there are many more people better than me without social anxiety. I am one of the worst students and at the same time I care the most about my studies. I just feel that no matter how much strength I put into this, I won't make it and I won't have anything from it. I don't see any future. I don't have money, my parents love me, but they are failures at living. My father is really not smart. I may not be a genius, but I am smart enough to see my father is just plainly stupid. He failed at school and without the support from my grandparents, he would have not finished anything. Without my grandparents he would have had nothing as all was given to him which he currently possess. There was a time when I started to see him as not my real dad. I am over it now, but still it gives me no hope - if he failed to badly, maybe I just have the same genes. My mother is not ambitious at all. She works at home, but what I see is her doing almost nothing. She constantly points out how she is struggling hard at any moment of her life. Even simplest tasks in home are commented by her:”look how hard I have to work”. When I do it for her in seconds, she just tells me that I should always do it for her. TL;DR: I just don't see any chance for a good life anymore. It is just like my life up to this point gave me more than enough reasons to be hopeless. Nothing improves, I am always anxious, pessimistic, without any progress in building any relationship. I fail at the thing I adore the most: physics. I feel like everything is ****ed from the start to the finish. I don't want to do anything anymore. I don't want to live anymore.
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    I'm annoyed that I have to go to a board meeting this afternoon, when the weather is so nice and I'd rather be outside, doing something else. And sipping a good iced coffee. Yes. Iced. It's that nice out where I am right now.
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    Haha, yeah, I recognise these things. How do they know what your level of potential and intelligence is? Most people don't know their own potential. They're impersonal, stock responses that could be applied to almost anybody.
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    I understand that feeling I have no one to talk to either.
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    I'm curious as to how they got the medicine - unless you left old bottles at their house. I would have thrown them out promptly assuming noone else in that household was taking them. That's scary and very dangerous of them to do. Do not eat food at their home again if you intent to visit them ever after this incident.
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    Honestly I feel crazy right now. so crazy. Wish I had somebody to talk to but I feel that nobody would understand what I'm going through...
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    People that tell me: "You have so much potential". - Thanks, but too bad I can't seem to be able to reach it... "You are so smart". - Not really...I feel too much mental anguish to use any of my intelligence, if I even have any.. "How do you feel on a scale of 1 to 10?" - Zero..
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    Not having anything to look forward to. I used to love daydreaming about my future. Not anymore.
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    Trying to get help but only becoming more vulnerable and getting nowhere.
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    I agree with this 100%
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    THE ISOLATION -All the lies I tell to friends family and work to prevent being judged for being depressed. -all the things I dont/can't do because of anxiety or panic attacks or zero energy
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    Missing out on life.
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    Finally got in with a psychiatrist. Could have been helpful 20 years ago. But ok. And he hasn't formally diagnosed me as bipolar but he says he really thinks I am. Pfffft when I asked my family doctor about that years ago she said absolutely not. So yeah. Great. Finally going to be treated properly. Tracking moods/swings. Coming off prozac gradually. Started abilify and Co zopiclone. But what else should I do? And are mood swings triggered by things? I'm lost. Don't know what to do because what I'm told to do by psych is seeming to be so little.
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    No experience in dating

