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  2. Hey you guys!(and gals).... yeah I used to love that movie too when I was a kid
  3. My life is going very well right now. I've turned my life completely around. I'm doing better than I ever have but for some reason it's not really helping the way I feel. I'm still very miserable in this life.
  4. Yup they changed the name and now it sounds like a brand of maxi pads or something. 😂 I was asleep when that was on. I've never managed to watch that whole movie somehow. Now The Lion King is on. 🙂
  5. I think Freeform used to be ABC Family. Right now I'm watching Charmed.
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  7. sober4life


    I understand what you are saying. I don't think I'm attractive either. Would I rather be an attractive man or an attractive woman? Of course who wouldn't? The sad truth is the world treats you better if you look better so yes I would rather be an attractive person of either sex than me.
  8. Lots of people do not have careers in their degree fields. That girl was a turd for criticizes you for it. Give yourself credit for trying and try again. Rejection is part of life. It is easy to get too excited when things start going well at the start.
  9. That sounds great. Hope things keep going well.
  10. Hello @Youbrokemetoo, I would leave your boyfriend as he does not seem happy with you. Try to meet new people. Just try to say hi to strangers and introduce yourself if they seem open.
  11. It's been 24/7 for me my whole life. It's a good thing this is my last year.
  12. My wife had her third treatment Friday and she is in better spirits. Her appetite has picked up, she has some smiles now, she is little by little showing more care for her appearance and grooming. Today was the first time that she called during this stay and that too is a good sign. In the visitation, we are playing cards and that is something that she could be no means do a week ago.
  13. Rattler6


    Hi @Cent, Lots of people do not find themselves attractive. I have never thought of myself as attractive. I take care of myself anyways.
  14. Concerned about when I get back to work. Need to put forth a little more effort for work so I can be more stable. I was pretty upset last night as I was ruminating and had issues breathing. Went to workout and yoga this morning which helped.
  15. Honestly it's nobody's business what your past is. If you can offer someone a good life right now then you can. Nothing else should matter. Yes it's bad to have to lie but at the same time it's awful that someone has the nerve to judge you so harshly too. Who really is good at any type of relationship no matter how much experience they have?
  16. With all the talk lately of people being monsters, I just realized I've lived across from one for ten years. And she goes to church. I don't get it. She enjoys abusing animals.
  17. Thank you, but I don’t think at this age that too many people would want to be with someone who hasn’t been in a relationship. I can move out. I have money saved and I have a decent enough of a job now where I can support myself so that can be fixed. What can’t be fixed is the fact that I have almost zero real experience with women. I almost think I’m better off lying all together and saying that I was in a long term relationship before, but that I’ve been single for a long time. No one needs to know that I only had 1 girlfriend for a month back when I was 20. Who would know? Honestly, that right there might have saved me if I told her I went out with someone for a couple of years during college or something. I could say that I don’t have any pictures of her because I deleted all of them from my phone because she broke my heart. I could say she doesn’t have social media so no one could look her up. I always feel awful lying, but I truly feel like this is necessary and is my best course of action going forward.
  18. @sober4life Nah, the mind is a bastardo. It's not interested in our well being, just in singing it's repetitive, mostly negative tune. It gets stuck on a loop and torments us all daily. Some folks get tormented less, some more but we are all, I believe, tormented by our minds. For me, I have periods where the torment is bearable and then I have flair ups of torment when I wanna scream and pull the f*cking thing out of my head. Some people feel like that full time and man, that is 24/7 pain. I hope it's not quite like that for you and that you experience some relief and milder periods. Yoga and meditation help put some distance between 'me' and my 'monkey mind'. Deep breathing puts some space around it; making it easier to bear. When I meditate I am able to question my mind's critical, unhelpful and mostly untrue thoughts and say to it: 'You're full of shit, I'm doing this anyway!'
  19. Watching The Goonies (1985) on some channel called "Freeform" or something like that. I used to have a Goonies poster when I was a kid 🙂
  20. National treasure the second one I wasn't sure about this series before watching the first one but they aren't actually that bad, Nicholas Cage tones down his usual over the top goofball oddness in these and the combination of treasure hunting, clue stealing and his random bursts of historical knowledge is proving quite entertaining, even his door opening, camera hacking tech nerd sidekick dude is a lot less irritating than they normally are in this sort of film.
  21. That's my mind the whole time that plus it's trying to get me to stop and move onto easier ways to cope like going on a Garfield size food binge or drinking the day away. Is it like this for everyone? Our mind should try to support us not constantly try to trick us and make us slip up all the time. It's like I have a self destructive brain that's wanted to die since day one.
  22. I did yoga today but my negative state of mind did it with me. It was saying.... You don't feel good today, I don't think you should do it (before I did it) You can't do this today (whilst I was doing it) I think you should stop (doing it anyway) You're gonna have to stop (still doing it) This is too much for you (during a rush of blood to the head and a fair bit of sweat but yep, still doing it) You're gonna have a heart attack (thinking about the sudden sweating and heat but feeling fine) You're 40 now, maybe you just can't do this any more (still fine and carrying on with the program) You've damaged yourself by over stretching and pushing yourself too hard (nearing the end of the workout and perfectly fine). *Is it any wonder we find it hard to get motivated with this s*it going on in our heads? The little f*cker (my negative mind) who was chatting to me today didn't win and I intend to keep it that way until he's toast 😆 In fact I'm gonna do more yoga you little f*cker. How d'you like them apples? 🍏
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