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  2. 14 degrees and snowing ❄️ Supposed to get 6-10 inches by tomorrow morning, but what's great about this storm is that it should slow down the wildfires. The cold and moisture is much needed.
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  4. I wonder if anyone knows of anything new that will come next year in terms or therapy and or medications for depression/anxiety? I haven't tried ketamine yet, it's too expensive and insurance wont pay..
  5. Amazing, that's just what I do when I get out! Bulgakov
  6. I had a horrible afternoon with narc mom and sis. The games have begun again. I had two recent visits with her where she was in love bombing mode and everything was fairytale. I thought maybe things could be OK this time. It gets me every time. But today the criticism and insults started up again. It left me angry and wondering if there is something wrong with me for not being able to get on with her. I dont have any other relationships to show me what's healthy. I've been raised by this woman in this defective family and I don't know much better. Other relationships I've had have also been defective. I wanted to smash things up in anger over there. She pulled out all the stops with the covert insults and whispering to my sister when my back was turned and the old hatred reared up in me again. I feel like that's it for visiting for a while again 😂😢 it was 2 months before this that I visited last. She thinks by throwing money at me that I will tow the line again. But I have strong fight or flight going on again now and I intend to avoid her again. I didn't react or show anger. I know it would make things worse but I felt like going ape shit 😬
  7. Argh, I know They can be really hard work. I let mine out but she doesn't roam, just has a quick sniff, chews some grass and runs back in. She had a hard time on the streets before I had her and doesn't wanna go back there. Your tom sounds like he may be different. He sounds very boisterous. If he was used to going out before you may have a very hard time keeping him in 🤷‍♀️ Are you dead set on keeping him in? Have you thought about rehoming him if he's not suitable for you and your lifestyle?
  8. @Nightjar cat wants out of this hell hole as much as I do. I might drop him off at the nearest cat cafe but he might cause a fuss with the coffee drinkers ☕ 😹👏 ouch! 💥👀🙊💥💥😾🤕💥💥 bye bye curtains, blinds, bed, carpet, screen door 😴
  9. I'll fear people when I get older. Grandma's mom was very active and would not listen to anyone up to the very end when they warned her to slow down and she fell off the porch and broke a bone and ended up in the nursing home for the last 5 years of her life. So grandma was like me she worried about everything. She was terrified she would end up like her mother so she was extremely fearful of falling and extremely fearful of family keeping an eye on her all the time. She was afraid of everything and everyone and she had a stroke from the endless stress level. I only wanted to help her but I could have never convinced her of that just like nobody could convince me there are good people in my situation. Me I do both things. I take risks and live like I want but also fear everyone. You never know who people really are and I'm tired of trying to figure it out.
  10. I walked on Friday. Now I'm taking 3 days off and will start exercising inside on Tuesday. I'll probably frantically make sure the machines work Monday night before bed. Until then I want to pretend that room doesn't exist. I know sounds like fun.
  11. I can't say that I agree with everything, but I agree with some things you've written, which is fine we all have different options/views... Humans are never satisfied and have messed up the planet because of their stupidity, and greed , Yes I completely agree with you on that. It's very rare that you meet a nice person/friend who will stick by you until the end, most people just look out after themselves, or only come around when they need you. I don't open up easily, and I trust very few people in my life. I don't think people are "happy" , happiness comes and goes in moments. Do you think others are better off than you are? Sometimes I think people are better off than I am, and then they tell me how miserable their marriage, life , etc, is and they stay together for the kids, various reasons, and are jealous because I'm single and can do whatever I want, when they are trapped in a life/lie they hate. If you say you have done the right choices in taking care of yourself, but you are still lost, you failed to find yourself, and don't know what you want, isn't that perhaps a matter you should consider looking into deeper? I am not any better than you, or anyone else on this forum. I am disappointed in life as well because things didn't go as the way I hoped for, and I always struggled with this illness. I can't agree with you on the statement that "life isn't worth living" because I think it is, it's just not fair and we have all experienced that, some more than others. My life isn't the best I hate this illness, but comparison is the chief of joy as the say. I always wonder what the people who are starving, women and children getting raped and killed and abused in third world countries think about us, and why their luck/life was way worse than ours.. The idea of retirement and growing old scares every single person in their lifetime. >>>>> A recent survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Pfizer's Get Old, found that 87% of Americans have at least one fear when they think about getting old....
  12. Cujo I always wonder how they did this movie. What special effects did they really have back then? It was a real dog doing the acting. Of course they did have ET around this time. Around here I watch movies like this and then put out food for the animals when it's dark. I walk out on the porch and see a lot of eyes. Eyes that could be from anything.
  13. This is so very interesting! Thanks for posting this!!👍👍👍
  14. Aww...that is so sweet!😊👍 I really appreciate it! I know I’m going to need all the help I can get with this situation now. It’s gotten to such a bad point with her that something needs to change in my relationship with her..so if it’s not going to be her that changes I guess it will have to be me through possible permanent no contact. Anyway, I will check out that thread now... thanks so much again for the great advice! I can tell you’ve been there!👍👍
  15. I have never had a more horrible experience with a cat. It's almost over I'm over it. Glad I don't have kids.
  16. Come on you're a hero that saved an animal's life. There's plenty to love there. You're a like an angel on earth in my opinion!❤️
  17. Typically, for most SSRIs and SNRIs, it's 2 weeks for a thorough washout. If you want to get technical about it and do it the mathematical way, find out what the half-life is of the medicine and multiply it by 5. (If it's a range of time, like 72-96 hours, you can do both numbers or do an average...) So 5 half-lives is how long it takes for a medicine to either leave your system after you stop taking it, or reach steady state after you start a medicine or new dose of medicine. For example: Fluoxetine (Prozac) has a half-life of 4-6 days (average 5 days), while its active metabolite, norfluoxetine (which contributes to the activity of the medicine), has a half-life of 9.3 days. Fluoxetine: 5 days • 5 half-liives = 25 days (3 weeks + 4 days) Norfluoxetine: 9.7 days • 5 half-lives = 48.5 days (6 weeks + 6.5 days)
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  19. I would say why risk it? It should be safe wouldn't be good enough for me.
  20. Welcome new friend to our forum. Depression can be manageable with determined cleverness and powerful metaphors. I hope you will find a supportive home here. Keep posting your concerns and we will try to help. Oscar
  21. I've never been able to grasp those concepts either. "Self-love" sounds too much like vanity to me. And I'm not able to find much in myself to love in the first place, even if I wanted to be vain. Ditto. My daughter and my ex are both dependent on me. My ex works some but I burn myself out in this job to send them both money every month. After two back-to-back vet bills totaling $1000, I'm not going to be able to make it through this month financially. It frustrates the hell out of me to know that my constant stress and anxiety from work barely maintains my meagre lifestyle. I often wonder "what's the point?" Indeed, what is the point?
  22. Hi I'm new here. I'm from the East Coast US, age 37. On disability for schizophrenia though I believe I just have depression and maladaptive daydreaming. Good to be here.
  23. Yeah I agree of course the numbers increase when we're all forced to stay at home around each other. We make each other sick. Science says being outside in the open air distanced from each other helps but maybe their thoughts are the only thing worse than telling people they have to stay home is telling them they have to stay outside away from the home. Imagine the reactions if they told people they can't go inside their home.
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