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    Bipolar From Meds?

    Hi Tomatheus, I'm really glad to hear that things are looking up for you. Maybe 6 months from now we will both be average. What a nice thought.
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    Side Effects Poll

    When I took Mirtazapine for the first time, I also felt like a zombie the whole day long, very lethargic. Our family doctor had prescribed it to me for sleeping problems. I have had insomnia since childhood, and it gets out of hand when I travel. The Mirt really helps me sleep well and deep. But I didn't like lacking the energy to do even simple things. Since two months, I'm on 150mg Sertraline for depression and that keeps me awake at night. I wake up after having slept for 2-3 hours and then I can't get back to sleep. My psychiatrist prescribed 7.5mg of mirtazapine at night to help me sleep. It works great, I sleep like a log for up to 10 hours. However, I only took it for 3 weeks during a period of traveling. Now I'm back home and I'm trying to do without, only taking the sertraline. But I can't sleep properly and I get so irritable, snapping at everyone. But I don't have time to sleep 10 hours! And I don't want to crave food all the time. I'm afraid I'll gain all the weight that I had lost due to the depression when I had no appetite. However, in combination with Sertraline, I don't feel at all like a zombie when I take Mirtazapine. Only waking up is difficult, but then I don't feel tired during the day.
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    Well I think the opinion of Dr. Mayberg should be taken with a grain of salt, considering her background in DBS, which is a treatment modality that is competing with TMS for FDA approval as a treatment for depression. Actually, one clinical study showed that in non psychotic depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation was about as effective as ECT.(1).. Like I already explained before you cannot simply look at the response rates of those trials, since the patients enrolled in these kind of trials are not your run of the mill people with depression, but represent often a highly treatment resistant section of that population so that response rates of 25% are actually quite good. There are also some more optimistic trial outcomes where 50% of patients who failed to respond to at least 3 meds achieved a response to TMS (2). however, admittedly these trials are often very small. Untill larger studies are conducted, preferably by independent researches (hospital or university based for example) it is too early to call. However a very recent meta analysis studied trials comparing ECT to TMS and concluded that ECT was more effective (55% remitters), but that TMS nonetheless had very reasonable rates of remission (33%) in a total of 215 patients with refractory depression (3). Note, for example that Star*d which was a large scale protocolized antidepressants study showed that a remission rate of about 8-12% was obtained by medication in patients who had already failed 3 other medications.(4) So it appears that for patients who already failed to respond to multiple AD meds, that TMS is actually a reasonable choice imo. The same can be said for CBT (5) or mindfulness based CBT (6) (1) Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Is as Effective as Electroconvulsive Therapy in theTreatment of Nondelusional Major Depressive Disorder: An Open Study(2) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Treatment of Depression (3) EFFICACY AND ACCEPTABILITY OF HIGH FREQUENCY REPETITIVE TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (rTMS) VERSUS ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY (ECT) FOR MAJOR DEPRESSION: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS OF RANDOMIZED TRIAL (4) e STAR"D Project Results: A Comprehensive Review of Findings (5) A Randomized Controlled Trial of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as an Adjunct to Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care Based Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression: A Pilot Study (6) Treatment-resistant depressed patients show a good response to Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
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    Just Diagnosed

    Welcome faither109! I can relate so much to you! I am afraid of going back to uni... Have you started any treatment?
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    So I finally decided to watch "Twilight." LOVED it! lol, never would have thought it. I always bashed it as being cheesy, but I have watched all of them now and am reading the books. LOL
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    Thank you. I do journal. I downloaded a book for my Kindle called "10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques" by Margaret Wehrenberg as my surrogate therapist, which I have really been enjoying so far. It mentioned trying to focus on what went right. So after I wrote out all my feelings, I wrote another entry about what did go right and the progress I've made... I felt a little better and I think I am going to go to the mental health clinic after all. There's a chance that I might feel even better there with treatment more tailored for my depression. Trying very hard to separate this situation from previous experiences of abandonment, and even more so from feeling trapped in a helpless and perpetual cycle. I recognized that I was using some black and white thinking earlier today when I felt my last year of therapy was "unsuccessful." It wasn't, really, as I did make significant progress in some areas. Thank you for responding. I feel a little less alone.
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    Where Did February Go??

