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  2. Nite DF family, Special message to @MarkintheDark wherever you are. Sending you love and gratitude. If you are still visiting mark, please get in touch. love NJ
  3. Same weather here but here I saw a bird sitting up on the window looking in here watching me.
  4. Thank you so much for your great kindness. I really appreciate it. You have helped me here and many others too! My mind isn't functioning too well today so sorry if this doesn't make sense.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi Arthur, reading your story I can feel all the stress and anxiety you’re under and I feel for you. But honestly I don’t think you’re a failure at all! Yes there a lot of things you could have done and anyone could have or could do to make life easier for themselves but we don’t because the obvious choice isn’t always the easiest. I don’t think you shouldn’t blame yourself for not getting yourself where you want to be right after the pandemic. Reading your story I get the feeling you needed to give yourself that break! You needed that break post pandemic to destress and feel better. Heak I think we all need a little vacation with everything going on. You’re not a failure for taking rest time. You’re not a failure for loosing a job and you’re not a failure for moving home. These are things out of your control and you’re brave for not giving up and doing what you have to do to move forward. take your time to rebuild while you’re at home with your mom and look are your current job as a temporary stepping stone for where you want to be in the near future. traders Joe is also not the easiest job to get so no biggie. Their kind of snobby about who they pick anyways so don’t sweat it. i hope you give yourself more grace and I wish you all the best in this new chapter in your life. Hopefully you can save up some money and move back to NYC when you’re ready!
  7. It's been a minute but in case anyone cared, I too was laid off during a company-wide culling right at the beginning of Covid. I received three months severance then unemployment and I actually enjoyed it for awhile as it was the first time I didn't have to work in 30 years.
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  9. Long term is relative to many…… long term for me means to the end, worth working for to overcome differences and ailments….. not sure everybody gets on the same page these days. i don't want to get hurt again, so I am almost paranoid about relationships, despite the loneliness that also brings which I cannot deal with either….
  10. Still on 450mg. At this point I would say, I got used to effects so much I don't notice them, but I do notice when I stop taking it. After taking it, there's a period of sleepiness that lasts 2-3 hours then I feel uplifted and energetic. Emotional emptiness is rarely a thing after I lessened my SSRI. Maybe I reached my core problem now - ADHD. I'll have to go through some tests and procedures and then will probably be put on ADHD medication. My focus being all over the place and restlessnes still giving me huge problems even though on bubropion I enter hyperfocus more often.
  11. I just feel let down and used. And empty - all the pleasure gone from my life . It’s like I’m being punished for something I haven’t done . It’s an unpleasant empty feeling . I have to distract myself from it . I was much fuller before
  12. Welcome new friend to our forum family. Your situation is unique just like everyone else here. I truly believe we are never helpless confronting our mental issues. I am a big believer in the power of clever metaphors. Your downward "spiral" can be reversed upwards and the "light" you don't see is always available if we can metaphorically ignite it. Problems have solutions and that is why we are here for each other. Please stick with yourself and with us. Oscar
  13. Hi Liliah. I desperately wanna try it but is it true that it can be hard on the heart? Thats actually my main concern.
  14. It’s a physical discomfort and pain that makes me drink
  15. It is optional and highly appreciated but optional. You can join and chat with any of us at any time. Don’t feel that this is a barrier, you are welcome, as are any donations to ensure this great place can remain open to everyone needing to chat.
  16. Well businesses are certainly trying not to have but 1 cashier these days, even the large ones, me personally i wont do self checkout because i see it as agreeing with eliminating jobs if i use them so i guess i add to the burden of the lone cashiers but if we all do it they'll have to hire and put people back to work, again sorry for the previous post, didnt sound like what i was thinking and i wanted you to know that, what i was thinking was along the lines of it's the job i have and being more old school I'm just going to knuckle down and do it or move on
  17. Are you struggling with your mental wellbeing? Do you suffer with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, then check out https://Changeyourlife4thebetter.com We provide free Advice, Tips & Techniques on how to improve your life and the different ways to cope with Depression stress or anxiety. You are not on your own and life is short so make a Change 4 The Better and start enjoying life again.
  18. I had muscle tension when I first went on Citalopram years ago until the med "kicked in" It was great after that. Years later I went on Lexapro/Cipralex and I didn't feel much in regards to side effects. I am back on it coming off of zoloft and the switch has given me occipital tension. It feels uncomfortable but I believe it will go away over time. I am only on 2 weeks of Cipralex. Wish you all the best in your journey but try to stick it out for 8 weeks. The side effects usually dissipate around the 2 week mark but if you have anxiety then you may still get some tension until the med works for you.
  19. I've been keeping up with the two laps around the neighborhood. But honestly it's not exactly pushing myself, but I am really out of shape right now.
  20. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. Hopefully it won't take too long to stabilise. Fingers crossed.
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  22. it was one of the few that didn't bother me when i was on it for a little while... i hope it works for you
  23. The doctors are actually pretty well informed, its just that we all react to the meds differently. Wellbutrin is a common add-on. Not heard of the Fetzima. Anyway if its not making you feel good as you describe see if the doctor can change the prescription. Might take a few goes to get a good one for you
  24. This one is out of my price range, so I don’t need to concern myself with making any choices.
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