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  2. Floor2017

    I feel bad for thinking about this

    Yes, we can be our own worst critic. Even though most people don’t think of us in the worst way. We tend to do ourselves in, in our minds
  3. SheWrites

    Where can I get a refill?

    Thanks to all for your advice. I think my doctor was more concerned with getting the money my insurance company paid her every time she ran unnecessary (IMHO) blood work. Unfortunately, in my area, psychiatric hospitals will only work with you if you are an in-patient. And it's a 5-6 month wait to get in to see a psychiatrist. It is hard not to get even more depressed over the way my doctor treated me. Since 2015, I'd been in an awful job where people yelled obscenities at each other, tried to make colleagues look incompetent, and just generally tore each other down. One of my 20-something coworkers called me a "stupid old woman" to my face several times, and the HR department and management didn't do a thing. After I was laid off in January, I was lucky enough to find a new job with people who treat each other like humans. But my life is still a mess, my finances are in shambles, and I don't know how to fix any of it without some support, which I don't have. I really need someone to work with me instead of lecturing me on how I'm not living up to their standards.
  4. SFOguy50

    Wellbutrin - Smoking

    I started taking Bupropion SR 150mg 2x for 3 days now. I usually have no depression. Anyways, day #1 was hell. It just felt totally weird, headaches, sleeplessness, etc.. Today is day#3 and I still feel some weirdness but stabilizing. Somewhat happier I think. On the smoking front I am continuing to smoke like I usually do. But it tastes like ash. Zero reward. So I am beginning to forget to smoke. Smoking has now become a chore and I am definitely losing interest. I am looking at a 22nd August quit date. Meanwhile I want to get/store some memories of the "tastes like ash" feeling so I can recall it at a later time. I think this is going to work! Wanted to mention - I tried Chantix a few years ago - I went from a happy guy with zero depression to contemplating suicide in a matter of two weeks!
  5. Steveab63

    Should I increase my Remeron dose ?

    I realize its extremely frustrating, but giving up on a dose change aftet 1 day isnt enough to figure out anything. You should give it another chance, if you can get some time off from work to try it. I shouldnt talk, i did the same thing when a Dr gave me Seroquel, and i didnt want to move for 2 days. I was afraid of getting fired, i was so wiped out and useless. Who knows, i might have gotten used to it, and it may have helped. Anyway, this stuff takes time. Steve
  6. Floor2017

    What's an extrovert to do

    Yes, I can the majority of the time I can do things when ever I want to but I have to get a good night sleep so that my mind will be at ease
  7. BeyondWeary

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! So sorry about your marriage. How disheartening! Glad your faith is helping you. Glad you are here and keep reading posts and posting.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Steveab63


    Can you see a therapist? When I was mixing adolescence with depression and anxiety, I had all kinds of confusion about gender/orientation issues. If like many, you're somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey scale, and you believe in that construct, things can be pretty confusing. Or, as I said in another of your posts, you just think women have it easier when it comes to finding friends/mates.
  10. hocico

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Money Money Money
  11. hocico

    What Are You Reading?

    A military history of Scotland
  12. hocico

    Post your day in 1 word.

