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    Thanks rainingviolets! Yeah it's been a tough road. But my road is no harder than anyone else's, just different ya know? I wish I was artistic. I draw stick figures and it looks bad lol. But I agree, this battle is one day at a time! Just wish I could get the fatigue to go away.
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    You've had a rough time. Depression is bad enough, but coping with anxiety and panic along with it makes it a more difficult struggle. It's important to have a good support system, confidence in your medical doctors, and a good relationship with your therapist if you have one. I think we all need to find an outlet for our emotions. I do art therapy and writing therapy on my own, privately. It also helps to have a website like this with the forums to ask questions and share our thoughts. It helps to know that there are others battling these same issues. Like you said, time will tell. I think most of us have learned we need to take this battle one day at time.
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