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  2. It's actually a wise move, to have backup food for this cases, I should do that too. Thanks for replying.
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  4. I think Any exercise can help diminish anxiety, but Connolly says aerobic exercise that really gets your heart rate up will be the most beneficial. Some good aerobic exercises that can help manage anxiety are: Swimming. Biking. Running. Brisk walking. Tennis. Dancing. Hope these things are manage anxiety problem.
  5. I could go into my life and problems but it would make War and Peace look like a short story. Suffice it to say, pretty much every decision I have made has been wrong. No matter how good my intentions are what ever I decide to do comes back and bites me in the ass. Right now it is my love life that sucks. Mainly because I don't really have one. I married my first wife because she was thin, cute, 17 and super hot. We had four kids and she gained at least 100 pounds with each one. I ended up divorcing her when the kids were over 18. I went through a bunch of totally F'd up relationships, (I had two girlfriends die of over doses, it sucks when you wake up next to a dead girl. Both were strippers and high priced call girls.) and when I turned 55 I thought I had found the perfect woman. She is 5 years younger than me and although she has a LONG past (She claims to have had sex with over 100 guys) we hit it off, our sex life was good and things were awesome. Up until I ended up with ED. I have been working on trying to get things working and have gone on Testosterone shots and I have my libido back. Unfortunately she now says she is to old for sex (64 almost 65) and is not interested. I never have been able to get her to orgasm, she can only orgasm when she does it herself and she says her breasts do nothing for her as far as stimulating her sexually. She claims she has been like that since she started having sex at 14, and none of the guys she has been with was able to get her to orgasm either. So once again life bites me in the butt. I keep ending up with defective broken women. At 69, I am to old to go out and look for another woman so I guess I am just F**ked. If there is a god, I think he hates me. Sorry just needed to vent.
  6. Welcome here. I hope you find us a warm, friendly and understanding bunch here on the Forums. Best to you.
  7. Thank you Oscar, believe it or not your response means the world.
  8. I heavily reccommend a therapist to those who feel they can't speak to their friends and family. It may be an intimidating process to begin but i find it to be a fantastic resource.
  9. My worst dreams typically go like this im sitting on a bench and im holding someones hand and we are talking or something very innocent along those lines... I hate when i wake up!! Makes me feel like crap i cope with nightmares better.
  10. What are your thoughts on online dating? I figure it may be a good resource for those of us who have a hard time starting relationships, especially during the current situation.
  11. Ive believe ive had it since i was young as my young life was hard so it happened to me gradually without me noticing. Only recently have i realized somethings really wrong and has been for along time. How did you come to the realization you are suffering anhedonia ? What DO you feel? Whats left? I still feel anxiety stress. None of the complicated emotions or good stuff 😞 Does it ever go away? Anything you can do to make it go away? Would love to hear anything from you guys .✌️
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    This is kind of a continuation of my last post. My mom basically told me that she didn't want me to continue living here when they move. That means that when it happens I'll be leaving my friends, my support system. I'll also be leaving a great opportunity to work as an alumni with my high school on their theatre productions. I really don't know what I'll do if that comes to happen. My parents can't stop me from staying if I get a steady job and my license by the time they leave but I do need their support. My mom said that they don't have any actual plans yet for when they're moving so I'm assuming it won't be 9 months, I'll probably have some more time so that's good. I hope that by then I can get my license and a steady job so i can prove to them that I can handle it. The uncertainty is eating me up inside and there's not much I can really do about it. I talked to my therapist and she said that I should put more emphasis on getting my license over working because that's more of a long term goal and I agree, it's just that my parents are hyper focused on me getting a job. I've been isolating myself so much because I hate having that conversation with them. I can deal with my mom because she's more lenient but my stepdad is so adamant that getting a job is the most important priority in my life right now. I think he's frustrated about how quiet i am around him, it's just that i can't bear talking to him because of the possibility that the conversation may lead there. I also haven't been very open to my mom because i already know exactly what her answer will be if i try to express my feelings to her. She just tells me not to worry so much and to go with the flow. She has depression as well so I'd hope that she knows that's not really how it works. There's just so much tension. Not to mention that they always badger me about my college work because of my bad grades in high school, even though I've been doing fine in college and taking positive steps toward organization. I know that they think they're helping me but no matter how many times i tell them that they're not they don't seem to care. They just have no faith in me to not be a NEET, it's so discouraging.
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  14. I've been going into training the last few days. Life demands that I get into shape as soon as possible right now for many reasons. I need to be at my best and ready for anything right now. Let's hope this old body can handle this and if not I don't want to be here anyway. Either way I'm good.
