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  2. duck

    Natasha1's "How Is Your Weather Today?" #18

    Today was warm .......minus 17 Celsius/ 1.4 F
  3. duck

    TA's "What's On Your Mind Right Now?" Thread, Part 2

    On my mind right now are the physical disabilities I have developed.
  4. Contact your doctor and ask if you can increase the Clonazepam. Many years ago I was given a good opportunity to work as a teller in a bank. My anxiety was so high I had to quit. I could not take it. I hope you can manage with an increase or different medication.
  5. Is it a waste of time and money or it might be helpful ?? if it was effective they wouldn't invent many new approaches like CBT and DBT please share with us your experience and opinion, thank you.
  6. I didn't lose me temper in a tense situation.
  7. Today
  8. Epictetus

    ejc's "What are you watching right now?" Thread, Part 2

    "Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
  9. Epictetus

    What Are You Eating? #2

    Green chili pizza. Wow, is it spicy.
  10. Epictetus

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    Had lunch with a friend
  11. Epictetus

    What did you dream about?

    I dreamed that I wanted to throw a party and called AMTRAK and asked if I could use one of their trains for my party. They said yes. I asked them how much it would cost me and they said it was free. The rest of the dream was just this party going on on the train and then I woke up.
  12. Epictetus

    What did you drink last?

    Diet Coke
  13. Epictetus

    Lindsay's "3 Words Of The Moment" Thread, Part 2

    Ugh, sore throat
  14. Epictetus

    The Post Anything Thread #3

    HOW TO TELL AN ALLIGATOR FROM A CROCODILE. Its all based on when you see one. If you see one after a while, then its a crocodile, but if you see one later, then its an alligator.
  15. It helps me to try to help others find the way out of the depression darkness. I always say our goal in this forum is to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave. Together we can tell Old Man Depression where to go.
  16. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Thank you what worries me more is the crashing blood sugar. I barely made it back here in time to test my blood sugar. I was losing my vision and I couldn't think. It's very scary.
  17. sober4life

    How can I get rid of these fears

    You love your son and mom so it's impossible to stop worrying about them. We will worry about the people we love for the rest of our lives.
  18. sober4life


    Tell her that exactly. You have to stick up for yourself and tell her that.
  19. Yesterday
  20. BeyondWeary

    What do you think

    Sounds to me like something is getting in the way of you moving forward. BW
  21. Extremebeginner

    Not sad, just flat

    Tearz, its hard but its great that you recognised and dealt with the panic attack. Try to look at the good side, sometimes it surprises me what I see as a negative can actually be a positive...... not easy but its an alternative
  22. Extremebeginner

    Depression with anxiety symptoms

    Thank you Tearz and Floor, if only all the world were kind and just understanding of those of us who do struggle to enjoy life. They cannot help us get through this but they sure can make it easier for us to help ourselves if we live in a truly caring world
  23. xXxXEntranceScardenXxXx

    Isolated Emo Kid

    Thank you
  24. I found your story very troubling. I can't comment on the antidepressants because I never used them. I have a different view of depression. I see my depression as a natural condition / formation / resource. My depression certainly isn't going away any time soon so I may as well put it to use somehow. I'm a big believer in trying to use clever metaphors to strategize a way out of the depression cave. Hoping the best for you. Oscar
  25. Sarahjweb55


    I have been on venalfaxine XR 75 mg for 13 years. I finally have a new young doctor that asked if I wanted to get off them. My other doctor who retired always said “why would you want to get off them if they work.” I was tired of feeling nothing, including no libido, couldn’t cry, etc. so the doctor prescribed 37.5 mg to take each day for 2 weeks then quit taking them. I felt a bit dizzy the first few days on the lower dose then was feeling really good on the 12th day so I decided I would just stop taking them altogether. I am on my 4th day and the dizziness has increased each day to where I can’t turn my head without feeling dizzy. I am determined to do this so I had my husband get me Bonine and I took one and it’s helped a bit, at least I don’t feel like I’m falling over. Now another effect I have been having is crying. It can be a movie I’ve seen a hundred times and I just cry and cry until I stop watching it. Another problem is pain in my stomach when I eat. Some things make it hurt more than others. I don’t know if I can do this or not but I am really, really mad that they don’t warn you of all the discontinuance symptoms before you start taking them. I probably could have gone to a pschycologist and have been able to get through the death of my mother, death of my mother in law and my breast cancer without such detrimental measures. I don’t know if I am going to get through this without reverting back to venalfaxine, but I sure hope so. They really need to come up with something that can help with the discontinuance symptoms. Hope this helps someone and if anyone has something they did to discontinue venalfaxine I would love to hear from you!
  26. AloneGuy

    Shows/movies that you hate

    Oh I remember that one! Haha yeah it was pretty bad. Definitely felt like a B movie for sure.
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