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Something that I have struggled with and I believe is common for many is patience. I observe this when people are driving who want to drive very fast even to pass others in oncoming traffic lanes or motorcycles weaving through.

However, while it may seem we save time by forgoing patience and we get our results quicker it is not without risk and cost. For example skipping education to go straight to a job may seem desirable but they may have less future opportunities without the degree. Perhaps a hard worker would argue that they can rise through the ranks on merit without education but an even harder worker would work and pursue higher education or be awarded an honorary degree.

But this is not always healthy. People may expend their health and become ill from pushing themselves too hard too fast or sacrifice those they love. In the worst case, being impatient can cost life and limb of people.

This patience can also extend to time with people. Getting to know people can take time and therefore patience is also important.

Overall, patience may not seem rewarding initially but I reflect and remember that even the greatest trees were once acorns and these did not sprout and grow in only one day. A civilization such as Rome was not built in a day.

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