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Depression and Families

Forums concerning depression and mental health issues for parents, children and families


  1. Parents and Children's Depression Central

    This is a room for parents to profit from other parents' experiences as adults and children.

  2. Depressed and Bipolar Children

    Depression and Bipolar disorder in children often are misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Bipolar can be confused with the more common attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If this room and news articles help just one child it was well worth posting it.
    Lets talk and see what researches are doing to help.

  3. Depressed or Bipolar Moms and Dads

    Bipolar Moms and Dads Face Extra Struggles
    This Forum is dedicated to all those struggling families and individuals of a mentally ill parent. Perhaps by sharing and talking about their disorder we can together find solutions to this stigmatized condition that tends to cripple the whole family and know that your not alone.

  4. Mental Health: Families and Caregivers

    A Forum for support for families and caregivers to discuss their issues caring for a loved one with a Mental Illness.

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