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Back to the old days

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Ever talk about the old days? Or back in the day?

Were they good times for you? I bet a lot of people would say so.

Me, not so much.

I remember the mask though. The constant hiding behind it. Pain itself is a mask. It comes with the kit.

"Step right up folks! Heres your pain, suffering, paranoia and inadequacies! Comes with a built-in consealer! A mask so effective, it will have you believe you are on top of the world as you die inside!"

I think about the old days a lot. The highs i got from my behaviour. I often revisit those days and sometimes put the mask back on. But, then i realize i havent put it on. It was there all along.

The old days are back.

The old days are here.

The old days are now.

Because they were never gone!

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