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stupid is as stupid does



Yep, that's me...stupid.  I felt like doing something. so I pulled out the Christmas recipes that I didn't fix for Christmas.  unfortunately I made the daughter who left favorite Christmas ham tartlets.  I should have know not to fix that but I already had everything ready.  just another stupid thing I've done . 

Christmas was terrible. daughter #2 came in, handed me a flower and said here merry Christmas and not another word to me. This was the daughter who would talk all the time, the one who said love you when she would leave for her classes or job, the one who said you need a hug, the one who would every year find the next porcelain animal figure for Christmas.

The last year from the time she left, I was not acknowledge on my birthday or mother's day, no response for my texts.

I'm tired. I don't feel like doing anything. just going to bed to escape into another world. I'm tired of this life.


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