  15. You seem to be stressed out so I will try and at least answer one question. 1) what is the right dose? That is just dependent on the patient and how he reacts so there is no correct dosage. I was on 15mg and I did not tolerate this medicine very well and it did nothing for my depression. You are on 45mg that is the max I would think you'd go. Will my weight continue increasing? You will plateau sooner or later but you'll probably gain more than you want I suspect. 2) Is there any way to stop this weight gain? I tried everything on the meds that caused weight gain. There are studies out there saying why you actually gain weight. Some of those say, no matter what you do you will gain. I sort of agree with this, there is nothing you can do. 4) How does one come off Mirtazapine? At 45mg I'd come off gradually. 4 months isn't too long though! At least it wasn't years! If it's actually helping you it's going to be even tougher of an adjustment because the depression will be more present so I'd find something else to replace it with before fully coming off of it. 5) If i were to stop and ween myself off, how does one cope with the withdrawal? ....don't do that. I will now be taking Venoflaxine in the morning and Mirtazapine - Remeron (45 mg)....if you are worried about side effects I'd chose another SNRI other than Effexor (Venlafaxine ), maybe Cymbalta or Pristiq, less side effects for many. If you are worried about too much weight gain I'd look at Wellbutrin or even maybe Abilify if you can tolerate their energetic effects...that could be an issue though... Hope this helps some!
  16. Hi, 10 years on meds is a long time! I have experienced depression and taken meds around 9 years, so I know it fairly well also. I only found something that worked for me back in Feb...yeah, took a long time! haha If you are determined to come off the Prozac so you can live a healthier lifestyle (nothing wrong with this at all) I would look at making sure you always get the right amount of sleep, that regulates your mood so it's so important to get 7-8 hours a night. I don't have any personal experience coming off of medicine so I can't give you any personal advice. But, a friend of mine was able to come off all meds by simply staying in a routine, a good nights rest every night, no alcohol *ever*, therapy, fish oil and zinc. So those are a few things you could look into. Note, he had a different type of depression than I have so I think it's important thing to know your type, that could help you with your supplements.
  17. Obviously, late to this post but I have some experience with CNS stimulants for depression so this could help others as well...For depression (I know very little about ADD), try your best to take the extended release type, it makes a big difference. The fact that you are feeling different in the afternoon than the morning could explain this if you aren't taking an XR type. With the XR, you get a consistent trickle of the medicine as opposed of being hit with a larger dose in the beginning. Also, for the XR, it's much harder to abuse than the IR so that's a plus I think. The IR was effective for me but wasn't nearly as consistent. Also, I've found out caffeine can really effect the way you feel on CNS stimulants so I'd keep your intake of that as low as possible. Caffeine really screws with me. For a certain type of depression it's probably the most effective medicine you'll get. And as far as knowing if it's working or not? It's almost immediate, at least it was for me...no more than a week I could tell it squashed some of my worse symptoms. For depression, getting the right dosage to see if it works is not as important compared to the other meds IMO, even at a low dose it's apparent. Hope this helps some and good luck!
  18. Oh thank the heavens I no longer work with children!!
  19. yea... well, in my case (or tom's) he kinda set himself up for some of the comments he gets. lol I mean, I'm finding out more and more just how "dirty" he was (ok, yes, kinda innocent dirty, you know, jokes, but definitely ?colorful? (yea colorful). So, he brought it on himself, but I feel he's been growing up too, and it's so hard for some of us fans to really recognize that...because he is still so dreamy!! So, I'm stuck. Like, I want the fantasy, but I also want to be respectful. So... I mean, I respect him when talking to him or around him/in public, but i kinda freak out with some of my friends. eh hem. But, to kinda help distract me a bit, I've kinda gotten a new CO. It's actually Tom's former bandmate...let's just call him W. I'm afraid of things getting too easy for folks to search what I say lol So W, well, basically he's set up a way to communicate more directly with the fans, so...like, that's insane and awesome and totally has me swept up in all that. He's so sweet to do this for all of us!! But, it's obvious that he enjoys it too. So yea, I've actually gotten to ask questions and make comments and even answer questions that he replies to or asks. (oh my God! It never ceases to amaze me when I type it all out). It's actually been really cool though, because we are all a community that just feels comfortable with each other now. Yes, of course I'm still amazed and excited, but not ALL the time anymore. It's just another community of cool people. I never would have imagined I'd feel comfortable with a famous person!! ❤️
  20. A few weeks ago the neighbour said hey don’t mind if I replace the fence with a new one, the old ones falling apart and I just want to replace it, we don’t have to ask you coz it’s our side of the fence anyway. I shrugged and said sure, thinking it was a nice small fence like the last one, well they are building it and it’s over 6 feet high and maybe I am paranoid but I am taking it personally because who puts up a ugly 6 foot fence blocking the scenery. It’s either because the gardens a mess because I am too ill to cope with gardening or they want to keep our cats out but our cats will just walk around the fence or climb the tree and get in that way but I am just feeling down about it mainly because it’s ugly and maybe I have no room to moan because I said sure go ahead but he left out that the fence was going to be 6foot high or taller and I liked sitting in the garden and looking across at the hills and now we can’t I’d imagine. I am not good at this kind of things because I get offended and no one listens to me in real life and I just don’t want it but what can I do.
