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My Continued Work Saga



Wow, I haven't written a blog entry for months! I finally am sitting down to reflect further on my work situation, which continues to be a thorn in my side and an emotional roller coaster ride. 

Last summer, my boss tried to get me fired because I threaten his job security and because I am far more successful and knowledgeable in our field than he is. I had a talk with my CEO where it was hinted I could be fired, followed by a second conversation during which I was then told I could be laid off because I am the highest paid with the fewest clients in my dept. So I told the CEO, well, give me more clients. And they did, and so I've remained employed. And in both conversations, the CEO told me he really likes me A LOT. 

Fast forward to today. With more success under my belt and a full client workload, I have proven to them that I am worthy of my salary and of continued employment. Recently, I had yet another conversation with the CEO about where I stand, my achievements over the last year and where I am headed. He told me he sees leadership as my next step, reiterating again how much he likes me, and I told him I agree that I belong next in a leadership role. We left it open-ended. 

Ok, so next what happens is I casually approached him after that conversation at our company Christmas party. We talked for a long time. Now mind you, my CEO doesn't know very much about my field or even how to sell it to prospective clients (because he doesn't know much about it). So he ends up telling me something that I knew came directly from my boss's mouth, which indicated to me that the CEO AND my boss are totally misinformed about SEO (my field). He said there is no ONE right way to do SEO... which is soooooo off-based. SEO is one pie divided into several equal components... each component must be addressed in order to achieve the best results. One component cannot be looked at and addressed in isolation from all the rest of the pie. In other words, SEO must be approached holistically, with all pieces of the pie being considered. So my boss told the CEO that SEO can be done from just one piece of the pie...... which is totally erroneous! My boss ALSO doesn't know very much when it comes to SEO. In fact, he began his work as a JUNIOR SEO at my company, and then was promoted to Director of Web Services only 2-3 years later! And the SEO Director whom had been on board when I first came on was also not well trained in SEO and got fired! 

So neither my boss nor the CEO are well educated when it comes to TRUE SEO. But I am. I have taken four professional certification courses in SEO over the years, and I have 8-9 years of hands-on experience. I know what the hell I am talking about and these people really do not. Nor does our SEO Manager whom got promoted above me. He ended up giving me some really bad SEO advice that made my client's web traffic go down even further!

So the end result after this last conversation is that the CEO wants to continue to meet with me and talk to me. I really need to open up his mind and his eyes to what SEO truly is.... a whole pie, not just one piece of the pie. He is SO grossly misinformed, my boss is so grossly under-educated and under-trained, and so is our SEO Manager, that NO ONE in the whole office knows SEO fully except for me! 

I am completely exasperated over the issue. IF the CEO promoted ME to SEO Director, I could actually train our entire SEO team on ALL components to SEO, which is what they need the most. My whole team is being misguided because of poor leadership, and the CEO AND my boss are not doing anyone any favors by training the team in this sloppy way... in the wrong way. I could whip this team into shape and make the company that much better, IF the CEO just gave me the opportunity. 

OR I find a SEO Director role, jump ship and leave the company. Not to mention, I am the ONLY female on a team of ALL males, including my boss, the SEO Manager, and the CEO. 

I hope I can get in front of the CEO again and have the opportunity to educate him on what TRUE SEO is..... AND indirectly open his eyes to the fact that he has been badly misguided and misinformed all this time because there hasn't been anyone who is an effective SEO leader. 

Damn, that feels good to let out. I know I have it in me to be a damn good team leader... I can feel myself prepping for it, either way. I know it's my next step, and I am really looking forward to it, whether it be within my company or elsewhere. I feel ready. But damn, my company is frustrating to me. There's a great opportunity here for enormous improvement, and I know I could do that for them. I just need another meeting with my CEO! 





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