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It's coming. Maybe.



It's coming. Maybe.

I was slated for age 70. 22 years is a bit to wait. But I have been asking Spirit to take me sooner.

I haven't even been giving readings anymore. Giving readings and helping people always helped me. My clairaudience is quieting down though. 

My dreams are prophetic. I haven't meditated on some of them yet so at this point I am unsure of it's an awakening/transformation or a literal death.

I am meeting with a urologist in 2 months. So it's possible that Spirit is listening.

Maybe the Law of Attraction really does work when feasible. 

Maybe it's bladder cancer instead of brain. Maybe it will be painful. I deserve that.

Maybe Daddy will come to me and give me some information again. Maybe he can tell me if I will be with him soon.


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