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  2. I've always been a drama queen. Hopefully her teenage years are better than mine.
  3. I know how you feel. I would be perfectly happy if it wasn't for family! I know how much it hurts to not even have family on your side.
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  5. Lay in bed and read my book Got out of bed and got ready and had some breakfast Did some shopping in town and chatted to various people I encountered along the way 😄 Had some lunch at the chinese Went to the library and returned my laaaaaaaaaaaaate books Came home and had dinner and watched various shows Popped onto here for a bit to see all you folks 😊
  6. Depressed today having a hard time knowing am going to miss my girl Kyla’s birthday agin
  7. Thanks for the kind words @MaepleSyrup. Maybe I actually don't want one. People start asking questions "oh I'm getting worried about you, you aren't loud and you don't like trying to get with girls" and it puts me in an awkward situation. But I do find relationships on the whole tedious. I guess I got to try and get "well" and maybe one day my perspective will change.
  8. Was in the best mood all year all day. An arguement with a family member shouting and screaming at me ruined that. My own family think I'm loopy. I walked the streets in heavy rain even took my jacket off. I have no where else to go but don't want to live here anymore.
  9. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm staying strong around people that sure have nerve. I keep my cool but they are turning me into a time bomb!
  10. Most of my life has been so awful I've had the thoughts of needing a new identity and starting over somewhere else. I fantasize about faking my death and resurfacing somewhere clear across the world and this is supposed to be life?
  11. People are so stuck up on words with friends. I might as well go live outside with the critters
  12. Hi @Aizen, glad you found us. Taking time away from work? If the work stress and demands are contributing to the stress, anxiety and possibly depression you're experiencing. On the other hand, if being productive at work is crucial to your wellbeing/balance such as they ar now, what will replace that? You admitted you have trouble taking about problems you have (maybe asking for help, too)? I know exactly what you mean, it's the most difficult step towards getting better. And nobody but you can tell you you're ready, certainly took me years to get to that point. But as you've found us here and reached out maybe that signals something. One last bit. Getting help is crucial; these problems don't just go away on their own and thinking about them with the same thoughts won't fix them either. You dont have to fix this yourself, you dont need to come up with all the answers either. Is the idea of asking for help with these problems something you'd consider?
  13. Yes. There ought to be more to life than work. But most of us are "wage slaves" and one pay check or short hospital stay away from homelessness. I know I am. Gotta stay on the hamster wheel to avoid sleeping on some sidewalk in the dead of winter.
  14. Welp, don't like that the monthly injections take me down for a couple of days, but perhaps after 2½ years of this I'm finally learning just to take it in stride, write off those days and chill. Even then, I'm still kinda surprised how easy it is for me to sleep in six-hour increments every few hours. Whatever it takes, I suppose.
  15. I need a new identity or need to move to a different state where I haven't worked at every single retail or food establishment. Or i could sell everything and hit the streets. Or become someone slave. I like working but it's the worst part of my life. I was born to work and that's just stupid. Come on afterlife or non existence. Whatever it is.
  16. Eyyy, good news @idkusername465 - we are rooting for you.
  17. She is 10 and something of a drama queen (she has been compared to Rachel Berry from Glee once or twice). I can only imagine what the teenage years are going to be like.
  18. Oh me too. I keep saying that I need a vacation, but I have no place to go - so I keep going to work. Things have changed this summer since no one is going to boy scout camp or on high adventure. That was always my break, since my husband went with the boy in question and my daughter would go up to the cabin with my folks. This year is different. My eldest is working full time. My middle needs to find a job. And my youngest is hanging around the house.
  19. I understand how you feel. I love pets too. It's like having children to take care of which is wonderful but I need more than that. I need to also have someone that loves me in this world. Pets heal half of my broken heart but not the whole heart. I need to find someone to settle down with as well. At this point my life depends on finding that person.
  20. It might be a good idea to see what your doctor has to say about taking time off work. A therapist can also be a big help with this. I haven't taken any time off my job but I have taken some metal health days when I need them. BW
  21. @gandolficationI'm running to a meeting, but I wanted to thank you for reminding me of DMT. I need to do more research myself.
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