  21. Hi, I'm a 60 yr old disabled vet who has bipolar/depression/and PTSD most my adult life. Recently my wife and I fostered two 5 day old M/F sibling pups that were rescues. Bottle feed, sleep deprivation, the whole nine yards.....I was not at all excited about my wife's impulse decision...just more to do. Over the following 13 weeks we were dedicated to caring for them. We adopted the male at week 10 because he was the perfect family dog, a Kelpie mix. I have to explain here that these were rescues and it was highly likely the litter siblings had different fathers and the male, Nyles, and the female, Daphne, look so different, act so different (Nyles is slow and strong whereas Daphne was a tornado and the life of the house...my yin and yang. Daphne and I became very close to where it felt like I knew she understood me if that makes sense. My wife and son told me that I had changed since the fostering and I agreed. It wasn't hard to understand why....it was Daphne. A dog? I never understood what people got out of taking their pets everywhere with them but now I do. I haven't been able to feel Love and basically most every other intimate emotion for decade's, thus 4 marriages. I told the rescue I wanted to adopt Daphne as well. She said that she makes it a rule to never adopt out same litter siblings together because of the chance they may develope Litter mate syndrome which is too much reliance on each other and/or one or both become aggressive towards each other Most common in same sex siblings (mine were not). And mine had different fathers and they were bottle fed. Long story short, the rescue Lady lied. That have adopted out 2 bonded pups, which mine were, from the same litter many times. I begged them to let me adopt my precious sweetheart. The woman told me no again but didn't give me a reason why. Daphne is my world now and I love her and enjoy her, and look forward to watching her grow. They came and took her a couple days ago and she was adopted today by someone else.😭 I can't stop crying ....these are those same horrible divorce feelings.....the house is dead again now and I feel myself slipping into a catatonic state. I asked that rescue woman if she had ANY IDEA what she has taken from me??? My peace, my lightheartedness, my patience, my energy and much much more? She reiterated that it's all about the animal not the owner/parent. She needs to go somewhere else to reach her potential. Ok that's all I can't continue.....I needed to get that out, thanks
  22. Hello friends, As you all know that stress is a serious problem in now a days. Almost each and everybody is facing stress . Some people face less and some faces more . Stress has changed the society as it is increasing the rate of suicide in all over the world. Everybody wants to live stress-free, but there is no medicine for it, it can only be reduced or removed with psychological treatment only. I have searched on internet and have found some videos which can solve your problem which are absolutely free to watch. Just click links below to watch 1) https://oke.io/9sP4GjN 2) https://oke.io/Pw54Ej7 3) https://oke.io/nub0
  23. My heart breaks reading your post. Wow, how people can be so cruel. This is the year to get to know YOU. Find your worth, because YOU are worthy and don't you dare let anyone tell you differently. Loving yourself takes work, I wish someone had told me this years ago. Once you like, love yourself, you won't let anyone abuse you. As far as that job, yes it's SO hard to find employment right now. But the boyfriend's family, and the fact you have your own place can be a blessing--but the boyfriend living at home with parents that verbally abuse you? You can ask yourself why you're dealing with this, why not decide that if you can't walk through the front door--that home isn't worth visiting. Even if you're boyfriend loves you, please say to yourself, "Why am I going through a doggy door?" "Why would I listen to someone tell me that my job isn't a good job?" "Why do I listen to people judge me? I went through ALL of that, and today, no more. Never again. You sound like a lovely person, so start treating yourself like that.
  24. Hi, This forum could be your buddy system. There are many people on here with similar experiences. This year has been difficult for me too but months ago I contacted a therapist online and she has been very helpful. It is much easier to work through emotions and other issues with professional guidance. Hope this helps.
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  26. Dam, so many emotions and desires. So much to say, so much mixed feelings. I want to say to myself and any soul locked in depression... your pure. I know you cannot feel it, sense it.. but you are pure love.. im so sorry your going through this, bearing the brunt of hell dam everyday. But you are strong.. and you will be revived. I want you to know this! You will smile again, you will feel the warmth of the sun once again, you will laugh and cry and spill your soul again. Just remember this in the dark hours. 😔🙏
  27. Charlie's Angels from 2000 My rating maybe 1/16 of a star or maybe negative stars if that's possible.
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