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I can't help but feel like this website/community is barren. It seems like a lot of people create an account, post one question, and never come back to follow up with us. When I was with crazyboards.org (they kicked me out for giving too much information), the community was way more tight-knit and everyone knew each other. I feel like it's very clique-ish here and like I don't belong here at all. I don't feel like blogging about this is going to help either since no one commented on my last blog. But whatever. C'est la vie. This too shall pass.


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Hi. I know what you mean when you say it seems like many individuals write a single post or maybe two and then don't write another. I don't know why that is. 

I wouldn't characterize the site as barren. I'd say a lot more people come here to read than to post. Again, I have no idea why that is. I'd like it if more readers left comments, even if just to say "yeah, me too" or "no, that's not my experience" to anyone's response. It used to bother me a lot. I guess it doesn't matter so much to me anymore if the original poster follows up or not. I imagine others are or will be reading what I write. With this belief, I respond to posts with a wider audience in mind. 

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Well honestly I don't know if people want comments to blogs.  That's why I don't comment to them.  It has a feeling of that person's story or their diary I guess to me.  I have things to say sometimes but I feel like I would be getting in the way of their story.:unsure:

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Helloooo.....I don't think anyone would like my opinion, but I am going to give it anyway.  😉  

People read Blogs.  Period.  They normally do not comment on Blogs.  Talking and leaving comments are really for the Forums.  Blogs are somewhat related to a diary of sorts. Don't you think?

Now I just asked a question.  It is leading.   sober4life  had the right idea!

In a Forum, Members are mostly asking questions to their peers.  In a Blog, members are mostly telling their story.  But you also can rate their Blog as well.

You all are really great...have fun with it!

Bye now.

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The Lindsay!?  nice!

About a decade or so ago when the blogs were newish, we used them well.  General forum is too random for me.  It turns into other people's stories and wanders quickly.  Blogs can be about me...and then I go to my friends' blogs and comment about them. It was really effective for a small group of 10 or so we got going. And then, most of them got better and moved on. (As is the case.  That's called a success story around here)

But yes, that could be "cliquish"  But, try it.  For every blog entry you create, comment on the other current ones and encourage others to comment on yours.  If you do get a small group playing along, you get to know each other and it can be a really rewarding experience.

What I don't like about blogs....public internet searchable.  Sure, you can make it private and invite others.  But then who to invite?  That is where I am currently and why I'm not blogging much (and most of my friends have moved on, so they don't check in) 

And, I'm hosting the local weekly meeting of a national mental health org 'peer support group'. So I'm not around as much here.  And, life is not so bad right now.

The old saying "be the change you want to see" applies here.  Write blog entries and comment on others and things can change.

(resolving to engage more here...)

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Hi @mmoose,

Nice to "meet" you after all these years.

This site has always been for mental health , info, to help and to inform people. Not necessarily to make friendships albeit that is my doing.  That was a plus for peer to peer questions and answers. 

Your take on Depressionforums.org/forums is quite different.  Can you see the difference?  Before I first took over and changed the platform in 2004, it wa to help BIG PHARMA

and it was  owned and operated by a Chiropractor. They wanted it for statistics only.  I did not like that and severed the relationship as I gathered the Dr. was getting a kickback.

End of story @Mmoose 🙂Have a wonderful Holiday    :party:     and #staysafe!



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