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I could cancel Christmas by lying that I'm sick



It would be so easy to send a text to the family that there will be no Christmas dinner or exchange at my house because I'm sick.  Really I am sick....sick of trying to make everyone happy... sick of being taken advantage of... sick of making plans with one particular family member & always her forgetting those plans to hang out with her daughter or she 'forgot' we had plans or she fell asleep.

I was being nice by having 2 separate dinners on Christmas Day so that my brother with copd  wouldn't be around my grandkids. But his daughter-in-law said that wouldn't work & to have the second dinner on the weekend. I hate cooking one dinner & this year I can't afford a second one.  So I really think Christmas will be cancelled. Shoot, I quit having Thanksgiving 3 years ago because I was sick. 

I have gifts for everyone & they can call when they are close to my house & I will put the gifts in a bag on the porch to be picked up. Its not like I get anything from them.  Maybe this year I will give myself a present by cancelling Christmas at my house and staying in bed all day.


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This makes me think of the year where mom gave everyone a Christmas card with a letter in each one telling them exactly what she thought of them.  She did what all of us have wanted to do our whole lives.❤️

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