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Such a blur

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It’s honestly amazing how fast this year has passed. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for over a year.

A lot has changed and yet the same things still weigh me down here and there. Progress is still meant to made, but even then I struggle to accomplish that sometimes.

I’ve been feeling so lonely lately. Not like the need to be in a relationship with someone, but a close friend to spend time with outside of here. A friend that I could buy gifts for and go on shopping sprees with. To stay up all night with and have fun. A mutual bond with someone.

I don’t know. I guess the main reason why I came here was because I was alone. Or lonely, rather. The feeling is still there when I leave this community but I’ve been doing a lot better since my first post.


I guess I finally came to a realization that I want to mean something to someone. Not just by a daughter or a sister, but rather a good friend. A best friend even. In the real world, I want to matter to at least one person.

Just a shame it’s so hard to connect with people.

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