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    I'll start with... Music re arranging my bedroom/spring cleaning looking through a happiness scrapbook i made with photos/ cards/notes from friends/silly things that make me smile & laugh Cuddles meditation painting nails/hot bath and other girly activities :bathbubbles:
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    Spending time with your friends and family Spending time with your pets
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    Spending time with a happy baby.
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    I Can't Be Alone Anymore.

    Hey girl, thinking of you, sorry things have been so rough for you. Stop putting so much weight on getting a boyfriend. Not a cure all! Your grandfather is passing, look at it as a chance to find the nerve to do something daring. A change of place for one thing. Take off & go somewhere. How about a job on a cruise ship? They need all kinds of staff. Or a dude ranch out west. At least if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. Go somewhere, maybe the shock of changing your whole environment will do something positive for you. Definitely don't look for someone else to fix it for you. Look for someone else to fix. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. You are young, and can find a way out of this. Think outside the box. If you have nothing to lose, why not? Hugs & well wishes.
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    I pretty much turn to running when I am feeling the worst. I usually know that afterwards I will feel better at least for a little while. Other than that, I use video games and music just to get through for the time being.
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    Any Ruminators Out There?

    Reading through this thread helped a lot although its horrible that so many people suffer with this. When I'm in deep rumination I find it almost terrifying, almost like I have no control over my own mind. The same cycles over and over...
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    Toast and Marmalade For Tea- Lyrics Toast and marmalade for tea Sailing ships upon the sea Aren't lovlier than you Or the games I see you play You more lovely than the day When the sun is in your eyes I see through your disguise Or the games I see you play
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    How Do You Tell Time?

    What day is it?
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    Viibryd! New A/d

    I've been depressed off and on for at least 15 years and have tried all the antidepressants. Zoloft helped me the most and was the first drug I was prescribed in about 1995. However, I gained 30 lbs in six months. I've been overweight since that time. I've been taking Viibryd for six days and haven't felt any much of a difference, maybe a little more energy. I'm hopeful though. I really, really, really hope it helps me feel good again. I want to do the things I enjoy and be happy.
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    Lexapro Vs. Pristiq

    Hi April, How long have you been on Pristiq, and what dose are you taking? I was on 50 mg for almost three weeks, and have now been on 100 mg for almost a week. I had no appetite at all at first, but it's back, and the only problem I'm currently experiecing is fatigue, probably because I can't sleep past 1:00 a.m. I take the Pristiq at night because I was just about falling asleep at work when I took it in the a.m., and I have no problem falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep. I'm hoping that side effect wears off once my body adjusts to the new 100 mg dose. I also experience severe anxiety along with my depression, and I am hoping the Pristiq helps with that. I currently take 0.5 mg Klonopin three times a day, and I'm hoping I can wean off of that if the Pristiq will help with the anxiety. Are you experiencing any side effects at all? I'm happy to hear the Pristiq is working so well for you.
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