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Theyre coming

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They're coming for me. They'll be here soon and I have nothing to show them. Only panic attacks and breakdowns. Those are my sins.

I'll show them my empty hands, to be cuffed. And they can throw me into the dark room. That's ok. I live there anyway.

What's amazing to me is they have worked their way through to all the people I interact with. Daily. So now there are a lot of parts to play. Whatever is necessary.

My husband has even joined their cult. Left me alone now. Saying ive manipulated the conversation. Yeah, I'm not smart enough for that, Jack.

I hope the pharmacist burns in hell. I collapsed onto the floor wailing. Anyone want to help? Nope. Just her chanting overtop...her side. Her side of something that wasnt even the real issue. And she continued to do so when I phoned later to explain that wasnt the issue. And berated me that I had to phone my insurance company and fix it. Yo you **** I JUST told you all that! Thanks for listening.

But they are still on the way. And cancer cant come too soon.

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