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Messages of Light and Love From Beyond



Messages of light and love:

  • Be compassionate with yourself and be kind to yourself. You've been through SO much in life, and you've fought many battles thus far. You are a warrior spirit -- keep fighting to make it through. And you will.
  • Heal your wounds through the gifts of kindness and love from others. Embrace those who care for you and those who show love for you, and give them your caring heart in return. The blessings will be manifold.
  • The gift of giving helps heal and mend a broken heart and spirit. Never forget this.
  • Be true to your authentic self and spirit. Never betray your own truth. Stand strong in your beliefs and values. Don't let others sway you, even if theirs differs. Be YOU.
  • Remain on the path of self-improvement. It will bring you greater happiness and satisfaction in life.
  • Never let negative life experiences destroy your spirit, your sense of self worth or your self esteem. Allow each life experience, the good and the bad, to teach you something of value. Move forward, taking these gems and lessons with you. You are a better person for every experience you have, which are meant to help your soul's growth.
  • Reach for the stars and allow yourself to dream big. Don't let anyone crush your dreams.
  • Above all else, love yourself fully. You are beautiful just as you are.



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10 hours ago, iWantRope said:

Unfortunately, we can never depend on others for help, we need to be able to help ourselves. 

Humanity are an inherently selfish species.

I agree that we must be able to help ourselves, but I disagree that we can never depend on others for help. I would rephrase that to say we can never depend on others to SAVE us, and that we must save ourselves. I have leaned on and have depended on plenty of people to help me through difficult times, including several best friends and family members. 

And yes, a lot of humanity is selfish, but not everyone, I have found. 

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