    Wow... March 1st already... where did February go?? I thought that the time would drag more because I am not working. I find it hard to believe that I have been off for 2 months already. This brings so many mixed emotions. I am a hard worker and give my all when I am working. Now I give my all but it doesn't feel like I am accomplishing much at all. I think back to all I would do when I was working and how I rarely took time to sit, never mind work on a craft or work on me. Now, I am supposed to look at organizing my apartment a little at a time, doing 30 min of work in my workbook each day, and crocheting as an accomplishment. What a difference. I am told I am being too hard on myself. It's hard not to be. It's definitely been a busier week for me. I had an appoinment with my mental health worker, family doc, been to my workplace twice, out to pick up a few things at the store a couple times, and out for coffee with a friend once. Definitely have met my goal of leaving my apartment once or twice a week. It is so hard to leave, as my apartment has become my safety net. I still have to identify what causes so much anxiety when I hear people in the hall or when I am trying to prepare to go out. I'm now having increased anxiety when driving in town. I seem fine when driving on the highway though. Once I get back though, I have such a strong need to get back to my apartment NOW!!! And then I become very negative towards myself for behaving in this way or feeling this way. And it is soooo exhausting. :verysad3: My appointment with my mental health worker went alright. I have been seeing the intake worker for the last two sessions while I wait to be assigned a worker who is supposed to do counselling with me. At the end of the session this week, I asked her if she was now my worker, to which she said she will be because it would be another 4 weeks before I would be asigned one. She told me this 6 weeks ago. She also asked me if we had discussed my also working with a psychiatrist to which I reminded her that she was going to arrange an appointment for me and get back to me with a date. She then called to book the appointment and stated she was sorry that I wouldn't get in to see him until mid April. It was 6 weeks ago that she was going to make this appointment for me. She also told the person who she made the appointment with that she has not yet entered me into their system, but would later that day. So, in my opinion, this means that 6 weeks ago she should have entered my info to open a file for me, but didn't and this is why I had not been assigned a mental health worker nor psychiatrist before now. Not sure how I feel about this. I will continue to work with her and then determine if she is a good match for me or not. My session two weeks ago, she was going to photocopy a workbook for me to work through for anxiety. She didn't have that ready for this session. I know how it feels to have too many clients and not be able to get things done. But, in my opinion, if it affects the service to the client, it needs to be rectified. Like I said, just my opinion. 6 weeks ago she was concerned because of my suicide ideation and ways she deemed I was doing self harm. But not doing the follow up as she had told me she was going to do has me questioning if what she saw in my assessment really is anything to be concerned about. Aww heck... I know I am not her only client, I don't know how long she has been in this field, and will cut her some slack. My appointment with my family doc went ok. She filled out papers I needed for work. She increased the dose of my Effexor and added Trazodone. I am pleased that the Trazodone is helping me to sleep again!! I no longer have 1-4hrs before meds help me to be sleepy enough to go to sleep. Have to get used to the fuzzy brain I get as a side effect from either of these. She believes that I should return to work instead of stay at home. I felt she was not hearing me about my anxieties which make it hard to leave home and then cause me to have a very strong need to return home once I do get out. I don't feel strong enough to be able to hide what is going on for me so that I am present and in control of my emotions/anxieties when working with my clients. My clients need me to be 100% present and focused on their needs... not my needs. She also told me that being on meds is just a crutch for the time being. She wrote in the report to my employer that she believes I need more cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and stated to me that with working more on the workbook she gave me, I will be better and not have need for meds. I like the idea of not needing the meds. I don't believe that just working through this book will get me better. I believe I need to work on the issues that has gotten me to the point I am. There has to be someone out there willing to do the work I believe I need to do. I want to break the cycles I find myself in.... work excessively as an avoidance behaviour, choosing abusive partners and staying with them because I don't think I will do better or because I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life, and I want to stop hurting myself by not taking better care of myself. I want to do inner child work so that I can help the hurt little girl inside of me to heal. I do agree that CBT will help me to a degree. It is suppose to help me to better be able to control my depression, to increase my self-esteem, and in turn teach me to think in a more positive way towards myself and how I see things that are going on or not going on around me. In my opinion, I need more than just CBT. My family doc is a 2 hr drive from where I live. I have wonderful friends who live in that area, so was able to get together with them for a visit. They want me to come up for a week to get away from everything here for a while. That caused instant anxiety at the thought of being away from home that long. I told them that I will work on being able to stay away from home a night first and work up to more than that. One week all at once doesn't feel comfortable at all at this point. Talking with them helped me to get some insite on some of my anxieties. ************************** WARNING ~ POSSIBLE ABUSE TRIGGER ************************** I have a very irrational fear of being seen when I leave my apartment. I also have increased anxieties when I hear someone climbing the stairs in the hall or walling in the hall on the floor my apartment is on. My friend suggested it was because of not dealing with something that happened back in June. A person I had escaped from found out where I had moved to. He gained access to the house and when he knocked on my door, I opened it thinking it was my neighbor. Usually the front door is closed, and it automatically locks once the key is removed from the lock. When I saw it was not my neighbor, I tried to close the door, but he is much stronger than I am and he forced his way into my apartment. He was there to deliver a warning to me about what he would do if I caused any problems for him by reporting his past actions to anyone. He presented himself as a caring person when we first met, and in the name of "helping" me, scammed me out of thousands of dollars, loss of possessions such as my vehicle, computer and laptop, and physically and sexually assaulted me before I was able to relocate to a place many miles from the city we were living in at the time. I lived in a remote location for 6 months and moved to the city I live in now. I felt safe in the place I was first living because he had no reason to come to this city and because of the safety features of the front door. My place was small and I kept my personal life to myself with my new job, so no one came to visit. After he found me, I moved again to a more secure building and have taken many measures to ensure my whereabouts is not easily tracked. He has many contacts that feed him info. I've been very careful to make sure these contacts cannot assist him in locating me again. My girlfriend helped me to connect my current fears with that event. I have to say that I just might agree with her. Weird how it feels good to be able to find a possible connection.... now I can learn to deal with it so one day I can leave it behind me. ************************* END OF POSSIBLE TRIGGER ******************************** Well, looking at the time, I see I have to wrap this up for now. I am meeting a friend and need to get ready. Big part of me just wants to go back to bed. LOL I always enjoy our visits, and the time does fly when we are together. But if I don't get moving, I will be late. Didn't realize how much I had to write today. That's what I get for not writing each day like I said I had promised myself that I would do. I have to amend that promise... I will write each day if I am able. Some days the words just don't come and I have to accept that and be okay with it. Thanks to all that have been reading my blogs. Hope you all have a GREAT day!!
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    Beeper - skipping a dose when you're adjusting may make a difference, although when you've been on the drug for a while and it has built up in your system (as it should), you might not notice the difference. People with anxiety tend to get very sensitive to changes in their body chemistry, as I have learned through research and therapy and relationships. I take WB in the morning because it definitely makes you unable to sleep, and make sure you keep taking it at the same time every day. Its important especially when you're adjusting because you could experience some real bad feelings, like I did. I also find its easier to remember to take a pill right before I brush my teeth in the morning because its part of my routine, and I used to forget to take it sometimes. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    What Hobbies Do They Help You?

