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Everyone is Struggling Right Now



No one is alone - none of us, though it may feel that way. I read Facebook posts from friends who are really having a hard time right now and who are reaching out for comforting words and love from all their friends. It's a really crappy time in the world between COVID, the fires out west, ridiculously messy politics and soaring unemployment. 

I have had my share of bad days lately too. I have some better days and some super depressing days. I'm unemployed, but for the first six weeks or so I really enjoyed it. Now I'm kind of bored and restless, and with COVID happening, there's not much to do. I have been uninspired to study up on my field, which I should be doing for my next job. I am hardly inspired by the jobs I find that are available to me. I've applied for many and have been turned down by several so far. I've also turned down a couple of opportunities. 

But next week I turn 50! WOOHOO. Now there's something to look forward to - a bday celebration and a major milestone in life! I sooooo wish I could throw a big party with a band and all my friends, but noooooooooo, COVID is in the way of that. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 

My main point? Right now it's just a crappy time. Things will improve one day though, and the sun will be shining brightly again. We have to hold onto any positives we can find and any silver linings we can find to help us get through the rough patches. 

Feeling gratitude helps a lot too -- for all that one DOES have. I try to focus on the positives, but some days it's just really hard and it's a struggle. I can relate. Everyone's having a tough time. Just remember, you're not alone. 



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