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I couldn't decide where to post this. Not everyone needs to see this.

Dear Friends,

When I found this site, I thought it was great.  I found others like myself who have lived with mental health problems & a hope to crawl out of that dark hole I found myself in so many days.

Unfortunately, I am leaving Depression Forums. The time has come for me to what is out there. Another world.  (not in the literal sense, but in the wide world of the internet or perhaps another defeated soul.

Epictetus & JD - Your posts & responses gave me hope & many times something to ponder.

Sober - When I was down, you made me smile.  I want to be a kicka$$ & take no prisoners like you someday.

Mark in the Dark - I miss you & hope you found peace.

I hope we all find the peace away from the demons in our heads.  Perhaps one day, we will meet again in the online world.

Peace & Love

Joy aka nojoy


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Will miss seeing you around but wanna wish you all the best with life and family.. and you are welcome back anytime. I leave and come back a few times already lol cos its hard to find another place to let my feelings out. Hope u find your peace in life too! 

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Thank you so much for being here Joy.  I hope Depression Forums, being here for you, was a help to you.  I cannot say that  I am sorry to see you go, I am torn both ways. 

DF is here to be a "stepping stone" for all members to come to DF and then to leave DF as perhaps they feel strengthened to go further on in the 'real' world w/o DF's member's help. 

You have been a wonderful contributing member.

Members leave and sometimes come back after a while and then leave again.  Which is fine.  Our doors are always open. 

I wish you all the very best life has to offer you, health, happiness, peace, love, laughter and of course, JOY 💖

Love and best wishes always,


~Lindsay, Forum Administrator, Owner

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