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Inspiration is wherever you find it.  In a way, I think it is really within all of us, and all it takes is just that one little spark of whatever it is to find it.  Like looking for something you lost - you know it's around there somewhere, you just can't remember where you left it.  And then you see that little something, or that someone, or hear that snatch of song, and you get your 'second wind', you feel like maybe you can move forward again, or do whatever it is you've been struggling with. 

So, inspiration is wherever you find it, because it's really inside you, and you just need something to remind you of that sometimes.  The things that inspire us are as varied as we are - often it is not even the same thing that inspires us every time.  And inspiration is not always a profound, 'aha' moment.  Sometimes it is just a quiet recognition, a small echo in your heart when you see something that strikes a chord. 

With that in mind, I was going to leave a few images, but I cannot pick just one.  So here is a link to my Pinterest page, I hope you can view it.   


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