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Just like them

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Oh i see how this goes. Ive seen it before but always choose to ignore it. 

You are both my parents rolled into one.

I was once asked by someone, "what did they do to you?" That someone understood me, until i screwed him over.

But yeah...my parents, one has passed, when both of them are gone (not that i want that)...they will still live on in you.

"Stop back talking!"

"Shut up!"

I guess even at 46 i am to be seen only and not heard. 

You asked a question and i was giving you an answer and you yell at me, saying  im whining? Your question was so accusatory too. 

Lately i have had thoughts i shouldnt have. I think of hurting you. Kicking you where no man ever wants to be kicked. And hard. Again and again and again. Hitting you. Pushing you. Punching you in the face.

I want to do to you what ive done to myself in the past. 

You want me to be silent and be the good little wifey.

You want me to take the verbal abuse.

You want me on meds because you think i am the problem. I take those god damned things for you, you know. I hate them.

You want everyone to agree with you.

Oh! Dont you wonder why you have so many issues with so many other people? Dont you see the common denominator there? I am not involved in any of those...

Interesting, isnt it?


You're just like them.

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