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They Did Nothing

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"What did they do to you?" I was asked by someone on here a few years ago.

Well a lot was done. Nasty effects, but also, what wasnt done could be just as harming..

Grade 1 or 2 report card...i cant remember which:

"Natasha often appears to be very sad and listless in class."

It was noticed, but no one did anything. It stopped right there.

There was also a comment that fit in with my ADD diagnosis, but i cant fault them for that, as im old and they didnt know about it back then...i think they didnt know at all.

Too bad they always turned their eyes during the verbal bullying.

But why not the sadness? Is it normal for a 6 year old to be that sad that it ends up on her report card from what can only be assumed to be concern? A teacher can only go so far. Her job was done.

But thats where it stopped.

There was more to the sadness than meets the eye. The sadness/depression was really just a symptom of something else. How could they know right?

Why was there no concern at home?.

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