    I'm not sure how to reply to individual posts here so I'll do my best to summarize my responses to everyone's replies. And I'll try to be as factual as possible. I'm not shy at all. I talk to strangers all the time. Some of those strangers were attractive men who I approached, but that isn't really the motive. I've always been extroverted, so social anxiety is not my problem. My childhood was better than most but I also didn't really get to enjoy it either. My parents are Arab and that alone means high expectations in terms of success and relationships (there is not one divorce in our family, and they're all happy. They've also all married their first relationship partners). They were very strict on me. I wanted to do more tomboyish things such as skateboarding, but I was a girl, so they made me stop. So I always had issues identifying as feminine as I grew up. Now I wear makeup and dresses, but It took a really long time to embrace that side of myself. Because I was first born I had to break a lot of boundaries that my younger brother never had to deal with. I find a lot of my issues have to do with my parents' expectations. About two years ago is when I decided I needed to stop living my life for them and do what I want to do, hence moving out. I always got good grades when I was younger. I loved my drama classes and wanted to pursue that growing up but my parents said don't bother, it's not a real job. We moved all the time until I was 15 so I was always bullied and outcasted not just for being the new kid but also being "too smart." By the time I got to high school, I was ready to make friends. I walked up to people and introduced myself. I was more focused on having friends that my grades weren't as great, even though after school I wasn't allowed to go out, only on the weekends. I had to get a job at 16, and have been working ever since (total of 3 jobs in my life). In all this time I never had experience with boys, not even got a date to a dance that I liked, just two friends out of pity. Didn't even dance with me. When I got to college I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was good at. I didn't grasp concepts in school as well as I used to. I tried almost every GE course to figure it out. When I got to upper division (last two-three years of undergrad college), I switched my major three times because I couldn't grasp any of them. My parents paid for my tuition because I didn't qualify for financial aid. Then they said if I don't graduate by May 2013 I have to pay the remaining semesters. I bulls*** my way through the last major I had to get out of there. My degree is worthless. It's helped me get a higher wage at my admin job but it's really of no other significance. I work M-F 8-5 (I get overtime if I need to, but don't have to). I like where I work and I like the schedule. I'll eventually look for another job but I'm not ready; my depression is making it hard enough to attend the current job I actually like because I debate getting out of bed at all. I've been doing activities to try and see what I enjoy. This includes artsy and crafty stuff, going on vacation to see Conan's show, trying out a church that my coworker goes to (I'm not religious, I'm agnostic, but she says they're more like a supportive community, so I'm open minded about that). i think I mentioned I started seeing a therapist awhile back. And started going to the gym. Exercise is supposed to release endorphins and make you happier but I don't feel like it's working. It's not solving the root of my problem/depression. the point of my initial post is, I've tried to figure myself out and find my identity and love myself and keep holding on for a really long time. But that's what everyone else is doing too. They've found someone along the way. I've had to go through it all alone. I've never once had to base my life goals or decisions on how it would affect a partner, whereas a lot of people my age have. I'm grateful that I didn't. but it doesn't justify the reason for why I'm always rejected and alone. The idea that if you live your life for yourself you will eventually find happiness, alone, or that that's how you'll meet the right person, feels like bulls***. It's all I've been doing the entire time. I am not happy alone, and I've not found the right person (or even one opportunity). That's why I have broken apart and my depression has finally taken over me. Does that make sense now? I don't mean to get upset with people trying to help me out with my problem. But I can't help it, it's all so redundant, and It always comes from people who are far more experienced and didn't have to try as hard as I did/do. It is so typical of people who have had at least one relationship experience to say you have to be happy alone first or live like you'll be alone anyway. That's because they've already had a chance. Maybe it didn't last, but they don't have to live with the curiosity of what it MIGHT be like. They know it's not impossible. They don't know what true, pure lonliness is. It's not their problem. They would have to get amnesia of the memories they already have, then live the next 10 years alone and only getting rejected. No kisses, no sex, no touching at all. No "I like you" conversations, no "yes I will go on a date with you", nothing at all.
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    I know its not that easy but i would be tempted to report them to the police. What did was just plain dangerous. Do they think they are mental health professionals. Yes random doses of psychiatiric meds could totally mess you up, Do tell your psychiatrist as that might help him evaluate the situation properly. Were you dangerous before you were treated or are your family naturally this intrusive?
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    hi Fizzle, Thank you for the information. Yes, I have had an MRI and a couple of CT scans, while I was hospitalized. The area on of the fall where two small blood spots and and the neuro doc thought there was quite a bit of trauma to the front of the brain where the brain hit the skull, like whiplash. I have not had any kind of scan recently though.
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    I don't understand why the nurse would not have confidentiality? GSPOLAR, thank you for calming me down a bit. I knew this was the right place to come. My Neuro doc mostly wants me to see the nurse for medication management, at least that is what he says. ;)
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    I'm no doctor, but I imagine that getting sporadic doses of Citalopram, rather than a consistent, therapuetic dose, could very well cause those issues.
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    (((((((((((((( Waffles ))))))))))))) We're here to listen and support you, whatever you are going through! I felt like I was going crazy yesterday myself. PM me if you like... I can also jump on chat if you want to talk.
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    I don't know why or how, but I feel a little better today. Mood changes and swings are so very strange. But this change gives testimony to me about exactly how things can improve from one day to the next. Yesterday I was in complete despair, felt utterly hopeless, was having SI, and everything just looked bleak and very dark. Today I feel a tad more hopeful and optimistic, despite believing that I will not receive workers compensation. I don't think it will happen, especially without my own doctor's supportive letter. Psychological injury claims are the most difficult to prove, especially with a pre-existing mental health condition. But I think I am preparing myself to accept defeat in this matter. Today I am hopeful that I can find a better job once I am recovered from the trauma of this. Yesterday the articles I read on workplace bullying really helped me. The more educated I am, the better I feel. The more distance I gain, the more off the wall my boss seems. Now I am wondering if she actually was also trying to sabotage my success. Something was very weird..... she kept blocking my ability to be successful, and I didn't understand it. Then I read that workplace bullies, including bully bosses, will do just that, because they don't want to see someone else be more successful than they are because of their own deep rooted inferiority complex and insecurities. I believe she wanted to be the reason for our companies' success, not me.... she ignored almost all of my guidance --- WHY I kept asking msyelf would she do this? Now it makes a little more sense --- I believe she felt threatened. This post now feels more like a journal entry, lol.... but it feels good to get it down in black and white writing. (((((Hugs)))) to everyone here.
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    What Are You Eating?