    I crochet and knit a lot!! And yes.....youtube is a great place to learn the basic stitches and favourite easy patterns. Check out bobwilson123 and crochet geek!
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    That's a great idea! I didn't even think of doing that. I need to see things in action too. I haven't gotten my crochet stuff yet, but plan to real soon.
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    How Do You Identify Yourself?

    Oh, that's very validating! I am also married to a male while still being more sexually attracted to women. My husband is also bisexual and we are very connected to each other and understand each other partially because of our similar views on sexuality, among many other things. I always feel strange having to explain to people that I'm a married woman but still bisexual, and leaning more towards women, in terms of what sexually excites me. My husband understands this and apparently so do you! Well met! :) yay! people who get it! My ex gf and i would get into these huge debates...she didn't belive in bisexuality, and she would refer to my bi friends(a male and female couple) as hetero. It was so frustrating! she wouldn't accept the fact that i was bi either..if i was it meant that i was going to cheat on her with a man, so she thought. so i just told her i didn't want to label myself...but now i feel comfortable saying "i am bisexual!" and that doesn't make me a fence sitter or a cheater or easy!
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    How Do You Identify Yourself?

    DaniBanani, I believe that people can truly be bisexual. And I know, and have known, some truly bisexual people. I think one should just listen to one's heart and spirit when one meets another human being. That's all that matters. Thank you! I've been playing it by ear. If I meet somebody I have a connection with, I wouldn't mind if it were a male or a female... So, maybe that is truly where I stand then... I appreciate your support :)
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    How Do You Identify Yourself?

    There are certain things I'd do with a girl, but seeing as I'm not sexually attracted to females I identify myself as a gay male.
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