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  2. Days of Our Lives It's funny Stefano is supposed to be the most powerful character on the show and he's staying in a room where everything looks so cheap he could have furnished the room with things he got out of a dumpster.
  3. Computer engineering, this subject is Physics I.
  4. Deck The Halls /Bring A Torch ~Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
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  6. I agree with AdamP. That's just too much stuff. Some of your issues, hopefully, will resolve themselves soon. I do know that a number on DF have added anxiety from past relationships. And even becoming aware of what you've lost, can hurt in it's own way. Time does help. It may not be the cure, but it does a good job of masking the symptoms as the years pass. best for you, bulgakov
  7. Man, that’s outstanding news! So you presented the speech & you’ve had the last class?
  8. Man, I completely get all of it. Trauma. It affects us deeply. Believe it or not, I completely identify with every bit of suffering that you’re talking about. This disease is absolutely dreadful. Have you ever been diagnosed as having depression? Do you happen to be taking any meds at this point? Just trying to figure out where you are with some of this. We can certainly talk if you want.
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  10. I stopped doing Facebook a long time ago. All it is is a place where everyone can brag about how great their lives are and most of it is lies or at least an exaggeration. I've always been the town idiot in every town I've ever lived. There's never been anything good to say about my life.
  11. 5 miles on the treadmill. The butterflies have been gone for a while but I did see a red cardinal today.
  12. I want to bump this thread because I'm a long-term Bupropion user. It's fascinating to read other people's experience with it. I use Bupropion as an adjunct to Citalopram. I still fall into some deep depressions but I'm not nearly as "off the rails" as I was before starting the two meds.
  13. This is quoted directly from national cancer institute .gov: A type of human papilloma virus (HPV) that can cause cervical cancer and other types of cancer, such as cancers of the anus, V*****, vulva, penis, and oropharynx. Most high-risk HPV infections go away on their own without treatment, and do not cause cancer. Also called high-risk human papillomavirus. I hope this helps alleviate some anxiety.
  14. I took 10mg of sertraline for a month, then decided to go off. Then took 5mg once every 3 days for a month before going off completely. That was 3 months ago, will this ever stop?
  15. Yes, because you still can work towards trying to change your outcome
  16. Grateful that I have the capacity to give.
  17. Totally fed up, even cried on the school run. just walked out of the kictchen after trying something stupid again, fed up with trying to be strong lol the while. I can’t cope anymore
  18. I hate the holidays quite a bit. It brings an excess of togetherness, peace, and fun to some people, but not for me. Not these days. Everyone in my extended family is slowly dying off or losing their minds. Christmas and Thanksgiving are no longer allowed to be openly celebrated without risk of ridicule and hatred from certain extreme groups. I wouldn't be surprised if some group of people finds a way to fill even the birth of a new year with hatred and division. I have a loving family, but my desire to stay informed on current events is probably what makes this time so miserable for me. Much more than the looming shadow of death over my extended family, failed goals for the current year, or temporary sting I get from not having a romantic partner to snuggle up with.
  19. I am glad to hear that you are finding a peace of sorts and that you have finding some of you. Good for you for doing just what you can. Hugs
  20. i'm a mother of daughters. may i ask how old your daughter is? for the sake of privacy ..... not exact age. is she 17-21? over 25? over 30? etc. what age range is she in? when she has her anger outbursts, does she seem able to hear you? or does she seem completely out of her mind? sincere questions. how long has she been having these outburts? did something specific happen before her outbursts began? or was it gradual and has been building for a long time? sorry for so many questions .... just trying to get a feel for your situation. i'm no expert or doctor -- just a mother who has been through a lot. i am not blaming your daughter, or you, or anyone. it is clear that your daughter is suffering a lot, but i think she is having trouble expressing herself, what she is struggling with, feeling heard and understood, and that may be part of where her rage is coming from. i'm sure i am stating the obvious, and for that i apologize. my kids have gone through something similar with anger issues. but i don't want to assume anything with your daughter. i feel for you.
  21. Need a job that doesn't deal with Outlook in their environment
  22. Exercise was what really helped me with my OCD especially cardiovascular exercise. That's something that actually works. It is a big help for anxiety which is what fuels this nightmare. Our mind thinks the rituals help but in reality it just keeps stringing us along. The rituals never end and never really calm our minds.
  23. Did some laundry in my sink and hung it out to dry.
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