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  2. Ashamed. A postal service employee personally came to give me a notice of unpaid taxes after her shift was over. I was rude to her on the phone as I was busy and didn't believe it was genuine. Me = what a fing c***. I apologised... gonna buy her some sweets and a card. It's just not right what I did.
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  4. As much cheese danishes as I can.
  5. BUMP.. my doctor is talking to me about this for anxiety......so if I try it I'll keep you guys posted ...if anyone has any experience with it feel free to share.
  6. i am sorry for the long lock down you are facing and the OCD. have you tried NAC the supplement/ that might help with OCD thoughts it has helped me a little bit. I can relate to your OCD because it's a little similar to mine..
  7. Hi and welcome! What a great start to opening up and being real about that struggles going on in your mind. Of course you're leaving out stuff. This is not a beginning, middle and end your story is still being written and in this part, you explored being honest and vulnerable. You deserve credit for that because it ain't easy, even when you don't have to face people as you do it. Just wanted to say I think you did a good job and as hope you'll experiment more with vulnerabilities here. Even though it's uncomfortable, it is how we work through debilitating feelings like shame.
  8. What if there is a third option: acceptance and change? For me, it wasn't really finding out who I am it was remembering what I was before my illness and I fused into a single being. Changing behaviors is on-going. I began by identifying and clarifying what was most important to me, my values. These never changed but I redefined some ("success", for example) and reprioritized others. When behaviors were driven by my values and not those of others, or because of others, behavior change was more meaningful to me... Why do I not have a beautiful partner who loves me? becomes Why have I abandoned loving myself by making love into a "thing" someone must give me? Why can't I have the body I want? becomes What is about having a healthy body that means something to me personally? I want my values to guide like a compass, they are tied to who I am and remain stable. They help define me. Not my intrusive thoughts--I don't control thoughts. Not my feelings--those come and go. Not my goals and achievements--momentary achievements feel great, but then what another goal and then another? Living is a difficult undertaking and I don't know what defines "a life worth living" for you. I believe you do.
  9. I take supplements that help me, but even with them I have to use Bose sleep aids. They go in your ear. You can choose different sounds. They can block out snorers too.:). If I forget to charge them no matter what supplements I am taking I wake up a lot without them.
  10. It's amazing that popular streamers and other media stars can make millions for playing video games or opening packages. Compare this to a guy who actually does something useful, like picking up garbage or doing brain surgery. They get paid far less. (Well, garbagemen do make nice change because no one wants to be picking up nasty garbage at 4am, and brain surgeons do make money as well, but not the millions or more made by playing Fortnite or unboxing dolls.) You can devote your life to studying, getting a degree and advancing in your career via hard work -- or you can play video games and get paid lots more while doing something fun. Your choice!
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  12. I understand that feeling of glad its over! Still now it is over we can wish you happy belated birthday wushes, cuddle, cake and maybe a smile
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  14. Well I guess I had the strength to sit on the riding mower and get fresh air and mow the yard. I'm not giving up!
  15. I hate this topic I wish dental problems were my only problem but I've got a whole lot more worse problems
  16. I'm the same way. I was more active as a teen because I forced myself out there like everyone else tries to do. Of course we want to try to make a life like everyone else but I figured out people aren't very good overall. They are much much more likely to hurt you than help you. I want the fantasy life they talk about on tv but it's not real at all. So I just stopped fighting for it. I could choose to be in a marriage where everyone fights and bickers with each other all the time and puts on an act when the cameras show up which are anyone's eyes outside the family or just stay away. We're not bad people at all. We're good people. They are like the bugs that continue to fly into the bug zapper knowing they will get hurt. We're tired of getting zapped.
  17. Yes it's true that you can't please everyone. Because you are made that way. You are not created to please or to comply on everybody's needs. That is the hard reality. I know the feeling that you want other people to like you, and appreciate you. But before that, the first thing that you must do is to LOVE, and APPRECIATE yourself. You cannot prioritize other people and make them appreciate you if you can't prioritize yourself first. I am sorry if you will like this. But some people cannot be pleased, no matter how hard we try I was there.
  18. @purgemask I'm not sure whether she judged me fairly or if she was just too clinical, but all I know is that I feel a lot worse after seeing her. But it's a very personal thing when you're dealing with such stuff, so choosing the right individual can be a hit and miss process. I found someone else and, shortly after writing the post, made an appointment with her. From her website, I heard she deals with a wide range of different techniques, such as hypnosis, which I was thinking of doing. In fact, I got to speak directly to her, and although it's hard to tell from a short phone call, she seemed to be friendly, fuzzy, and non-judgmental. Today I feel a lot more hopeful, and a lot more optimistic.
  19. I did stand up to the bullies. Who knows they might have been partly responsible for me losing my mind in school. Who got kicked out of school? The one that couldn't take it anymore and stood up to all the bullies. That's always the answer. Why? Well half the time that person is being bullied by teachers too and that's the last thing they want anyone to find out.
  20. I've been on this combo for 6mths. I had been taking Wellbutrin 300mg for a long time and recently increased to 450mg and started with 40mg Fetzima and now on100mg. I am noticing a huge difference - a lot calmer, more focused, relaxed and better mood. The only issue I noticed is feeling very hot during sleep; not sure if this is due to increase in Wellbutrin or adding Fetzima?
  21. Welcome to our new Members! As I posted in this Forum in 2015 and I will repeat, please read and make the best of these forums as there are many. Post your feelings and post to our "seasoned" members who will give you some sage advice. We also have BLOGS for you to start your own after 5 posts that you will make . Depression Forums is a wonderful place to start to open up and relieve yourself of all the pressure you have stored up. I have also described it as somewhat of a stepping stone to move on in your life. Take your time and look around. If you need anything click on our staff (pinned above) and PM them. Hugs and best wishes & #StaySafe ~Lindsay, Forum Administrator, Owner
  22. You can do anything you want to do sober. I believe in you
  23. I also switched to Mylan bupropion XL, twice a day, but after two weeks something went wrong. In the beginning it was working pretty well, but, suddenly I began to lose weight. Has anyone of you experienced it? It's really strange. Anyway, I'm considering to combine it with one of these anabolic steroids https://www.acnm-online-pharmacy-usa-store.com, in order to fight the weight loss effects of bupropion. As far as I know, they shouldn't interfere with each other, so hope it will work well. However, if you have any other suggestions, just let me know. Thanks in advance!
  24. Remaining true to our values, yes that's it Sober right on.
  25. Good morning everybody, hope everyone's good!
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