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Dad "visited" again



Dad came to me after my request and hypnosis routine. He sent me numbers that break down to my life path numbers. *sigh*

13 (Death Card) and 4 (The Emperor Card). I do know what my life purpose is and I was also a healer in my past lives but I don't want to end what I feel I'm supposed to end in this life. I've come too far and worked on that part of my life. 

The Universe doesn't owe me squat, I know, but I the mere human in me still believes a karmic reward is in order lol.

I guess they will force it on me eventually if I keep fighting it. And another huge Tower moment will be upon me. 

On a bonus side, yesterday my reading resonated with her so much. Closed my eyes to channel messages first before cards and that part of the reading hit her hard. Then the cards supported it 100%. It's always amazing and I shouldn't be surprised anymore but yeah...I still am whenever I get feedback. 

I am so happy I discovered this gift.  I always had it  remembering things from when I was a young child, but I just didn't know. Wasn't listening. And it sometimes brings me such joy.


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