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  2. I cannot answer many of your questions, its the one psych drug I haven't been on. I can offer insight into weight gain, from a non professional viewpoint. How much we exercise may influence how healthy we are, but its what we put in our mouths that determine what our weight will be. Our mental state controls how hungry we feel, and the drugs make us feel either motivated to eat or not. The only way I could control my weight was to change what I was eating, and drinking. Lots of water, only water, and reduce the carbohydrates, replacing with green vegetables or anything that doesn’t contain too much sugar or salt. its not easy finding good affordable food these days. dont look at it like a diet, it must become a habit. You have to try to make it natural, a routine, then the effects will not only show but you will feel better. I did work in a gym for a few years, and I applauded peoples efforts to exercise, but the people who wanted to control their weight had to try the lifestyle change. One chocolate bar takes an hour to run off on a treadmill!
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  4. Interesting, I was given Abilify to help with my energy and motivation, improve my functioning etc, everything you feel you lost when you came of it. I also took seroquel, which just made me more sleepy. I stopped both and stayed on Cymbalta, but your message inspires me to try Abilify again. its a trial and error process getting it right, or better than nothing at least. I would work with your doctor, maybe see if a dosage change is all that is required. You need at least 2 weeks to change over meds without interaction in my experience, however we are all very different in our responses. either way hope the solution becomes clear soon
  5. I was able to pet a dog that nobody is able to pet today. This dog bites everyone that tries to pet him but I was able to calm him down and pet him and I could see a look of peace in his eyes. That really made me cry but in a good way. That made me feel really good for the first time in a long time.
  6. I was about to add ‘me too, but decided we cant all feel alone, and down. So I am here to spread the hugs and to ensure you know that you are not alone whilst you are within this forum, you may be far away but not alone
  7. Some people call it dysphoria. I don't know the right name for it. Therefore I can't make the doctor understand either. But it certanly is related to anxiety. I first had it when I was 12 during a war back home. It was very severe. Now it is not severe it is just like mild to moderate but having it constantly really sucks.
  8. Do you have any friends or other family that may be more supportive? Is there anyway you can live on your own? Sounds like you home life can be toxic at times and definitely contributing to your mental health. Also, being pregnant, your hormones are changing which can effect your mood. Sorry you are going through this:(
  9. Religion was a part of things for me for a while which was strange because I've never been religious. I think it was because mom started going back to church so my mind was able to make me think I was letting down mom and god if I didn't do the rituals.
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  11. Well being transgender is not a determining factor whether one is a good or horrible boss. Actually, there are in fact heterosexual bosses from hell
  12. So it’s day #20 on Prozac. I was previously on Zoloft but after several years it stopped working. So I took celexa 40mg, worked for a few months and then pittered out. I’ve been on SSRIs for about 20 years. The first 2 weeks I felt nauseated and no appetite. I lost 5lbs ( I don’t need to lose weight, so not good). My anxiety was a little worse but manageable Appetite has returned. Depression and anxiety are still here. I have moments, hours of feeling “somewhat normal” but nothing long lasting yet. I know the 1/2 life is really long, Prozac can take longer to kick in. I know it’s early but i really need to start feeling better. I’m on 40mg. I didn’t taper off Zoloft just switched over directly to Prozac per my psychiatrist direction. Please tell me I’ll start consistently feeling better soon!?!?
  13. I went to the DMV and got my car registered. Even though there was a line out the door due to 6ft distancing. I got it done in about 20 minutes. That was not bad at all. Went to the pharmacy to get my meds and they had some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol so I scooped some up. Made up several small batches of my homemade cleaning solution. Picked up a few new masks to replace a couple of heavily worn ones. FU Covid! Went for a nice walk in the rain with our pooch. She could care less it's raining so we had a good walk. Now it's time to have a quick snack and do a workout.
