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Waiting on a friend 10/14/05

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For about 9 years now, I have been wondering and worrying about a childhood friend of mine (call her K). We grew up together, but her life became very troubled and she dropped in and out of mine as we got older. When she was gone, I searched for her and even had recurrent dreams about finding her at least three times a month. She was as close to me as a sister; we even look alike. Growing up, I always tried to hold her up as life was knocking her down, and she was always there for me to do the same. We were bonded that way, by friendship and hardship. Every now and then, I have been typing her name into Classmates or Google or People Finder or anything else I could think of. Last night I tried Classmates again, and her name came up! I immediately sent her an e-mail, doubting she would get it but hoping all the same. Early this morning, she sent me one back with her phone number in Texas. I started bawling as I dialed her number, only to find her bawling on the other end of the phone. It turned out that she had been trying to find me, too, and she had joined Classmates in an attempt to search for me. It turned out that her loser boyfriend at the time had told each of us that the other one didn't want to see us anymore. I went for years thinking she was mad and so did she. We talked for hours and spent the whole day e-mailing pictures back and forth. She didn't know I had two boys. I didn't know she had gotten married and moved to Texas. She didn't know about my divorce. We sent new pictures as well as old pictures that we laughed about. She called her husband at work and told him she had found her "one true friend." That made me feel really good.She and her husband are coming to stay with me for a weekend next month, and she and I plan to make up for lost time. We have already acknowledged that we have a lot to tell each other. It has been such a great day!And...as an added bonus...she sent me pictures of her all-grown-up and SINGLE brother who turned out to be a smokin' hottie!! He had a crush on me in 9th grade and I totally rejected him, but she has plans now to fix us up and "reunite" us. Wow, I definitely could do a lot worse!Which brings me to the other fix up. You know, the one I mentioned a few days ago that another friend of mine is arranging. Well...I hope I don't sound totally shallow...but the friend e-mailed me a picture today and I wasn't physically attracted. For one thing, he is an amazingly tall person and I'm 5'1". My friend also said the guy "cuts his hair short," and that turned out to be a codeword for "bald." Okay, I'm still gonna go out with this guy and not judge him based on his looks, so please don't think what you're thinking of me. It's just that...here I am getting picture after picture of this other Gorgeous Specimen all day and then...oh, never mind!Anyway, I love you K. I'm so glad we found each other again. What a great day! :tounge:

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