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  2. High of 51 today sounds like garbage!
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  4. Oktoberfest banners hanging from bars everywhere as if to say, "Hey! Did you forget to drink today?"
  5. I looked back at past months on my calendar, month-view displaying the number of events one each day but not specifics. I noticed how in recent months my days are much busier, I'm more scheduled than earlier in the year. I've met new people been spending time doing things with them. Volunteering. That's good I suppose. Still not earning no money though.
  6. Hi and welcome, @theseekr406 I'm glad you found us. You mentioned seeking ways to fight against clinical depression. Searching for new tools to help me cope and live a fulfilling life with depression as my passenger will be my forever endeavor. I'm gradually learning to accept this and to appreciate the growth that this seeking gives rise to. That learning has been much easier for me with the help of my peers/friends here, a peer support community of people who get it. I hope we'll hear more from you and that you find this community can be a useful support system.
  7. Likely because the same **** depress/frustrate/anger us all. We probably shout & scream about (and at) similar things.
  8. How are you feeling? Are you still taking your meds? Prozac has a long half life and you won't typically start suffering withdrawal symptoms if you miss a dose. One thing which can mimic heart palpitations is acid reflux. In eiher case, I would talk to my doctor about it ASAP. Peace
  9. Right now, billions of white blood cells are busy intercepting the mega-virus which my kid brought back from school. My body is literally fighting to keep its DNA intact from these invaders from beyond. It's an uphill battle which leaves me breathless. I thought this would seem more impressive than "I slept a lot today because I'm sick"
  10. Rice with chicken, beef, onions and red peppers.
  11. @Sharlene, welcome. I can say for certain that you’re among friends & like minds. Keep coming back & this place will become a home of sorts for you. A safe refuge during difficult times. You won’t receive judgement or criticism. You’ll get support, understanding & encouragement. That’s what I’ve found here & I’ve made real friends. Don’t leave. ♥️
  12. Yyyeeessss!!! Let us know how it’s going!! A successful internship can open all kinds of doors to a successful future. Grats!!!!
  13. Lol. As a recovering drug addict, when I first read “narc” in the thread title, I automatically attached a very different meaning to it. Revealing, I suppose. That being said, I grew up with a VERY narcissistic father, and experienced everything that comes along with that.
  14. It flies in the face of all the understandable & reasonable positions you’ve taken @MarkintheDark, but I do know this for certain: The world would be a much dimmer place without you. Fact.
  15. I need to consider B12 for my energy issues, but I also know that changing my diet is necessary as well. Ultimately, as I’ll have good health insurance now, I need to find a good primary physician & manage the matter with their guidance.
  16. Damn. Intense dread is an absolute living hell. I do know. I wish there were a way to think ourselves out of this kind of thing.
  17. Good: i finally colored my grays Bad: my hairs to dark 🙍
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  19. I know from experience if we go on binges the last thing our mind wants is to sleep. It wants more food. If your life is going on binges of any kind sleep will never be good. We might knock ourselves out for a short nap because we send our blood sugar through the roof but it will be a short restless sleep and we will wake wanting more food. My advice try to cut out any stimulants from your life like caffeine or nicotine first. If the binges are high in salt or sugar it will raise our blood pressure and keep the binges going as well. The biggest thing to do to get better is to eliminate all of the stress from your life that you can.
  20. I eat food even at night and in day it's just impossible to control food I like to eat food even when want to do exercise I eat too much I also have sleep cycle problem also with insomania I'm in minor depression from 5 years Now my main question is not just about binge eating but also about insomania sleep cycle it's too hard controling it
  21. you can look into ketamine infusions.., but i think that costs a lot and not sure medicare will cover it...or spravato (the spray) im in a similar situation...nothing helps and been battling since a kid.
  22. I have a walking stick hanging on the outside of my door. They are very rare around here.
  23. Scariest Halloween Attractions on the Travel Channel. They're showing a bunch of Halloween-themed shows today.
  24. I'm reading a book on occult uses for roots, herbs, and plants. There's a section on astrological signs, and I am once again described as a dullard who likes 'nice things and creature comforts', works hard when they need to but is mostly lazy, resists change at all costs, and occasionally throws temper tantrums. I hate my sign! I wish I were a Leo or an Aquarius.
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  26. I mowed the yard for the last time this year!😃
  27. I'm playing a city building game I invented for myself.
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