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  2. florio

    I just wanna sleep all day

    Hmm, when I fall asleep like this, I get warning bells. It's usually a flu, the hypothyroid, the anti-depressant... Life is short, don't waste it with a long continuous sleep. See your doctor or analyze what you take, what you suffer from, and fix it!
  3. I'm thankful to a few people who actually DID something for me, many years ago. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to consider and stick with manipulators as my "true friends". When in fact they were just good drinking buddies...
  4. Today
  5. hi again, Craig. I've read all these comments in the meantime, and I passed the link to my wife as well (we had our share of problems lately, believe me ;)). what puzzles me is you said at some point you were having sex every day, but YOU stopped it. then you mentioned your wife would be protected by not having sex for a while. my question is: who's actually enjoying more sex with the other? (in my couple it's me). you keep mentioning about friendship with your wife, no other friends around, and having kids. I know it's hard and just consider this could be a loneliness problem on your side as well - not necessarily 100% related to your wife. I had mine lately (my wife is my only remaining friend today, because I took a distance from anyone else), and that's not good. My point is just think about it: is your wife indeed the only one responsible because you suffer so much? Or you might just need to make some new friends, elsewhere, at some point, as well? And yes, I write this down and I'm seriously wondering if I don't have a similar problem (if this is it).
  6. Deep_joy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I was angry, bitter. Then I came to a train station and saw 2 blind persons selling incense sticks. And I feel lucky enough afterwards realizing how much struggle they do everyday compare to me.
  7. goincrazy

    What was a small victory you had today?

    Resisted the urge to have a cigarette. It's been 8 months now .
  8. goincrazy

    what are you watching right now?

    Modern family
  9. goincrazy

    What Are You Eating? #2

    Raspberry filled donut .
  10. goincrazy

    What Really Bugs You (7)

    Mosquitos. And humidity
  11. zenzang

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    I'm worried beyond belief about possibly losing my job. I haven't been able to improve in some areas of my work as expected. Partially because the requirements change often and the training provided doesn't reflect the much harder field work scenarios. I don't have enough savings to last more than a month if I'm let go. Unemployment isn't available. No retirement plan to cash out. :( I hope I can pull through and turn things around soon.
  12. Minpin85

    Wellbutrin and SSRI combo

    Hi. I didn’t like the side effects of Zoloft so doc put me on Wellbutrin and Trazadone. I read there is a risk of seizures? A little nervous about that. the withdrawal symptoms from coming off of Zoloft are intense. It’s been a week and a day. The brain zaps increase in the evening oddly enough, a lot triggered by eye movement. My mood swings are intense. I just started Wellbutrin a week ago so I don’t think it’s that it must be normal coming off of a ssri like Zoloft? I’m tempted to call my dr and ask if he can prescribe a small amount of a different ssri with Wellbutrin. Idk what to do. I’m not used to being sooo angry, and weepy. It freaks me out. We are getting a puppy in 3 weeks and I’m afraid I’ll hurt the poor little thing. I’m scared I might fly off the handle. I’ve never been this emotional. I have 2 cats and would never hurt any animal or person but I just have that thought in the back of my mind
  13. Just that. Stressing to spend time and no, no one to talk, about anything...
  14. lonelyforeigner

    Wellbutrin And Adderall Experiences?

    You were high, going from 0 to 60mg would make anyone feel great! Sounds like you're very lucky and have a doctor who's open-minded, 90% will dismiss you as a junkie when you ask for Adderall unless you've been diagnosed with ADD and even then most many are reluctant and would rather prescribe Concerta or Ritalin. Anyway, just make sure not to expect the same result in the long run, your body does get used to it pretty quickly so the euphoria subsides after a while which is why many people are tempted to increase the dose, run out of pills and that's when they start getting into trouble. However, amphetamine is quite effective in improving depression symptoms so even once you're not getting the initial high anymore you can expect to have a bit more energy and less negativity. I was on Adderall and other amphetamine-based ADD drugs for several years and it was extremely helpful at the time. Too bad it's illegal in the country I'm in now...
  15. bellerose

    New person in bedroom

    Thank you Dormilona. I am so sorry to hear about your partner. I think I was freaking out bc they truly are wonderful people and I never want to make either of them uncomfortable.
  16. AphSado - I'm pretty sure your are powerless over your feelings for your cheating partner; they may or may not change, with time and perspective, and I hope they do - but I don't believe we can rationalize our feelings away. I'm sorry you are in such pain. However, as someone who spent years trying to medicate my feelings with alcohol, I was amazed to learn, in sobriety, that alcohol is a depressant. It may make me feel better temporarily (like almost any high), but then I feel worse - as well as desperate to recover the good feeling I had and lost. If you have any kind of a supportive network, it might be helpful to experience your feelings about the betrayal without alcohol. I wish I had gotten sober when my partner died, instead of waiting 7 years to finally face my feelings instead of drowning them in alcohol.
  17. rebelx0024

