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  2. Oh no, I know you avoid the doctor like I do but maybe you could go in for a general health check?
  3. Anyone else wake up with a pounding heart from anxiety? My body is seriously out of whack at the moment. I need complete rest. Do we ever get it? Unlikely. I got mom pestering me as soon as I wake up..Never mind my own twisted thoughts gnawing away at me. At least I got some sleep. In short bursts granted, but it was there.
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  5. @lindahurt she's busy rotating her 2 boyfriends so she doesn't have any need for small talk. I won't be calling her again I was just really bored that day. I don't understand why she's so interested in talking to me in passing but then never contacts me for any further conversation.
  6. I know how she feels. I'm done with people too. I've been thinking lately that there's probably something much more serious going on with me but I don't have any faith that I will be helped in any way. I've been through the ringer in this life. I felt like was going to fall over today. I've been having spells lately. I just don't care anymore. Being done with this nightmare would be a blessing.
  7. What an awful situation. I wish I knew what to say that would help. I know that is a pathetic response, but I really don't know what to say. Where I live there are lots of job openings. Its terrible that you cannot find work and are unable to pay your rent. How heartbreaking.
  8. Easier said than done. I've been trying to find another place that would have me but nobody is answering. What the hell do I do when nobody wants me, especially now with so many openings here in the US?
  9. I know it's morning but it's past mid-October and is 87 deg F! What the ****ing **** is the **** with the weather in my country
  10. Thank you. His doctor is not helpful at all. I will look up those testings if they are available here. Part of his PTSD is about doctors due to an ugly experience years ago. He never went to see a doctor alone and now if he has to be admitted it is to him like if you have arachnophobia and your house becomes full of spiders. Very difficult situation.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I know that hurts but don't let it keep you down.
  12. It was a beautiful fall day. A little chilly though which I don't mine.
  13. My father, now deceased, suffered a lot so my heart goes out to you and your family. Just being there for him is what matters the most. Know that he appreciates all that you do even if he doesn't or can't say it. Hope you are able to muster up enough energy to get something done before the night is over.
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  15. My Dad's not doing well. He did eat two bites from his old recipe that I made, but that was it. Family feeling exhausted, defeated, and sad. I'm trying to make myself care about work, which I still need to do tonight. I used to be a morning person but can't make myself get up early anymore. The best part of the day is over as soon as the alarm goes off.
  16. If that's not available, maybe in a car on the highway with the windows rolled up? (been there) I hope there's less pressure tomorrow.
  17. Talk to them and explain your situation. Also, lots of places are hiring now if you are in the US. Try and find a job with more hours.
  18. It was horribly rainy today but I thought to myself "ah sure it's probably snowing in Ireland" so I went for a walk anyway
  19. Got rid of some garden waste, had a mocha and then chatted with the lass who served me, went for a walk in the rain and sang whiskey in the jar a hundred times over , did some food shopping, came home and did some chores and chatted online and then I watched various history channel shows.
  20. A history channel show about Brezhnev and his term as general secretary of the Soviet Union
  21. The Atkins diet saved my life for sure but it's very hard to do in today's world. Carbs are everywhere. Mom and I both did it together or I probably never would have done it. What I do now is more like Weight Watchers. I don't recommend any diet company that sends you their food through the mail. You'll find better tasting food in the cat bowl.
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