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Job Choices and Bad Timing



I may have a new job offer coming, from a well-known national brand. It would be a great opportunity -- it's a big job and is 15K more in salary. Then there's another position that I REALLY am interested in, that is 75K higher in salary, a Senior Director of eCommerce role for a travel company. For the latter job I had to take two personality tests and a math test. I didn't even finish the math test -- it was timed and it timed out before I could finish. I may not even make it to the interview stage for that one, but I wish I could have interviewed already so that I could have two options to choose from at the same exact time. The timing of this sucks. 

IF I get the offer from the well-known brand, I may have to take it. Things are shaky at work, at best. They let someone go last week, the highest paid in the company, and we still don't have enough clients for my team or for me. It's only a matter of time before I am let go, being the highest paid in my dept. I cannot afford to be between jobs. My husband is job hunting now too since his hours were cut along with his pay. We're OK right now (I think), but we both need a new job and SOON. 

I suppose if I take the lower paying job it's still a leg up from where I am now, and it is still a stepping stone to a comparable eCommerce Director role down the road. I can look at it that way. And it's still 15K higher than what I make, which would give me 2-3K extra per month. I was salivating over the possibility of a 75K higher salary though. That would allow me to save 4-5K per month very easily!!! And it's a seemingly great job. 

I should be thankful that I am still in the running with the well-known brand. I don't think I can afford to pick and choose right now, which is unfortunate. I wish I had that option. It always seems like I have to take the very next job offer that comes along out of pure necessity. I wish it were different. Maybe next go around. Gotta stay positive! At least I may have a job offer, and before I get laid off from my current job -- always looking at the bright side!! 


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