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  2. ChopinLover

    How Is Your Weather Today? #17

    Sunny and cool (47 degrees). It’s supposed to reach 63 degrees this afternoon.
  3. Rattler6

    Post your day in 1 word.

  4. Rattler6

    what are you watching right now?

    The workers building a big project in town from the peace of my truck.
  5. samadhiSheol

    Creativity When Depressed #3

    Anima, or the Void After my Fall After the realization Of emptiness, despair And all that jazz I had a vision of you So many years ago now And today I saw you again Well nearly She looked a lot like you Just like the last time After the Epiphany Years ago Somewhere In an ancient city Of an empire now gone I saw you sightseeing Where I was too I looked at you For quite a while And my heart skipped a beat When you turned towards me but Then I turned away Because it wasn't you after all But this girl on the train Just an hour ago This time all dressed in black Leather pants and all Blonde hair all over the place blue eyes Smiling at something I could barely keep my eyes off you But then I did glance away Because it wasn't her It wasn't you My Love If you are out there perhaps it's not you I seek Perhaps it's me Perhaps it was me all along The Halo Of blonde hair The blue eyes Opposed to the Pitch black holes of mine The Passion The connection The acceptance Warts and all Something to Gently turn around Make something out of The utter emptiness That is indeed me So perhaps all I need Is the Girl within To make me whole Or at least To make peace with myself The imploding Void
  6. Rattler6

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Eating right and maintaining a healthy level of activity is important. Then again I have always been a small and fit guy.
  7. Today
  8. Whoa! That's great news. I really hope it continues to help you improve!
  9. We must have been in a Vulcan mind meld or something because that's what I thought too.
  10. JD4010

    Tell Us About Your Personal Journey

    Thanks. One of my coworkers noted my 30 year anniversary, but my boss had more important stuff to attend to, apparently.
  11. abandonD4purpose

    Terrible week

    Sounds like you are on the road to recovery! Keep up the effort! I've also found support from pastors and mentors. Have you considered either of these options? Prayers,
  12. emptyinsc

    So confused

    Yes, sometimes I do overspend and make really rash decisions. I'm ok today, I'm trying to stay busy with work to keep my mind off of things.
  13. Hello ChopinLover and welcome! I understand you're presently struggling with symptoms and I want you to know I get how difficult it is just get through the day. Symptom remission and relapse is a typical aspect of depression. With help from medication, therapy and your willingness to reach out for advice and assistance I have no doubt you'll learn the skills to help you manage your symptoms. Like physical recovery, it's a process and the first skill to employ is to be patient with yourself. Congratulations for the steps you've taken so far! I sense you're frustrated and a little disappointed that depression keeps you from enjoying activities and socializing. That's a very common aspect of the illness. Do be compassionate with yourself. I think the decisions you made concerning the invitation to lunch and a movie demonstrated knowledge of your limitations as well as courage to test those limitations - and this I admire. When I began struggling with depression, I isolated. Confused by my moods and the expectations of friends, family and my sweetheart, I could not express how I felt. But when I finally did I discovered that those closest to me accepted "the new me", limitations and all. They were just happy to have me in their lives and I bet those who love you will be too. My best, Atra
  14. iWantRope

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    Went for a job interview in the afternoon. It's a rather nice-looking place.
  15. Hello All, I just wanted to follow up and say the problems persisted, but slowly went away after 4 days. So far I am 3 hours into my meds and I feel no fog, and relatively stable. In case this happens to anyone else, hang in there!
  16. sad in grand Rapids

    Went to hospital

    I know but I'm such a mess right now I'm not thinking straight. I had to take an ativan because I felt a panic attack coming and its way I'll be able to sleep. I have to work tomorrow and I dont feel up it but were very short handed at work and I left early to go to hospital today. David
  17. evalynn

    Goodnight thread

    Good night, Gute Nacht, Oyasuminasai
  18. Yesterday
  19. surfcaster

    Why bother?

    why bother, because right around the next corner just when you least expect it you might run into that one person, thing, idea or whatever it might be that flips on your switch to begin your journey to happiness, so you see, you have to keep going to get there
  20. Ekavlije

    The Chatroom On This Forum

    I remember back about 10 years ago when the chatroom was always busy. No one there now.
  21. I have absolutely no one to talk with, and it's getting to me. Most people are too busy with jobs, kids, etc. I used to talk with my best friend from college for hours. Now, she'll call every three or our months for 5 or 10 minutes while she's stuck in traffic during her evening commute. Her husband doesn't like her to talk on the phone while she's home. I have a friend locally who is usually a good listener, but she works full time and has a pre-teen daughter who she has to shuttle around to lessons 4 nights a week. She's Jewish, so no communication from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Then on Sundays they're usually at volleyball tournaments or cheerleading competitions with her daughter. I tried 7 Cups of Tea, looking for a female listener over 35. Of the three I reached out to, none responded. I really do wish more people would listen to others. Like @sober4life, I talk to my pets, but usually don't get a really helpful response. Plus, I'm so dependent on them for companionship that whenever one of them acts the least bit off, I assume they're dying, and I go into a panic. This is not good ...
  22. Rattler6

    Last Game You Played

    World of Guns, ARMA 3, Mechwarrior Online.
  23. Hello, BeyondWeary, Thanks a million for the welcome. Can you tell me a bit about EMDR therapy? I've never heard of it. ~Tesla
  24. That's... if she did hope that your lives would stagnate together, that's really very terrible of her. But my hope is that you'll keep pushing forward. With time and effort, all wounds can heal. And I will tell someone they're important to me today, I promise. ~Tesla
  25. Epictetus

    Hi again. yikes

    Are you feeling any better today, kChristine?
  26. Epictetus

    Why am I here?

    Apologies for not responding to your post until now, but I've been ill. I like your screen name, AtivanandXbox. I was wondering how you are feeling today? - epictetus
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