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stressed out

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The holiday dinner went well. And it was a good weekend visit with daughter and her boyfriend.

I'm feeling the "crash" from the hectic weekend now, but there's no let-up in sight. Another big weekend on the way, and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I'm still cleaning up from the dinner party - moving very slowly because the extra activity brought on the expected pain flare. Unfortunately, I'm also having some stomach upset today, and it's knocked me out. I had expected to get some work done today, but all I could do was rest. And now it's being aggravated by anxiety over coming events. I'm feeling depressed today, low and lethargic.

I have a doctor appointment Friday AM. I direct the first kids' choir service of this school year Friday evening, when my daughter and her boyfriend are coming into town. Saturday AM I meet bf's mother and fiance and family - we're meeting for brunch. Everyone's going to spend the day at the zoo, but I know that would be too much for me, so I'll have to skip it. Then we meet for dinner out, and back to my home for dessert and coffee. Daughter and bf (and a friend of their's) will stay here 'til Sunday.

Still no break: Sunday evening starts the closing of the Jewish New Year holiday, so Sunday and Monday will be spent at services.

The guy doing my new concrete work just called - he wants to start work Thursday. I begged off, and he'll start later next week. I can't have my driveway torn up with all this company coming over.

My daughter is expressing concerns about her relationship with her dad again. He and his wife aren't showing any interest in meeting her bf's family (I even extended an invitation for them to come to my home for dessert and coffee Saturday evening, to make it easy on them, but they declined). And ex wants to meet daughter for dinner, just the two of them, in a week or two - the last few twosomes have turned into unpleasant lectures, and she's concerned. She says she knows under the right circumstances he would cut her out of his life (it almost happened last year). I can hear the hurt in her voice, but I'm glad she feels safe with me to talk about it.

:blush21: I feel SOOOOO stressed out!!!

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