    Having a salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese) for lunch.
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    My empire of dirt

    What Are You Eating?

    Nothing at the moment.
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    Deadpool - The online reviews were great so I decided that it was a movie worth seeing. It was definitely not a generic marvel movie script and I would recommend watching it for a good laugh.
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    I want to make morning coffee for my beloved and see her smile when I bring it to her. Unfortunately there is no such person.
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    Hug The Person Above You Thread

    I'm sorry. I can feel yr pain through yr song.. ((((((((((((((MyEmpire)))))))))))))
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    The unpredictability of it
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    Sorry this happened to you CloudsInMyChamomile! I feel as though I can understand what you're saying from the inside, at least somewhat, since I have had similar experiences with psychiatrists and psychologists. Its really really painful. I wish I knew what to say that would help. I'm also sorry you are abused. That is tragic beyond words! Sincerely, Epictetus.
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    What Are You Eating?

    I just polished off two organic carrots and they were delicious.
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    What Are You Eating?

    salt and pepper kettle cooked chips
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    What Are You Eating?

    Trail mix from Farm&Fleet.
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    flasquish, on 10 Apr 2015 - 11:21 PM, said: Dolphin2013, on 10 Apr 2015 - 11:00 PM, said: ZenDarling, neurotic_lady89, flashquish, salparadise6132, JD4010, ReggieSherman, LaurynJcat, 20yearsandcounting, Hertz, adamparr, Elicia, Els1e, duck, TungstenAromatics, Lioninwinter, Fizzle, Rosegirl, Gisele, Michelle38, Epictetus, SufferinSilence, LadyMozzer, RatBoy, LadySlothbottom, Maverick7777 SoulSurvivor and... Lindsay of course!!!! Without you--and others who I simply cannot remember at this time, I wouldn't even know how to respond to others here and elsewhere. All my favorites including you Dolphin! I just can't get away from this site. I've been well for a long time now, but everyone you listed, as well as yourself and many others are on my mind everyday. I like the closeness this site allows us to create with one another. Thank you Flash. Flash, it has been great to follow your consistently good days; thanks for sharing and inspiring!
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