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  2. It's amazing that popular streamers and other media stars can make millions for playing video games or opening packages. Compare this to a guy who actually does something useful, like picking up garbage or doing brain surgery. They get paid far less. (Well, garbagemen do make nice change because no one wants to be picking up nasty garbage at 4am, and brain surgeons do make money as well, but not the millions or more made by playing Fortnite or unboxing dolls.) You can devote your life to studying, getting a degree and advancing in your career via hard work -- or you can play video games and get paid lots more while doing something fun. Your choice!
  3. Same question ...... have no answer though ... you just keep going ...... at least for your kids and yourself. I do it for my kids. Keep going
  4. Go buy a T shirt instead, so you can wear it with pride when you see him next
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  6. Καλησπέρα και ευχαριστώ για την απάντηση. Επειδή βλέπω οτι πάει πολυ σε συνάρτιση με το πως νιώθω θεώρησα οτι μπορεί να είναι αρκετό το να πάω σε ψυχολόγο καθώς η αλήθεια είναι οτι σε ψυχίατρο άμα παω, παρολλο που το πρόβλημα μπορεί να ταυτοποιηθεί, θα χρειαστεί χρήση φαρμάκων απο οσο γνωρίζω για την ψυχιατρική, πραγμα που θέλω να αποφύγω εφόσον βλέπω οτι και ο ψυχολόγος εχει αποτέλεσμα. Η ερώτηση μου πηγαινε απλα στο οτι εαν υπάρχουν ας το πούμε "τρικ" που μπορεί να είχε ο οποισδήποτε για να αντιμετωπίζει τα "επεισοδεια" που μπορεί να συμβουν. The way you are explaining it seems like the perfect way to cope with this. Although I haven't tried a support group (this place kind of is like one, and it seems to be helping just to hear what other people go through and have to say), going once a month to my therapist seems ideal. It's just that when I used to go back in the summer, it was like I was longing to go to therapy which for the time was understandable because it felt like I had a mountain in front of me, but I was afraid that I was going to be hooked on that, the feeling that whatever bad happens I'll have to go to my therapist or I wouldn't be able to cope with it. It subsided when I stopped but when I started the post it was like something happened again and my first thought was maybe I should go to my therapist. Truth is I powered through that one episode and I am better now but the question remains. The overthinking is really tiring and it drains me especially during this quarantine. Will our heads keep working like that even after learning all the tricks there are to learn? :P
  7. Hey! I got the first COVID shot. I am feeling like soon the close of COVID world might be happening. Trouble is the being able to stay at home. Not having to take my kids to activities and an excuse for family to not come to visit has been nice! I used to stress the night before about having to take my kids to their gymnastics. Now the idea of having to start life over terrifies me. I have had a good reason to not have to do things. Exercise has been the only thing I can do hat for a moment I feel a slight improvement in my mood. I have treatment resistant depression and have tried everything, but shock therapy. I am on amino acids right now. I feel the sad still. Now I am doing acupuncture and just started Chinese medicine to help me sleep. My sister says I just need to go do things with others more. Easier said than done when you feel like you have to take anxiety medication to go be around people. Then I feel so tired the rest of the day I can’t get anything done. I feel like this world is taking it all out of me. Things should not be so hard all the time. How do you want to keep going when everything around you makes you feel like why try!
  8. Thanks. No meds at this time...doing therapy once a week and I have discussed possibly starting meds but I am not quite there yet. I have been working from home for over a year now and my company is very bad at communciation and lacking structure/organization. They have given no indication when (or if) we will be returning to the office and that plus the monotony, client issues and inconsistent workflow are just a few of my issues. I miss the day to day routine of going to the office and even though I don’t love this job...I really would like to go back in some form. But I am doubtful that will happen anytime soon as the state I live in still has restrictions and capacity limits in place and my sense is that my employer waiting until we can be at 100% so they don’t have to do any work on the office. And that won’t be anytime soon in this state I think,
  9. My opinion is none of us fit into expectations of society and none of us really want to but they make us feel we have to so we spend as much money as possible to fit into a group none of us wanted to fit into in the first place.
  10. I know that feeling very well - maybe we came of that flying saucer ....I have to ask my parents about that ....lol ... I fit in my job, I fit at work, I fit as a father, I fit as a friend ... but I do not fit into expectations of so called "society" because I like music that is not their style, eat foods they do not like, have belief in things that do not require a church to go to. That is why I also do not answer my door. To have me answer the door in any way is by gaining trust .... and to do that most people are already overwhelmed. Because it will be a challenge anymore.
