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  2. Hello, I would take some time to self care for yourself. When you feel up to it you could look into more insurance things and possibly getting him situated in a better nursing home Based on your post it seems like he should be in a nursing home but a more rehabilitative one. Also I would just visit everyonce in a while and try to treat him like a normal human. It seems like his spirit is broken. Regular cooked meals and activities at a nursing home can be good but you really have to make sure the nursing home is a good one.
  3. Hello, I am here if you need someone to talk to. I studied attachment theories in psychology and I can kind of relate to you as I grew up with an anxious attachment theory and I suffered profoundly from loneliness and feeling suicidal. I used to be in the military and saw a lot of things I did not like. People in relationships never believed in me and left me for dead but did I crumble? I thrived, I clawed my way out of a pit of suffering, misery and despair and crossed the great chasm between depression and happiness and there is such a profound difference. I do not like to see people suffer so greatly. It is my wish for people who suffer to be happy someday.
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  5. FerryJerry, If you know you are autistic you have to be mindful of this and work through it. For example of you know you get triggered by online games take a break and use a stress ball or go for a run and then enjoy the game once you calmed down, block toxic people and go to a different server. Also it is better if you do not tell people you are autistic in some online places. That is because people who are trolls are unhappy with their life they might wish they had a girlfriend or have worse life than you and instead of bettering themselves they want to bring people down to their level and they will try to get to you with any percieved weakness. There is nothing wrong with being autistic, they also can have savant abilities and actually be very intelligent and talented in certain things, know yourself and try to regulate when things getting out of hand.
  6. I live among their fanbase…and lets just say, they are uh, extremely loyal and passionate…as in throwing themselves into card tables for fun. Ans sitting for hours in 6 degree weather to watch them play. Not my thing at all but Buffalo is a super depressing place (and covered in deep snow at the moment) so if it helps the morale of others…than so be it.
  7. Nearly 2 feet of snow in about 24 hours. And it is windy blowing the snow around so some of the snow drifts are even higher.
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  9. 11498 today. I had a great walk in the countryside.
  10. I'm fine. Working on my animation project. Realised that in order to stay stay stable I'll have to juggle with my meds and constantly adjust them.
  11. I've been walking more. Not nearly as much as I used to, and I could totally do more, but I have to start somewhere. And I think I'm been mad/in denial that I can't immediately just bounce back. It's going to take effort and hard work.
  12. Just had my booster shot, don’t really know if it will help or not, but I figured, it might help others. 5 hours after the jabbing and no side effects, not even a sore arm…….. I only write this because this may help somebody make their OWN decision, I’m neither for or against the vaccine, but I am against the forced decision.
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  14. mE 2 i had both my vaccines and booster, but feel terrified everytime i go out.
  15. I hope you will make a lot of friends here. There is a thread in a Forum here [DEPRESSION CENTRAL] that is called "How do You Feel Right Now." It is a very active thread. I often go there myself when I am feeling low and lonely. I hope you will join our group there so you will not be so alone with your afflictions. Sometimes it is only others who are going through the same or similar things who are able to be understanding, encouraging and consoling. So sorry for the terrible burdens you bear. I think you are very heroic.
  16. I'm not reading any condescension into John's post. I hear the voice of someone who is excited to find something that worked so well he wants to evangelize it.
  17. Ooh ok so I've actually got this too, but I had the neck thing before sertraline. For me my neck presses left into my shoulder quite sharply and can either be quite quick and releases quickly or sometimes it holds there for a bit and can hurt a bit. This predominantly happens when I'm feeling anxious or uncomfortable (I have social anxiety and i get sensory overloads). This I see as a kind of nervous tic, a bit like with Tourettes i guess, or like a stim (something linked to autism just a physical way of letting emotion out). This might be completely different to you, definitely talk to your doctor or therapist about it, but mine is linked with anxiety and i can to some degree control it. Hope it gets better
  18. I have been on Sertraline for over a year now, and have smoked only a couple of cigarettes in my life. I couldn't tell you about smokings effect on sertraline but sertraline has impacted smoking for me. Recently the 2 times i have smoked it has given me a drunk-like head rush, blurred vision and difficulty walking straight. I smoked sitting down and when i stood up i needed to throw up. This was without any alcohol at all. It might just be a nicotine rush, but I never had it before I was on Sertraline and I dont think I will smoke in the near future because to be honest it was pretty scary and made my head spin. If that's something you are alright with or want then cool, but this was with 3/4 of a cigarette over like 30 minutes so IDK.
