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No funny stuff yet, huh? :)

Eileen, I am really impressed with you! Over the years that I've come to "know" you here at DF, I can see great improvements in how you deal with your illness. I realize that you still will have times when you feel hopeless, but it seems like gradually you are having quicker recoveries from those bad times. And I think you are posting much more about what really happens in your life. Maybe I've just never read the right threads in the past, but just from reading your blog I feel like I know you so much better!

I don't know, but it seems like improvement to me. Dear Eileen, as tough as life can get at times, keep hanging on. You are only getting better and better!


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Eileen...do you know how funny it was to read "No funny stuff yet..."

and then,

"Come back later." ?

I thought it was VERY clever! I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it was very funny! I loved it! :cry:

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I may have a weird sense of humor....but...that's just me. Love me or leave me! :cry:

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