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  2. Tux

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us ♥
  3. This sounds like I need to watch it!
  4. sad in grand Rapids

    anxiety through the roof

    i have meeting with my boss on tuesday i know if they drug test me i will fail. i felt so down and so hopeless and so worried and anxious that i got worked up. i got the f its. i was romanceing the feelings i used to get. I'm feeling really down because i have to fess up. I'm also realised I'm in a deppprsive cycle right now . i went skiing with a ski club i belong to and i lied about how i was still working and every lie i told made more depressed. i keep thinking why do keep screwing up everything in my life. my need to escape is the reason i used.i didn't drink thank goodness. i underestimated how sick i am. david
  5. sad in grand Rapids

    decided to use cannabis

    im done with ive used it your years i had gone 17 days sober but i was feeling so depressed and it just made it worse. i know I'm done with it. it doesn't work for me and now i might have reallly screwed up my job. at least i found out i don't want it anymore. I'm feeling really disappointed in my self now. david
  6. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Hugs to you I want you to feel better!
  7. Atra

    Natasha1's "How Is Your Weather Today?" #18

    The first drop hit my cheek a few yards from my front door now the sky's opening. It is time for stormy weather.
  8. Today
  9. Dear @JessiesMom Hello! I wanted to tell you that I’ve found a therapy light that I think will work well for our family. It also has negative ion therapy which I’m excited about about as my husband hates having fresh air. I open the windows every chance I get but he’s more concerned about heat loss. I showed it to my daughter and we will get one for our anniversary next month. She is apparently interested in trying it too. Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated! Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Frances
  10. Devlinkyla

    Damnable December

    gosh I know how you feel
  11. Floor2017

    Effects Of Social Isolation!

    Yes, having Social Anxiety can affect your life in every kind of way from being scared to approaching people all the way to selling yourself short in life and just accepting the minimum things in life so that you can just get bye in life. However, getting the right medication can help boost your confidence to the point of being the head of every conversation and jumping out on the limbs to run a major 500 Company with plenty of confidence to try many other exciting things in life.
  12. Atra

    Underlying on going worry

    Hi and welcome, you've found the right place to let out the worry and seek support from fellow veterans of the mental illness struggle. You mentioned having some trouble with anxiety and worry in particular. I've found therapies have helped me manage the symptoms of anxiety, CBT in particular. Worry likes to drive the car and offers compelling-sounding arguments why it should. Perhaps an improvement will be when it's in the passenger seat, grabbing for the steering wheel on occasion, then in the backseat. A measure of relief comes incrementally in this sort of progress. I'm learning to identify what makes me more vulnerable to anxiety (you mentioned sleeplessness) as well as what triggers mine. I've learned to cope ahead of activities or events I believe will be particularly challenging. I've got a mental wellness toolbox of utensils, instruments and gizmos that I'm continually adding to - no single therapeutic skill works all the time. Sometimes I'll catch myself resting my feet on the toolbox instead of using the tools inside it. I believe medication is useful in reducing symptoms that are impossible to live with, making them tolerable. Skills make it easier to cope with life's demands and challenges.
  13. sober4life

    The Post Anything Thread #3

    If you watch South Park chef even wore the chef's hat as a kid. That's a real hero. I wish I had that kind of nerve in life to just do whatever whenever without any fear. I love the episodes with chef's parents when they start talking about the Loch Ness Monster.
  14. sober4life

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    I walked 5 miles. Now I feel run down again.
  15. Hi everyone! How is it going? I'm feeling very down today. I coul not leave it and looked again to much at social media. My CO is very activ on social media and I can't resist for to long. But I know it is not good for me when I know what he is doing right now. It pulls me down. Also he talks more often about his wife. It is not good for me when I see them together. I hate it. I always think: if only I had been in the right place at the right time. I have that strong feeling inside of me that he would be mine then. I'm crazy, am I? @BlueStarr Yeah, I can totally understand you. I know to many about his personal life and it drives me crazy sometimes. I can't sleep sometimes about the fact that she lives with him since all these years!! But most of time I replace the fact that he is married. Otherwise I would not stand it. I wished he would not show so much in public.
  16. sober4life