  11. I see your point of view ... I do not try to escape though ... I just look for a way to re-start and leave that depression behind. I so need that for a long time ... longer than I thought . I always denied and just catered. Now it will have to be " Me time " - time that I happily share but not deny myself.
  12. My whole life I went to visit people just because I cared about them and wanted to see how they were doing. I thought other people were like that too most of my life. I was wrong. I began telling people that's what I was doing and they looked at me like I just got off a flying saucer. They might ask about me in the beginning when they show up here but it's all part of the game to get me to do what they want whatever it is. It's sad but true nobody cares. I don't answer the door because there is never anything good waiting on the other side.
  13. We were given technology to distract us from what the rich people were really up to starting in the 80s with the in home computer and Nintendo. Today they have the nerve to even have the distractions be what they say are their real jobs but nobody cares because we're social media stars.
  14. There is something that's called a nozzle cleaner. I got it with something at some point and I've kept it. It's basically a pin you stick in the end of things that won't come out of the tube anymore and unblocks it. You might have something small enough around the house that will fit in the tube and unblock it.
  15. I tell the kids to say I’m in the shower. It’s the middle of the afternoon. Two weeks ago someone didn’t take a hint. They waited for me. It was afternoon and I was in my pajama sweats. Oh man why are simple things like answering a door so hard! Glad for all of you that get it. My family says, “You’ll be fine”! I don’t feel fine. It’s so isolating because you can’t talk to people about it. They just don’t get it unless they live it. I get it! We travelled for a year in the biggest RV we could find. I thought it would be what I needed ams save my marriage. I just felt more alone. There was cool experiences, don’t get me wrong. It was nice to head to the next place when we were bored of it. You can’t connect with people good when you are every week headed to the next place. Although not having pop in visitors or neighbors you feel like you have to say hello to was nice. All in all I just felt more alone. Doesn’t help when you are married to someone who took a psych test that described him as cold and detached. Good luck on bonding time! It gets old having to deal with depression and life. Really old!
  16. Hello all! I am still around. I have been fighting a very sore neck. My doc says stress is causing my sore neck. He increased my medication. I am also cleaning up old papers when I can. I am shredding old receipts and old income tax papers. I am also helping my sisters shred. HUGS for anyone who needs one.
  17. "without you" Harry Nilsson. I just accidentally sent a text that was meant for my boyfriend to my mum. My mum is very conservative and is no longer talking to me. So yes, crying.
  18. maybe, was hoping to get some vegetables but because of covid all grocery stores were shut so had to go to the corner shop, thankfully the man in the shop has a son that has a crush on me so he let me have some pennies off. But embarassing none the lease
  19. Wasted your life ? you are 30, that is not a lifetime. I know you you feel with regards to assignments, especially now with covid, all i am given is assignments and then very little feedback which seems pointless and unsatisfying. Try and think back to the reason why you are doing any of this, if there is an end goal focus on it, and if there isn''t at the moment then just know that every degree has weight behind it, all hard work has weight.
  20. My silicone liquid nails won't come out of the tube. So they sold me a tube of glue I can only see but not use
  21. Live in the US ...so I did not know ...well tobacco and any alcohol is expensive here too ... but nutrition is more important .... I bet you could have combined all with them 20 ..... I assume anyways
  22. At the moment it is getting bigger unfortunately, with the 10 richest people in the world holding the same wealth as 50% of the worlds population. No need to vote for politics because money rules the world. But i guess thats off topic .. but definitely a factor in individual creativity
  23. lol american or canadian ? have spent the money on a little bit of both but tobacco is so expensive so was only able to get a small bottle of rum, this also means won't be eating for the week and i can't space out my alcohol.
  24. My brother's birthday is soon and mine soon after that. Mid-30s now and at this point I feel I've wasted my life entirely. I finished my final assignment for a class I'm taking - an assignment I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on - and just said to myself, "That was stupid and meaningless. No one will see this besides your teacher and he'll forget it right after he marks it. This isn't important work, it contributes nothing to the world. Why are you wasting your time? Why are you here?" So that's where I'm at...as if I'm so important that I deserve a hero's story or something. And then I remembered a depression test I had to answer in high school. I lied on that stupid test to seem not depressed and I STILL tested positive for mild depression. Meanwhile my friend got not depressed at all. Nothing changed for me, I just lie less about it now...
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