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Birthday Eve - Firing Anniversary - What Next

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[i started this on Sunday, March 4]

Well, how to explain this?

Most of you know I was fired 2 yrs ago - 4 days after my birthday. Last yr it wasn't so bad on 'The Day' b/c I was in school (I'd paid to be there so they couldn't turf me!). However, this yr I am working (& things aren't going brilliantly, let's just say I'm scraping along) & I feel sick with worry. ALSO, I'm supposed to have a meeting with my mgr day after tomorrow. I'm scared!!

[picking it up on Thursday, March 8]

- birthday was OK (got a card from some dr who made me orthotics ~8 yrs ago but NOTHING from my family @@)

- didn't get turfed even tho my mgr knows I am not the most superb recruiter there ever was; he wants to coach me

- 3 former coworkers got canned today & I don't know what to think except that the former employer is a money-grubbing freak corporation

My mood's all over the place & I was tempted to call my family dr to get fixed up with more meds. She can write a prescription faster than anyone. She is like a hummingbird - small & brightly coloured & moves rapidly. I'm not kidding. She talks fast & loud: YOUARESTRESSOUT!! She wears bright pink suede minis with matching high heels.

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Work can really get to you - I know work related stress is my constant companion lately.

Hope you have a happy birthday, despite the unfortunate anniversary.

Take care,


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Hey Dewayne DeeBear!

Sorry you are so stressed at work too. That is sooo unpleasant - makes the non-work time stressful too.

Thanks for your kind reply.

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