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  2. I was living in a large but grotty flat. Maybe second floor. The hallway was very dark and had a mad carpet from the seventies with swirly patterns and flowers on it. I wasn't happy about it 😣 The view was pretty good though and I could see some trees etc. Still in my dream I was thinking about exploring the area a bit, but I was a bit worried about the people living around me because it felt like a rough area. Quite a boring dream I guess! What can I say, not much happening in lockdown! There was another bit where I was in a huge building trying to get out. The stairs turned into slippery, steep slopes and I was frightened to descend. This was right after I had popped in to see my ex partner and we were somehow still together. He was singing in his office with all of his staff singing harmonies, like the pied piper! I would say, knowing him that this could be quite accurate 😂
  3. I'm going to have to throw myself out of the door today. With the mass hibernation going on everywhere I guess I have been making the most of the pressure being off and participating fully!! I haven't been out in a few days. Wish me luck 🧟‍♀️
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  5. Big squawk 😄😹 and Funny bunny 🐰=😸
  6. Several streaming services are offering free month-long trials and I couldn't resist. Binge watching Star Trek Discovery while I can.
  7. More taco salad. Enough left for one more meal, then I'll have to move on I suppose.
  8. Attended depression/bipolar support group online meeting, over 40 participants joined - incredible. Shelter at home plus technology seems to make attending support group more accessible and attractive. We are also inviting members from nearby chapters to join us, at least until their groups are ready to move online. People are sticking around for hours after group ends to socialize. I'm astonished and inspired by the turnout, the embracing of the sudden shift online - but I shouldn't be surprised since this community thrives.
  9. Hopeless. More than ever. I can see nothing good anywhere even on the best of days. The best I can do is distract myself from any sort of thinking for a few moments at at a time. And believe me when I say it isn't constructive activity. Nothing seems worth doing. Nothing has any impact. All I see is the world going to hell in a handbasket at an increasing speed. I want to be dead. Sooner the better.
  10. Ive never take medications, so I dont know how that works, maybe someone who took can tell you. Go to a psychologist (therapy) can help you. But I always say the same, dont think he can resolve your problems, lot of people get mad at their therapist, because they are not good therapist, and they end up getting more frustrated. Try to re-think your life. But its hard, life its hard, its not easy to get what you want, life can be bad, not want to make see things bad, just saying that its understandable if you feel bad. Sometimes, you going to need to cope, at bad times, try to feel good, find ways to feel ok. Its not an easy thing.
  11. So so. Before this pandemic I wasnt going out much, so, its a bit like the same, but sometimes I really want to go to a park but now i cant. Its ok-ish. But I feel like im shooting my brain off so i can go through the day, and I dont have much to keep really entertein in my house, and now I cant even buy anything, so... Im used to live this bad, so its a bit like the same. The worst thing is that I have my grandmother in a geriatric, she is not an easy person, so I know she is not having a great time there, also I dont trust in some of the carers from that place, so Im a bit upset, I try to dont think too much on this, because its a thing to really get mad. Dont have much people to talk, i cant understand it, I thought some people were going to be more interested about chat since all this pandemic thing, but no, I go to the computer and i spend time watching videos, cant believe it, with the posibility to reach people at any place in the world, im just watching videos.
  12. Thanks. Feel fine now, think if I did have it it was a mild case. I'm looking forward to seeing how we look back at this. This is weirdly optimistic for me... We forget just what we take for granted. Something like this ought to make us reassess our priorities. Wether it actually does or not is another matter eh? I hope our next normal is in some ways different to the normal we knew.
  13. There was golf ball size hail in Ohio today. Someone on the news measured a piece and it was 2 inches across.
  14. Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to check out the link. Any ideas on how to handle the day-to-day? Fortunately, it's all work from home for now and the next few weeks, so I don't have to keep putting on the fake smile at the office for a while. I just really don't think I can bite my tongue anymore and every time I stand up for myself in the slightest I get shot down.
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  16. I saw very small calves today. I've never seen cows that small before. They must have been born in the last few days.
  17. Bad news: It was quite windy and stormy here Good news: No damage done by the storm and when there was a bit of a lull I went for a nice walk.
  18. I’m drinking apple cider vinegar and warm water it kills the Coronavirus in your throat before it can spread in the lungs
  19. Walking outside but the 80s are too hot for me when it comes to walking. I sweat like a pig when it's hot, which is why I hate the summer. Winter went by in a flash this year and I'm already missing it.
  20. Strong storms are coming. We can't just have a nice day. We have to pay the price for the nice day.
  21. Glad to see a few new posts here. I hope everyone is doing well (or at least as well as you can be considering all that’s going on). I still have a CO who I’m very much obsessed with, and I’m ok with that. If not for him, I wouldn’t have very many happy thoughts to focus on these days. Since my CO is a musician, of course I long for all of this to be over even more so that touring can start again and I can go see him. Stay safe everyone and try to check in from time to time to let us know how you’re doing. 🙂
  22. So very sorry for all you are going through! We rewrote an old saying, "It never rains, but it sure does hail bowling balls." It is not meant to actually be funny. It is meant to point out that, if regular 'bad times' are like regular rain, then what is going on at the time feels majorly worse. Reading what you wrote reminded me of this rewritten saying. I sincerely hope things get much better very quickly.
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  24. I have heard that too. Something must have gone very wrong in my case. I suppose I do manage to have "fun" but it doesn't seem that way.
  25. I'm pre-menopausal in my 40's. I've been on Buproprion for 6 months and my periods have gone whacko! I skipped November through January. In February nearly the whole month was one bloody period with terrible cramps! In March so far I had a week long, very heavy period. I don't have much of a libido lately, and I don't think the Wellbutrin helped that improve at all.
  26. It's absurd that we feel like we have to sneak around to walk right now but the cops and the rangers are terrible right now. You could sit on my porch and watch the sheriff and the ranger going after people all day. They go back and forth on my road waiting for any unlucky car to come along and then they go after them. This is really helping the virus isn't it? Money money money is all it's ever about!
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