    Shows/movies that you hate

    Yes I hated The Crow and Friends like you. I also hate Dr Phil, Dr Oz and Maury Povich. They are all terrible shows. All the talk shows just take advantage of outrageous people.
  17. To have lasting passion for something like my work or a creative/artistic undertaking, spirituality or an activity. Or even a person. Like anybody, I'll get into something but it's an episode that runs its course and gets tossed into a closet when I wish I knew how to make it stay. I know this isn't something peculiar to me but I want to whine about it since I been chasing that ultimate bliss my whole, crummy life and I'm no closer to finding it. Cue the sad trombone. I feel most alive when I'm passionate about something then rather suddenly it's like somebody turns out the lights on my race track.
  18. Hi All First time poster. I used Lexapro for about 2 years but unfortunately it pooped out on me. I'm wondering if anyone has switched to Celexa and had success? Ive tried so many other medications and none of them work like Lexapro did. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  19. Diamondust

    Lost Cat

    @MarkintheDark thank you. Although I'm trying really hard I'm unable to be comfortable with the new kitty. I must leave back on the 1st back to my place. Even if I get comfortable I wont be able to get close with this new kid. No cat in the world is gonna live me like Zack. I'll have to carry this pain till my death.
  20. sarahbeth24

    stuck in coz of a bad storm

    Thanks guys. The being at home part I am struggling with, the worst of the weather has passed but its 5am and sleep is a bit distrubed and I am feeling low again. I might make a drink and go to bed. listen to some music.... Repairing things is fun. I managed to take one phone complete to peices and clean the contacts and it worked like new again and the other one I had to take to peices and replace the whole phone case both from and back which took 6 attempts but its finished but my last two projects wher both firmware issues so I flashed new firmware to them and next week I should have a couple more to work on and iv found an auction that sell faulty phones too but that means I might need to travel 1 hour on a train to collect them but still. If I was well enough I would start a phone business and maybe go and learn how to do more advance repairs like changing screens on some of the newer thinner phones. I just dont like to give up on gadgets because they will probably end up in landfill or just remain unused or unloved and gather dust and it keeps my mind active and when I am active I manage to get more done. I have a little bit of money each month to spare on buying faulty things. I can also repair computers and laptops and upgrade them. one day if I am well again and recover from this ptsd and depression maybe I will go in to business repairing gadgets full time. people always want resonably prices phones and devices and I would sell them for less than most places so people who cant afford phones can afford them.
  21. Rattler6

    All things music (noise too)

    I listen to classical almost exclusively with some assorted rock tossed in. Thing it that I hate a lot of the songs. A lot of music in the past 20 years or so I think is not good for the psychology of men especially young men.
  22. Rattler6

    ejc's "What are you watching right now?" Thread, Part 2

    Right just watching someone break dirt and rocks with an excavator day after day.
  23. Rattler6

    Frozen Tears

    I wish I could go running, I have to keep it to the elliptical and exercise bike. Just really upset at everything I can no longer do. I regret all the opportunities that I missed.
  24. sober4life

    Hallucinations -- What's your story?

    It started for me when I was a teenager and started hearing voices and seeing what I thought were ghosts and shadows. Up to that point I never even heard of hallucinations so I went to what I knew at 15 and thought the house was haunted but I was the only one experiencing any of it so it was very frustrating.
  25. Yesterday
  26. sad in grand Rapids

    am i depppresed or do i just feel stable

    i haven't manic for weeks now but i don't feel good. I'm obsessing over my meeting with my boss and if i will be allowed to return and what conditions such return may initial such as random drug tests. I'm haven't used cannabis in almost three weeks. i feel i can't keep thay up much longer. I'm feel depressed and anxious. I'm thinking its depression that's causing the fatigue. i don't want to use it daily just something to do when depression gets really bad. I'm slowly being put on an antidepressant25mg zoloft for one week then 50 mg after one week.i am desperate for a lift. i don't think cannabis played a role in my mania.I'm still clean but i hate how i feel. i been down hill skiing a lot in last month which I'm grateful i can do even that doesn't provide much pleasure. i joined a support group am on meds. I'm seeing a therapist monday and started once a week group therapy. at the same time i acknowledge that cannabis was causing some problems and i was using to much. basically i don't know what to do. i want to do what's best for me but i don't know what to do. i have conflicting feels about this and possibly returning to work. basically I'm stressed and looking for fast relief. I'm disappointed in how i feel i thought i be feeling better than i do by now. I'm still feeling lousy my hope is the c pac machine once i get that most likely next week will help a lot. david
  27. Forum Admin


    Actually we have been on the web for many years, since 2001 and continues since 2004 until the present. Which does not seem to matter, as we are still up to date, peer to peer and have the latest news updated on Twitter. I that helps. You can always use Google. Wish you the Best- ~Lindsay
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