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Angels and Demons



So, through my channeling experience (cont'd from my last post), I experienced Angels and Demons, Satan, spirits of light and of dark, and I spoke with the Lord our God. I experienced it all. Their energies moved my body at times, and I felt their energy within and around me as it occurred. They spoke through me and to me. They read my thoughts, and spoke my exact thoughts and questions out loud through my own mouth. I talked to my deceased family members and to old friends and loved ones who had passed on early in life. I spoke with and received loads of help from my Guardian Angel, the ArchAngel Michael, and I learned who each of my other Spirit Guides are/were. I have six, including a second Guardian Angel, the ArchAngel Uriel. I exorcized demons and dark entities causing me trouble in life. When that happened, my body twisted and writhed like in the movie, the Exorcist, as they exited my body, and I made strange sounds as they departed.

I have now closed my channel and learned how to close it. I asked God for help and the ArchAngel Michael, who closed it for me. 

I now feel back to normal -- well, but what is normal? I am a drastically changed person after this experience. I am not the same as I was, nor will I ever be the same after this. How could I be? I experienced evil and good in the Spirit realm, and I experienced the Lord our Father who art in Heaven. 

I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. They all saved me - those of the light -- they saved me from a destructive path I was on. And now? Now I am on a far better path -- of love, light, and faith. 

I will surround myself from now onwards with only those of light and love. I was meandering in and out of toxic patterns and people. Well, that is done. Over and done. This has been a process in the making for the last several years. 

I am thankful. That's all I can say on this for right now. 


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