  14. How am I today? I don't know. My mother kept showering me with compliments today and seemingly would not shut up. She has a tendency to hide her real feelings and then it comes to a blow. Which it didn't today, but something just seemed not quite right. I'm also socially fatigued. I just feel like this episode is not over, but I'm not sure what's next.
  15. Thank you, everyone; I really appreciate your kind and generous words of welcome and encouragement. I can already tell I'm among friends and am grateful for this space to share our experiences together. I look forward to getting to know all of you as you wish to share.
  16. How are you all? I hope everything will be fine So I need your help in this regard. I need a jeweler at a wholesale price.
  17. Residential treatment centers work for addicts, mental health patients, patients with severe condition etc. In a drug residential treatment center proper care is given for 24 hours to the patient, along with monitoring their condition, providing proper meals, counselling sessions, activities which might help their mental and physical health etc.
  18. How awful. Are you okay? I am just reading this about 6 hours after you posted it. What a stressful and terrible day you had! I hope you will safe and feeling better soon!
  19. Who me? Naw, I'd never do that. Depending on the dog you can get one now and it'll be fine. We take her out on walks and it's been in the 30s at night and 40s during the day. She thinks nothing of it. We don't have snow or anything though. We walk around our area and through a park so she gets some changes. We're taking her down to the pond pretty soon. There are walking trails around it. Then we'll take her on some short hiking trails and see how she does.
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  21. Thank you for these words. This is my first day here and hopefully I will find a way to better handle my depression that's been a part of my life for so many years now. I've been hiding my thoughts and feelings all my life so this is actually the very first time I'm opening up about my problem. It's scary but I need to do something, start somewhere.
  22. Hello! I'm new here too, and I look forward to getting to know you and all of our new friends in this forum. Seems as if we've found a wonderful community.
  23. Hello, Allison. I'm new here too, as of today! Glad to be your newbie buddy and looking forward to getting to know you and all our new friends. May peace be with you.
  24. Yes, exercise is imperative! I have that somewhat under control with trail-walking and stairwell-climbing. Don't find exercise equipment very much fun. The much bigger challenge has been social. While I've interacted online with numerous people over the past 10 pandemic months, nothing useful or particularly interesting has come of it. I've concluded that 'organic' friendships are extremely difficult to find online. Filters are needed. Without them one can just waste a lot of time.
  25. I used it for years and I agree with what you've said.
  26. Hi and welcome here. It is so very nice to meet you. I am so terribly terribly sorry you are struggling with all the things you write about. How heartbreaking. To be 14 years old and bearing such heavy burdens tells me that you are a really noble and heroic person. Your post inspires me and will inspire others here to keep going as they bear the crushing burdens of their own personal distress and pain. To save even a single life is the greatest thing a human being can achieve in life and I think your post will save lives. So your post is not just helpful but a life saving gift to us here and we are all deeply appreciative of you. I wish I could offer you some concrete advice about relationships, grief, boredom and deep unhappiness, but sadly I am not a very wise person. Hopefully others here with more knowledge, experience and insight will have something helpful to offer you. I wrote at the beginning of my post that it was nice to meet you, but it is really an honor to meet you. I have rarely seen such heroism in someone as young as you. If I knew what to say to help you I would definitely, definitely say it. But sadly I am at a terrible loss. You are an amazing person and you will be treasured here on these Forums.
  27. I am so very, very sorry you are burdened with OCD. My father suffered it terribly. Not knowing much about OCD from direct experience other than observing my father, I am afraid I am unqualified to offer advice that you or anyone could or should rely upon. The fact that you are trying things to help yourself and that you are struggling against these heavy, heavy burdens is proof to me that you are a really noble and heroic person. People not afflicted with OCD have no idea how much heroism it takes to bear such an illness, so I really look up to you. I am really sorry that I cannot be helpful to you in answering your important, critical and profound questions. Hopefully others here will have better words for you than my poor words. You are an amazing human being and I am happy to meet you. I want to wish you only the very, very best here on the Forums and in your noble life struggles.
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