    Help for My Sister

    Hi all, My sister, who rooms with me, has been struggling with depression for many years, and deals with a range of symptoms. She has elements of bipolarity, OCD, and trauma (our parents raised us in a very controlling and unmindful way, which profoundly affected her). She also suffers from a pain syndrome, either fibromyalgia or something similar, has sleep issues (she often goes to sleep between 2 and 3 AM and wakes up around 1 or 2 PM these days) and has been unable to hold a full-time job because of her struggles. I'm not sure that she will ever be able to, which I have accepted. The thing that is so frustrating for me in the last couple years is trying to get her to go back to therapy. She is on medications, and has been for years now, but she has not constantly been in therapy. She has seen four different people that I can recall, and two were somewhat effective, the other two less so. She struggles with the idea of returning to therapy (she hasn't been going for about two years now) because she worries that she won't ever find one that can help her, and her last one, who was not actually an MFT, wasn't very good (I always counter with the point that she never really picked her previous therapists in a targeted way that involved researching their specialties and whatnot; I know how individualized these things can be). She also isn't looking forward to having to vet them and tell them her life story, etc. I personally do not struggle with clinical depression, although I do have OCD and anxiety issues, and have had episodes of severe depression in the past. I know what it is to be there, and yet I don't, which makes it hard to know how to assist her. I keep telling her to get help, but she's having trouble bringing herself to do it. Is there anything that anyone can recommend, especially in terms of how to persuade her to seek out help and what kinds of therapy may work? Thanks.
  18. Sophy - I am grateful for your poetic descriptions of our brokenness. And I am grateful to be reminded that I'm not alone in being broken. Because, in spite of being blessed with loving friends and family members, I feel so alone in my brokenness. It's hard for me to imagine that anyone else goes through their days with the weight of depression and anxiety dogging their every step. And I am so good at hiding it, except when I trust someone enough or feel desperate enough to open up. The weird thing is that objectively I know I am not ALWAYS depressed, because I had the good sense, the other day, to write in my journal "I was not depressed today." But now I can't remember what it felt like not to be depressed, and it is hard to believe that only a few days ago I declared that I was not feeling depressed. Probably this is why it would be useful to keep a mood journal. Do other people here do that?
  19. Cleaned up my room/office after work. I had so much stuff around since I've had no motivation to keep it neat. Finally got tired of being so overstimulated and anxious that I cleaned up and rearranged my work area. Just have to vacuum and organize my closet tomorrow. Maybe purge my clothes to donate. That's the plan anyway.
  20. 20YearsandCounting

    What Are You Reading?

    Making my way through Solomon Bull by Clayton Lindemuth. Anonymous Hacker meets Blackfoot determination meets genius stockbroker...
  21. velvetpuddles

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    Opeth - Blackwater Park album
  22. I've been on 50mg of sertraline/zoloft for about four weeks now (just one day shy) having previously been on Lexapro and at first I had increased energy, I wanted to exercise again, and my mood was slightly improved, although my ability to focus and concentrate was diminished. These feelings of improvement lasted about 2.5 weeks, so probably placebo, then I kind of went into an inert period, and now I am decidedly feeling much more depressed than I was before. Like sad depressed, crying randomly depressed. Freely crying is not particularly normal for me, even during my depressed states, so this has been concerning (although it's somewhat nice to be able to cry which has been difficult for me historically). On top of this, my sleep has been getting worse and I am not motivated to do anything. Like less than usual, basically all I can muster to do is sit on the couch all day and maybe wash some dishes. Should I be overly worried? Is getting worse during the initiation phase normal before things get better again? How much worse is normal...?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Sarahh2018

    Need help/advice. I am drowning! Need support

    Thank you for responding. Its not been 3.5 weeks of no contact. It is still very hard. I miss him alot. I feel like he is focusing on the few negative things in our relationship but in fact we had an amazing relationship. Even after taking the space from him, I still feel we belong together. I can't seem to get him to see past the negative. I know I can't fix him that is why I backed off. But I feel badly because the last communication was me saying how I didn't deserve to be treated this way and that he was being manipulative. The reason I said this was because when he broke up with me he said it was for the depression and the issue we fought about then it became little issues about me and that he wasn't sure about me anymore and as weeks went on it was worse and worse. I want him back. I miss him. I love him so much. He is going to therapy but who knows how long it will take. I'm leaving in 5 days for a trip for 6 weeks. Do I contact him? Do I let him know? More importantly, do I apologize for ending our last conversation so rudely ?
  25. caring2018

    Hey all

    I am sorry you are struggling. It is good you are reaching out on this forum. Know your not alone. There are others here who understand what you are going through. I would recommend you try to find another doctor soon. If you need some suggestions there is an online group that can help you find a counselor in your area. pm me for more info. Are you on medication? Make sure you are being consistent with that. Think about what your triggers were before. What helped you? Try to not focus on the negative but try to find the things that help you get better. Our mind is a battlefield. There is a great book about that called Battlefield of the Mind. I can send you the link if you pm me. I know this is hard, but try to do things you enjoy, reading a good book, going for a walk, going out with a friend, even thought it might be hard to do, most of the time, once we do things we like it takes our mind off of our thoughts. It takes work, but we don't have to spiral if we aware of what is causing the triggers. Sounds like a new job and the stresses of moving are some of those triggers. Find what you like about your job and the move, try not to focus on the negatives. I will be praying for you. Please continue to share. Hugs!
  26. At certain points movies that relate too closely to my trauma. Violence, emotional and physical abuse, oppression, addiction in families, Catholicism, dysfunction, and ganging up on people all horrible. I left Bridesmaid's when I was in a theatre with my family because the victimization was destroying me.
  27. Natasha1


    Welcome! I hope you will find what you need here. Df members are super supportive!
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