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Week One



Total Isolation seems to be going well.

We haven't seen another living soul since Wednesday and as much as that is weird, it also isn't the worst thing. I tried Facetime a couple of times but I really couldn't be bothered with it. I'm not sure why that is other than maybe it is still surreal enough to want to be really embracing the new reality.

Home education is going swimmingly. Ruby is teaching my mathematics and, like her dad, is helpfully there to remind me that my left hand is not my right hand and I'm not teaching them much at all. Here's hoping effort ultimately counts for something.

If this experience has taught me anything though, it is that I'm going to need a bigger swear jar 😉


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Very cute

And very clever. Because my extortionate ****ing children won't read that much less hear it, you won't have to cough up a dollar.

* *

Read your PMs. That wasn't a suggestion

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I'd have thought that an Fbomb would be worth two bucks at least (US or Aus)

Hm, checking PM, I don't see anything new. Last think I had was me asking Arboria a question about a year ago, I lost her personal email.

But, since I am here, I should take the hint from those better than I.  Blog time

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Alright, 61.03 US cents, then. It was more a week ago apparently but the world has "retreated to the safety of US dollars." They remain coy about what is safe, which seems a fair question given that Wall Sr. is in New York which is royally ****ed, apparently. 

We have refined the swear jar somewhat

F-bombs are as above

Ordinary c-bombs (yet to levied I'm proud to say) are $10

Modern c-bombs (with the c meaning corona or any derivatives) are $20 and a period away from the rest of the family, to perhaps cheer up a little bit and not ruin to carefully curated atmosphere of total denial we have made for ourselves

And just so it isn't lop-sided anymore, "I'm bored, Mum" is a flat $5 fine. 

The only one not making any money out of this is my husband. That's awful bad luck 😉



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