  13. hocico

    What Are You Eating? #2

  14. When I was in my 20's, afraid to talk to women, and desperate for affection, I sometimes wished I was a woman. Not for any gender issues, I just had the idea that all a girl had to do was flash some skin, and they had their choice of a dozen interested suitors. It wasn't a very serious fantasy on my part, but it was interesting to find out, over time, that women had the same feelings I did at the time, and also had trouble meeting guys, talking to them, or being thought of as something other than a one night stand. So I guess either way, finding a friend/mate sucks. We all need to stop believing the love stories on tv.....
  15. Hi all, I’m in need of some advice: I really cannot decide what choice to make bc being the choices of bring off ad’s or on are equally as devastating in my opinion and experience so far. I begin taking ad’s last year after finally seeking professional help for my depression and anxiety that I had been suffering from on and off for around 5 years. I first was placed on Prozac then bc of the serious side effects was switched over to Zoloft, and when that was almost just as worse I weaned myself off after 6+months on both and have been going through the worst depression of my life even after stopping meds 4 months ago. With both, I had the unpleasant physical side effects of blurred vision, nausea, loss of apetite and interest in everything in my life in general, sexual dysfunction, constant brain fog and confusion, insomnia, lethargy, zero motivation, and zero inclination for creativity which is a major problem for me as an artist ( i didn’t produce any work the entire time I was on meds). The alternative is to continue being incredibly depressed on and off (which has seemed to be harder and harder to control lately) and just ready to give up on everything a lot of the times. My doctor worries about me and has been trying to get me to try Effexor since it’s not a SSRI but after reading all of the reviews it doesn’t seem like much of an improvement to the others. I just feel like either choice is going to leave me miserable and feeling like I’m missing out on life-please help-any one else go through this difficult decision?? Any advice?? I’m feeling extremely helpless about either choices at the moment :((((((((((
  16. slate77

    I keep thinking I'm famous

    This sounds a lot like me, thanks for the post.
  17. OOPS! I meant to say "Glad you were NOT hurt more seriously!"
  18. Something2LiveFor

    I will rejoice regardless of life circumstances

    Camellia and beyondweary I’ll pray for you if u want. Prayers work I’ve had it done to me. Sometimes when we are too down, weak and broken, we just can’t find the strength to fight on our own it’s not anything to do with you it’s up to others to give you a hand. Depression is the last straw. I know I’ve laid in a pool of tears for long enough until I felt God reach me the other day and tell me to go pray for those who can’t find the strength to live and He gave me the knowhow and told me to pray He’ll help me. I’m new to this Godstuff too coming from agnostic / atheist family upbringing but He’s got hold of me now there’s no turning back do you want me to try out these prayers on you both? xxxx
  19. JustAnotherSufferer

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    Hi there, how are you doing? I’m feeling like trash. I probably just lost a friend. I had just gotten to know her. Right when things seem to be going good for me it goes downhill.
  20. sober4life

    Controversial and against everything we are told

    Yes I know our lives has been nothing but trying to escape ourselves from day one. I'm constantly restless. I need to be anywhere but where I am now and I need to be anyone else but me.
  21. Riddler103

    Can't stop crying

    You sound like you're being a little over-emotional. He was probably angry about other things, or thought this was pretty important to call you a liar over it. If you rationally explained what happened to him and he still won't believe you, just take some time away from him and let him cool off. I know it can be hard to control emotions, especially in unexpected circumstances like this, but there's no real point in crying for hours or throwing a pity party for yourself when you know you're in the right. I'm sorry he reacted the way he did. I hope things have worked out since you posted this.
  22. Something2LiveFor

    Life is hitting me hard - I’m reaching out ...

    Wow so sorry for all your gone through and going through. But I can’t help sensing what a beautiful Spirit I see shining through the pain. You just gone and melted my heart I think I’m in love... oh
  23. My car crapped out on Thursday night. And it's going to cost $600 to get it running again. OK...the good news: I've been taking the bus all over town. I enjoy interacting with the people who are also riding. I am also getting more exercise, walking to/from the bus stops and various places I'm going.
  24. JD4010

    The Irony

    @Oscar K Suicide Ideation. Thinking about "doing it."
  25. Hi Daho I take Pristiq I find its the best med out of the ones Ive tried. It keeps me a little more calm and content not as worked up and anxious. I would definitely give it atleast a month on its own away from Wellbutrin to let your body settle in to the med. Your probably experiencing Pristiq start up side effects along with Wellbutrin withdrawal side effects. If it were me Id stay the course on Pristiq unless the energy was unbearable and then Id contact my Doc but give it time it could be a good med for you. Good luck my friend
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