  19. I don't know what to do. I have anxiety / panic attacks and after YEARS of experimenting with a mega-list of different medications, eventually settled on Clonazepam ( 1 mg x 2 a day ) and Propanolol ( 80 mg x 2 day ) . I have been on that regiment for many years and it works. I have had a few hiccups with MD's in the past and FINALLY found a great doctor that wasn't afraid to prescribe the Clonazepam. I grew to trust this man and was able to progress in other areas of my health w/o worrying about my medication. But...he retired. I called numerous 'local' Doctors and NONE would prescribe Clonazepam. Unfortunately, a lot of them are all part of the same ( small town ) Hospital network. So one 'administrative' rule covers them all. I found one MD that, after discussing my issues with him, agreed to accept me as a patient. He is 40 miles away, but that's somewhat OK. Not good for the anxiety, but, a necessary evil. The Doctor is extremely smart, and has a huge list of accomplishments. And he is the Director of the medical facility where I go to see him. It was after a few months, this man turned out to be unstable. He has even screamed in my face. He called and apologized later, but, whew, never know what I'm going to get with this guy. The main problem really, is he uses my medication as a tool of his instability against me. For such a smart guy, he really is child-like emotionally. He will either renew the refills on time, or holds back causing me to run out. I addressed this issue with him and he said, oh, sorry, and told me to call my requests in 7 days early. I did, his nurse booted my request out of the system. She said it was too early. She said to call in my request the same day it runs out. I told her it wouldn't work, the pharmacy requests 3 days to fill a prescription. But...I did it, and sure enough ran out. In talking to the MDs office, they said next time to call my request in earlier. So...it has been going on like that every time my refill comes due. I either call to early or to late, depending whomever I talk too. asked the Doctor about it and he just said everybody was correct. Exactly what that means, I have no idea. They've said they chased the Doc down the hallways to get my request filled, handing him the RX refill paper. But then nothing happens, no refills. The Doctor has told me that no point in getting a refill request into the pharmacy before the refill runs out, because by law, they won't fill it anyway. ( Which as per the pharmacy is a lie ). I've been looking for a new Doctor, but, the only Doctor that agree to see me are those with the concierge service ( $2500 cash up front ) . So...here I am, medications running out today, and I know that a battle awaits to get my prescriptions filled. I talked to an attorney, but, he said there wasn't anything they could do. Really is quite depressing.
  20. the doctor only wants me to take it on bad , really bad days, because you can get addicted to that stuff, so i don't want to. i'd rather a medication, like an SSRI or SNRI would help me , but nothing ever works. i think it atarax usually wears off after a few hours at least that's what i read..
  21. Good afternoon; I am very sorry that you have had so many traumatic experiences in your life. I understand you and support you in coping with this because I know how hard it is to live with constant anxiety and panic in a society of people. I would even be interested to know where you bought this pacifier for adults; maybe I would like it too unless, of course, it does not affect the teeth and their health. I usually deal with anxiety with the help of God, as some prayers and Bible clippings have magical power for me. I would be glad if you answered me about the pacifier, and I wish you a lot of strength and health. We're going to be fine
  22. This place won't be the same without you. Honestly I love everyone here and this place has helped me more than any other place in my life but at the same time I think about leaving this place and the world every day.
  23. I wish I knew what to say but I don't know much about psychology. The situation sounds very puzzling.
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