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I am getting a divorce, sadly and unfortunately. My husband turned out to be an abusive narcissist. He is not the best man, and he is not who I thought he was. At first I thought he was the most incredible man i had ever met. He mirrored everything I had ever wanted in a man and partner. But, he has NPD, which is impossible to treat, and he has been on and off abusive towards me. I was in denial of the abuse for a very long time, but it finally all came to a head, and I couldn't take it anymore. He can be both very loving and most affectionate, but also very abusive, which is in fact, how abusers operate. I don't have the energy to write about him or our marriage in detail right now. 

I am hurting, though. I am 50 and will have to be single again, which is certainly NOT my preference. I hope I can find happiness all on my own. 


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