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TW: My Ex Fiance Passed Away



Trigger Warning: I am in shock and feel immense sadness. I just found out that my ex fiance had passed away in August. I happened to Google him this morning for some unknown reason and found his obituary. No cause of death was mentioned. He had tried to leave this earth once before. He had always had a very rough time of things and was very mentally unstable. He and I broke up, what, I think four years ago now? He also had a drug and alcohol addiction problem that he struggled with, but I suspect that it could have been on purpose. I will never know, but the depth of my sadness right now is very real. I lit a candle for him and wished him peace this morning. 

I had written him in December after two years of silence to simply say the words, "I forgive you". He never received that email. I hope and pray that in spirit, he heard me. 

This is profoundly sad. He had, for better or for worse, impacted my life in an enormously profound way. It took me several years to heal from our breakup. 

Edit: I found out through his grandmother that it was on purpose. Yesterday was a very sorrowful day after learning this most upsetting and tragic news. 


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