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Does this site help anyone?



Does anyone find help on this site?  It just seems like there's a bunch of us trapped in our own miseries and we come here and post about it, but how does that help anyone?  I'm stuck in this rut of depression and I *know* what to do (exercise, get out, just do things, blah blah blah) but I have no motivation.  It feels like my life is over and I'm just waiting to die.  I'm working from home which I thought would be paradise but I can't focus, and I feel guilty that I'm being paid and not doing much work.  I do what I need to and no more.  I wish I could just quit, but then what?  I can't quit, of course, I’m the sole support of my family.  I wish I could just stay in bed all the time.  


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i too  feel like this. im just existing. no happiness, no excitement. no real laughter. What happened to me??? as i type this i am at work at my desk crying, not a big ugly cry just a small one because heaven forbid someone sees me being like this. i have to fake it, and im tired of faking it, tired of being tired of being tired. 

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One way out of depression for me was to focus on a goal of mine, whether that be a small goal or a larger one. When I was in my worst depressed state, I was living at home with my parents at the age of 42, I had lost all independence as I knew it, and my greatest dream had been crushed. I was suicidally depressed for 8 months straight. I came here, and people helped to keep me afloat for those 8 months. I was in a pit of despair. I was only working one very small part time at home gig (consulting) and earning very little money. Well, because I had to earn more money and work full time to get out of my situation, I decided to take a professional development course. I forced myself to study the videos and take notes every single day, even though 100% of me wanted to just crawl back in bed and disappear from the world... forever. But I forced myself every day for two plus months to do this course and to finish it. I took the final exam and failed the exam because of my lack of concentration and depression, which meant I did not receive the actual professional certificate. But I did not care. I still earned it in my mind and added the course to my resume and spoke of the course in interviews. After finishing the course, some time later, I landed a full time job. So, my goals were: 1) to complete the course and 2) to land a full time job. I focused on both the entire summer, and man, did it feel like the biggest accomplishment ever to help myself like I did, even in the depths of my depression. And lo and behold, accomplishing those goals lifted my self esteem again and gave new or renewed energy in life. My depression lifted. I started working full time again and my self esteem soared. It took me eight full months to come out of it, but I did it. 

So my advice is to focus on a goal you really want to accomplish in life, go out and achieve it -- even if it takes baby steps each day to achieve, at least you're working towards something that will help pull you out of a rut and a hole. It worked for me. 

And working on one's self esteem does wonders for depression. 

My two cents!!

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The people here help you because they want your life to be better.  Right now any of us could be doing anything.  We choose to help others if we can.  In my real life the people are in 2 groups the people that don't care and the ones that hope I die.  The people here have always been there for me to help me get through impossible times I would have never gotten through alone.  Without this place I'm certain I would be dead.

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Yes, I think this site can be helpful. Sometimes there are small things that help. Just a bit of relax, knowing that I'm not alone with suffering. A bit of friendliness and love can be really healing.

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