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  3. Lonely, if not for the trees. And my herbs. And the local birds. I last touched a human the first week of March. If I'm lucky I'll be able to do it again the first week of August, and then never again, as far as I can expect. That sounds like a Twilight Zone episode.
  4. I stretched and played basketball for a few minutes! I also took my evening walk. It was later than usual, so I got to watch the sun set over the crape myrtles. It's amazing how much beauty is in the world when there aren't humans to mess it up.
  5. A lactose tolerant digestive system (and the means to install it). I miss ice cream and fried mozzarella sticks and coffee creamer.
  6. I've always avoided the news, just assuming that whatever's happening in the world is bad stuff that is as bad as anything I can imagine in a world of bad. Now the actual news dwarfs any and all of the worst assumptions I ever had. Which means continuing to avoid the news is starting to make me feel pretty good about myself, because I never had the ability to imagine things this bad.
  7. Heh.... I smiled when I got a bit of asthma. It only happens when I've been physically active. 🙂 Is that messed up? I don't think it is.
  8. At this point people should not watch the news if they want to remain peaceful and calm and hopeful for the future
  9. Hi ImperfectAlly, Thanks for posting. It sounds like you're really struggling. I'm very sorry, and I hope that you can find solace here. I'm not a physician, but I'd like to offer you some personal insight, if you're interested. Your story sounds extremely similar to my own. I am guilty of being the one on the depressed side. My partner (also of ten years) began to burn out after caring for her autistic son (and neurotypical daughter) for 15 years. Although I moved across several states to be with her and help her raise her children, I brought depressive tendencies with me (as well as, apparently, codependent ones), and on the miraculous day that her son was accepted into a group home, she began to feel as if she was taking care of me as well. And, as an adult, I should be responsible for my own welfare. She hit her breaking point when she realized she couldn't be herself, and she couldn't enjoy her life, because of the demands of someone else. The details are a little different from yours, of course, but the important part is this: as the depressed, codependent one, I never would have chosen to leave her, never. But she somehow found the courage to detach from me so that she could stop being a caretaker and focus on her self. She forced me to leave, and it was painful for both of us, but afterwards (less than a few months) I realized that she alone had possessed the strength to do something that I never could have done, and it ended up being the best thing for both of us - even if it didn't feel that way. Something inside her just "knew" that she was sacrificing too much, and her instincts were telling her to take action, and she listened. In the end, regardless of how painful the actual separation was, I actually came to respect her (and be attracted to her!) even more, because of her independence, willpower, and commitment to a better self. It was nice to see someone who refused to be dragged down by my black hole of a soul. And because she is such a good woman, she and I continue to have a good relationship today (even if from a distance :). I'm not by any means suggesting you "leave" him, but if you know that you're burning out, it might be wise to accept that fact and commit to its reality, no matter what course of action it does lead you to. I emphasize that as the perpetually depressed party of the two, I never would have chosen to do anything that led to a separation. I would have siphoned her goodwill forever and ever and ever, and she would have grown to resent me and feel great guilt, and our relationship would have been ugly at its core. Similarly, I also wouldn't have failed to support myself if forced to - when push came to shove, I did find a way to keep going (thus disproving the "commitment" to my depression and further reinforcing the validity of her decision). So, again, her taking a stand was the healthiest thing for both of us. It just sucked on the emotional front for a while. Does this insight help a little?
  10. Hi katcdn, Your post was very touching. And very familiar. You are very much not alone. It's okay.
  11. Not bad today. Except for the massive stomach ache. But I knew that was going to happen as I was cramming the multiple handfuls of peanut butter M&Ms into my mouth, so it's totally nothing I can complain about.
  12. wouldnt she want to see my whole face to know what i look like?
  13. Yesterday
  14. I hadn't laughed all day until I pulled this up from a google search I did "how to turn raimen noodles into fried noodles" Some site links came up, and a subtitle that read "People Also Asked" for related questions and linked answers google had logged. "People also ask: Can chow mein noodles be used for ramen? Are ramen noodles the same as chow mein noodles? What kind of noodles are used in chow mein? How do you make Chinese instant noodles?" It reminds me of the news. There's probably more information here than I need. Some one needs to get to the bottom of it. First two questions gave me a laugh though. I use the dry ramen, broken up, as the noodle in my quick easy version of Chinese chicken salad, but would like to try them re-hydrated and lightly pan fried . . . do chickens come from China!? Bulgakov
  15. Yeah jkd, 45 years ago, I saw this one etched into the gray paint of a truck stop bathroom wall. "Support mental health, or I'll k*ll you." I guess it had been around awhile, even then. Bulgakov
  16. They're selling the Golden Girls house only 3 million dollars.
  17. My teeth are so bad I got one pulled agin today kinda hurts but it feels better then it did
  18. Well you see someone you want to get to know better that's wearing a mask so why can't she feel the same way?
  19. Today has been a nightmare but I'm "winning". I'm actually doing a lot better than I expected. I'm surprised but I'm so sick of having to save this sinking ship all the time!
  20. I hope everything goes well my friend. I'm here for you if you need me.❤️
  21. im really confused on how to approach this because if i meet someone at a store or a cashier, i dont want to get in trouble and that girl in trouble. like if i see some cute girl that's a cashier, do i just ask if she wants to get to know me with my mask on even though she doesnt know what i look like? i dont know how to do this, if anyone has tips, im open for that.
  22. They do it because if they label the other person as doing something wrong and they are against you then they must be your friend and be on your side. It's bs manipulation. It's the idea that if there is a dispute and one side is labeled as bad the other side must be good and right which is nonsense.
  23. Exactly! It is amazing how often this type of thing is happening. The super-fast 180-degree spin makes me wonder if they really think no one notices their hypocrisy. It reminds me of the one-liner, "All extremists should be shot!" Oh no, that is not an extremist comment. 🙄
  24. How many times do I have to hear someone say we have to keep politics out of this and then the very next sentence they say and everything they say after that is politics?!
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