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My husband cheated on me



We had had at least 100 conversations about infidelity and cheating - at least and no joke! He KNEW full well that I had been cheated on several times in the past, causing me IMMENSE PAIN and MISTRUST of men. He promised me in those 100 conversations that he "is not wired to cheat", that it's "not in his DNA to cheat", that he "never thinks of other women", that he "doesn't think of other women sexually",  and he promised he would NEVER EVER cheat on me. He also had promised that IF there were EVER a problem, that he would let me know. Then what does he do? HE CHEATS ON ME and doesn't inform me that there is in fact, a problem! 

This happened after I called the police on him one night that I got drunk and he was screaming at me, so I got scared and called the cops. NOTHING came of it from that night. He claims that after that incident, he was "out of sorts", "not himself", that cheating was "out of his character" and "not something he had ever done before in his entire life". I call BS!! 

This was a deliberate CHOICE and DECISION he made to cheat. He texted flirtatious texts with a co -worker, very flirtatious and suggestive texts. I do not know if it became physical between them and I will never know the full truth, but at the very least, it was emotional cheating. 

So I busted him and ever since we separated two months ago, we've been fighting about it. He says I need to learn "true forgiveness" and he claims it was a big bad "mistake". I tell him it was a CHOICE he made, NOT a mistake, and that AFTER EVERYTHING we had discussed on this topic, there IS NO EXCUSE for what he did. He continues to use my calling the police as his excuse and reason for cheating. 

However, he KNEW FULL WELL that it was the ONE thing he could do that would hurt me THE VERY MOST. And he KNEW it was the ONE thing I would divorce him over. And he did it anyways and without thought! 

This isn't the first time I had caught him lying to me - there had been many other lies before this. He had used my credit card once without asking me and without telling me. I had to find out through an email notification from my credit card company. He lied about many things. So, there's a litany of dishonesty on his part, ON TOP OF the abuse I suffered from him. 

The cheating was my final straw. And I will NOT bend. He has begged and pleaded for my forgiveness for the last 2 months and he has begged for me to take him back. I stand my ground, however, and I will NOT allow him back into my life. He has hurt me for the very last time. 

And for the first month of our separation, I felt nothing but sheer rage towards him. SHEER RAGE. And I let him have it for a full month or more. Now he's being sugary sweet, bending over backwards to make it up to me, but he cannot. 

I am following through on a divorce. I want NOTHING further to do with this low character of a man. NOTHING. I am still upset and enraged. I did NOT deserve any of this. I did NOT deserve his abuse, and I did NOT deserve to be cheated on. I was nothing but a loving, supportive, sweet, kind and loyal wife to him. I gave him everything. I even supported him financially, so F him. Seriously. He can just go rot in hell for all I care. I want him moved out and I want to be done with his sorry self. Bye bye! 



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