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Uniformity...what is that?

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No one is on the same page.
Sometimes i think its a different book.
Or even a whole different genre.

I'm in the green section
trying to figure out a text book in school, or a procedures manual in a corporate setting

Both written in black and white, but only grey is practiced,
the reading audience is all doing their own thing, authoring a new product.

No wonder im failing every exam and performance review.

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@Natasha1 This made me think of something I've noticed over the years. I'll be sitting in a meeting where staff are expected to "contribute". There seems to be plenty of give and take, with people understanding what the others are saying. But when I reply, the conversation quickly grinds to a halt. People stare at me as if I just spoke Martian. The only conclusion I can make is that I am not on the same wavelength as everyone else. It's disconcerting as hell, as if I am not understanding what people are saying. I don't want to join in as a result.

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EXACTLY! @JD4010 thats totally what i go through. Or i am ignored. Or im given a response that totally goes off the topic i brought up. or the response shows they arent really listening (or they are too dense to get what i am saying,). 

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Just my two pence on the matter..oh and it sucks you having to go through all this natasha, but I think the whole connecting to and with other people is an illusion.

We want´to be connected, We strive for it. But at the end of the day, I believe we are all alone in this world. We have no true way of feeling what other people do, seeing what they see.


But the illusion is probably better than nothing at all.

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