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Epic Fail



Well, like everything else in my pathetic life, my attempt at getting back into an exercise regime has completely failed. I really don't have the desire. I'm tired of being out of shape but I can't convince myself to do anything about it.

Work is just one frustrating event after another. I'm sick of dealing with the pettiness of the employees I'm supposed to manage. I'm a hands-off style manager and rarely ask much of them. But right now, I need to reassign some responsibilities and I've run smack into a brick wall. You'd think I had asked the employee to jump into a sewage pool or something.



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Being enormously fond of exercise and being varying degrees of mental, I have some thoughts on exercise which may or may not be useful. Work out what motivates you, make a plan, consider carefully the free time you have, rule lines in an exercise book and call it something quaint like "My Cute Little Exercise Journey", google shit ... diets, routines, perspectives and really, really immerse yourself so deeply and so thoroughly and ... you'll probably sit there and hate yourself instead. 

That's when you might pile all that up and make yourself a nice fire.

Do it for your body and your brain will catch up. That's how it is for everybody but that doesn't sell books.

So you're guy wouldn't do the cesspit? I like that you're obviously not in journalism or marketing 😉


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You WILL prevail, JD.

Fxxk work. Do what you have to, but on your free time, even if it’s just 15 mins, do the exercise you feel drawn to.

Try not to think in terms of regimes(though god knows I am the same..). Just do what feels right..

18 hours ago, AloneGuy said:

I'm really sorry you're going through such a rough time JD.  I hope you can keep hanging on and things get better for you very soon.  

I am too, JD. You deserve so much better. Oh, and btw, you are anything but an epic fail. 

Lose the fail. Maintain epic!

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I have very little energy lately to come up with anything useful or helpful but you will make it through. Just didnt happen this time. Try again when you are ready.

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