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  2. Got an oil change, tried to fill a prescription at Costco but their pharmacy is closed on Sundays, got froyo at Yogurt Mountain.
  3. Panera lightly sweetened lemonade mixed with their unsweetened green tea
  4. I felt that way before I got married. I felt that way when I was trying for 6 years to get a child and yet I still feel that way after marriage and after having a child. I now know what I was missing but the pain in life is still the same. I guess one way to turn the heart off is to know that things don’t really get better. People may show their happiness on stage but backstage there’s so many things that are hidden. I wish I have better words to help you..
  5. What's upsetting is that I have integrity and strong morals, and my company does not. They are asking me to compromise my own principles of integrity. I am SO outraged by this...... I want to walk out the freaking door, give them the middle finger and tell them they can seriously F off.
  6. Thanks, sober. I definitely will not put my butt on the line by lying and pretending I was on the account all this time. I'm going to tell them I refuse to lie to my client. Plus, my client already knows I am new on the account.
  7. Would I lie no. Your company just doesn't want the other company to think the former employee bailed on the account. They want them to think there was always one person working as hard as they can every day on their account. If someone said while working on their account I'm out of here it does make the company look bad but it's not your problem.
  8. Thank you. I will speak out more against demons aka medical practitioners.
  9. I’ll just write out my feelings cos I have so much self hatred right now. I woke up and spent an hour in bed and I hate myself. That old woman is awake thus reason I do not want to get up and yet I never go back to sleep cos I drank some coffee when I woke up then when she walks around the house I just go back into bed cos I hate her face. Someone told me to create positive thoughts and energy within myself but I find it so hard. As usual I’m avoiding her cos of how she is always so sensitive about my face. Then I’d again wish she is dead.. then I’d again hate myself for it Here is the only place I can safely say how I feel. I actually told my husband before that I wish she is dead and of course a fight broke out. I can’t become positive it’s hard. Yesterday we argued and he said I want him to die faster cos I always bring his blood pressure up. But I’m the one who wish I can die faster. If only one can die easily just by having the blood pressure go up. Life is not worth living. Ugh I’ve got to stop this. I’m a strong, kind, important, loved, hardworking and bright person. Life sucks, hit myself as much as I want but yet I still got to get up and go. Sigh I just left the house at 6.30 am cos I’m really drowning myself and can’t take it anymore. Of course she would assume stupid things cos I don’t usually leave so early and of course by leaving early I’m creating more tension in the house. Why do I do this. Still feeling so many feelings and to add one more: I’m a lousy wife leaving my responsibilities like this. My husband is going to face a ton of stress at work while I’m going to de-stress at my parents place. I’m really a lousy wife I hate myself. If we appreciate someone more if that person is dead, isn’t it better to die faster so we can appreciate that person? Please go away negative thoughts, your thoughts are really not helping.
  10. No. No. No. All of us have to meet up and have a huge reunion. 🙂
  11. DISGUSTED! On Friday the CEO’s son, who works at our company, asked me to do something that goes against my morals and ethics. I am not going to LIE to a client, which is what they’re asking me to do. I took over this account 2 months ago. For the last year, a colleague who left the company was running it. My client was just bought by another company and the two companies are now merging. I've already introduced myself to one of the companies' contacts as being "new" to the account. Yet, in an upcoming presentation we will give to the company that acquired my client, my company wants me to pretend and LIE to them by saying I've always been on the account. That is very dangerous. I cannot speak to my former colleague's work, nor will I take personal responsibility for work that was not my own. What if the new client questions that work? I cannot speak to it, nor is it ethical! I also will not lie and pretend I've been involved with the account longer than I have been. I said I don’t feel comfortable with speaking to my former colleague's work. That was my initial reply. I know it’s in an effort to keep the client but there are alternative means, such as relying on our actual expertise! I HATE my freaking company with a full-on passion now. I am in fact seeing bloody red over this issue. I am MOST upset. They've put me into a very awkward position, and I have to stand up to them to say I won't lie. Which I will do. Hopefully I won't get freaking fired, but I refuse to lie and I refuse to take responsibility for someone else's work. What immoral leadership we have. I am thoroughly disgusted. This is not the only instance that I have seen them do this. I wish I had the means to just walk out the freaking door RIGHT NOW. I hate them.
  12. We have gone through so much throughout the years but now we have come to a point in our lives where we want something different. So, I ask the question what next for our lives. Only you can answer that question for yourself. I wish you nothing but the best as you move forward in 2020.
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  14. Feeling really down right now with self-hatred 😞
  15. She went through the usual thing around here. She spent a couple of days in the hospital and they said I don't know what's going on with you and sent her home. The doctors around here are a disgrace!
  16. Bad news: I didn't sleep very well last night because of my back pain. Good news: I had a pleasant day chatting with various friends, found a new book to read that interested me and don't have much planned for tomorrow.
  17. I can see myself doing that. I always think of the Criminal Minds episode where the guy tried to be picked up by a tornado on purpose. What a way to go.
  18. Will Smith will kick their slimy green behinds and save us all again Killer clergy
  19. Yeah. But I can't help but feel that we are being "punked" by the media. They love for us to be fearful...we are easier to control in that state.
  20. I was on 20 mg of Cymbalta for over a year and towards the end of the time period, even with minimal exercise, I'd have a lot of muscle soreness a day after whatever exercise I did, sometimes even a few hours after. This was really affecting my ability to stay active since I'd be sore after doing a hike or a run. Anyone else notice this with this med?
  21. I just finished season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. I really enjoy that series. The effects are astonishingly good, as are the stories. Some Star Trek fans don't like this series because it doesn't always follow canon. I think of it as Star Trek in a darker and grittier universe. 🙂 It is nice to see Captain Pike in action (the dude who commanded the Enterprise before Kirk came along).
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