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  2. Forums like this are the original type of social media. Along with the Internet, Usenet newsgroups were the first forums, they still exist, I think. There are differences between this and Facbook and Twitter. It's usually not face-to-face time here as it can be more immediate , like a chatroom, on FBook and Twitter. Here you can even edit your message if you feel like you've said something you didn't mean. And, as you say, it depends on the people who are here, or there. Mean people tend to congregate where there are lots of people, and controversial subjects. If you want to see mean forums, just look at a few of the frequently used Reddit topics. People try to be decent here. It's to help, a throwback to how the Internet started out.
  3. I truly appreciate this, and I thank you for reaching out and replying to my post. I have never tried Cognitive Behavior Therapy but I will be sure to give it a shot! Thank you again.
  4. Thank you for responding Tim, I have talked with therapists and doctors about medication, and have been on multiple, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to disclose information of medications due to the rules of the forum, but if I'm allowed, I've been on Concerta for ADHD, Wellbutrin, Lexipro, and a few others that I can't remember, they only seemed to affect my appetite in a negative way so I stopped all.
  5. Hugs, my friend!!! None of this is true, but it is how you feel. I get that!
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Things have calmed down a bit after that day when she exploded. She always explodes when she is tired and when she explode, I will too. On weekends is a bit better cos not so tired from work. I really don’t know how to talk to her. I can’t really talk cos she nags a lot if I try. So it ends up being a one side conversation and when she is done, I lose the energy to tell her what I really want to say.
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    Something that I have struggled with and I believe is common for many is patience. I observe this when people are driving who want to drive very fast even to pass others in oncoming traffic lanes or motorcycles weaving through. However, while it may seem we save time by forgoing patience and we get our results quicker it is not without risk and cost. For example skipping education to go straight to a job may seem desirable but they may have less future opportunities without the degree. Perhaps a hard worker would argue that they can rise through the ranks on merit without education but an even harder worker would work and pursue higher education or be awarded an honorary degree. But this is not always healthy. People may expend their health and become ill from pushing themselves too hard too fast or sacrifice those they love. In the worst case, being impatient can cost life and limb of people. This patience can also extend to time with people. Getting to know people can take time and therefore patience is also important. Overall, patience may not seem rewarding initially but I reflect and remember that even the greatest trees were once acorns and these did not sprout and grow in only one day. A civilization such as Rome was not built in a day.
  8. I haven't spoken to you in the chat room in a while I hope everything is going well with you!
  9. It's truly amazing how one day we can feel like the weight of the world is on top of us, and the next day we can feel ready to punch life right in the face. Wishing you the best of luck Sober!
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    Anger is a powerful emotion and something I often think about. Why do we get angry? I believe we become angry when we percieve something to be an injustice, anger seems to be the natural emotion that flows from this. When mastered anger can be a powerful way to confront injustice but used incorrectly it can have devastating consequences. From my studies I found a proverb 16.32 "Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city." In the midst of anger it can be difficult to think level headedly or rationally. It is important to be the master of your anger and assess the situation. Responding assertively is a good way to handle anger in a non emergency situation. In our society we have people who hurt others because their anger has consumed them. When I feel myself on this dark slippery path, I reflect on what kind of person I want to be. We have a choice to be ruled by anger or to rule the anger. When I feel angry, I redirect excessive anger so that I can be assertive. Also we are not omnipotent and only have one perspective and not the perspective of others which together may give a more accurate picture of a situation. An example is you are angry at a friend because you percieve them to have stolen something when in fact it may have simply been misplaced. Although the opposite could also be true, someone is victim of theft but ignorance is bliss. Because of this we cannot rely on emotions alone to guide us through life because these emotions do not always percieve reality as it truly is but at our core we still must manage the feelings we experience, we need insight, observations and logic as well or people may be misinformed. This is my thoughts on anger. In short it is beneficial to trace a feeling or emotion to a root and whether this root is planted or simply a dead tree that deserves our time and investigation.
  11. Is this forum considered social media? I think it depends on the people who use it.
  12. Had an amazing day with hubby, all stress from work gone and just enjoying.
  13. Planned some cosplay sewing stuff. Then remembered that I can't buy anything, including fabric, patterns, buttons, etc. without being interrogated by my parents about 'keeping secrets' when I really just wanna buy my stuff in peace. I can't even buy stuff without being watched or judged smh
  14. Yep! I've never really grown up either. Experience and knowledge ("wisdom" I guess) have been added to my life over the years of course, but I've never really changed. I still enjoy the same stuff I did as a kid (collecting animal & monster figures/toys, putting together model kits, playing board games, watching cartoons, all that stuff). I never really grew up...and I don't want to. I refuse to! 🙂
  15. I played PC video games soon as they were invented I think. Super Mario Brothers, and the original Zelda. Mostly role playing, historical empire building. 1st person shooters weren't my favorite, but I played a lot of the arcade types anyway. It was a great think for DP folks. Sometimes my ex used to play them with me. I went to buy a car, and there was a spot to put down the names of close friends. I looked at my wife, and the only ones we could think of were Mario and Luigi.
  16. wat is this social meadery thou speakest of? To be honest I have so few friends and people with whom I interact with... social media hasn't pissed me off yet. Yet.
  17. A bit annoyed and anxious. Yesterday had a 12 hour shift, had 0 hours sleep and today is another 12 hour shift. I've done that before, but I was relatively healthy. I'm far from healthy now. I am almost certain I'm going to shout at people at work.
  18. Salmon fillet thing. Just right. Not to salty not too bland.
  19. I`m about to heat up some macaroni and cheese for dinner.
  20. I stopped using it a long time ago. It's pure poison. I did just catch myself looking up what celebrities wear toupees though.
  21. I have a headache agin. 🤕😭😒 I always well not always but I get headaches often anymore
  22. Am sorry that happened and I hope there okay to
  23. I don't know how I feel. Not happy, not sad, just present in a tired body, and bored out of my mind.
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