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A Job Offer... Finally!



Last week, after months of many failed interviews and after months of sheer anguish, I finally received a great job offer with a new company and finally, I get to leave my toxic work environment! My CEO is reacting very poorly to the news and is behaving like an immature brat. He is not being professional, kind or respectful, so F him. I cannot wait to be out of there - what an awful place to work. 

So, yeah, I am thrilled - not only that, but I also got a healthy and very generous raise in salary! Wooooooo-hoo. 



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On 2/28/2022 at 1:38 PM, gandolfication said:

That is so good to hear.  Really happy for you, and I have no guilt about feeling some vicarious schadenfreude toward your former CEO on your behalf.

Awww, thanks!!! That's really funny and pretty awesome of you! 

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