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Anger is a powerful emotion and something I often think about. Why do we get angry? I believe we become angry when we percieve something to be an injustice, anger seems to be the natural emotion that flows from this.

When mastered anger can be a powerful way to confront injustice but used incorrectly it can have devastating consequences.

From my studies I found a proverb 16.32 "Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city."

In the midst of anger it can be difficult to think level headedly or rationally. It is important to be the master of your anger and assess the situation. Responding assertively is a good way to handle anger in a non emergency situation.

In our society we have people who hurt others because their anger has consumed them. When I feel myself on this dark slippery path, I reflect on what kind of person I want to be. We have a choice to be ruled by anger or to rule the anger.

When I feel angry, I redirect excessive anger so that I can be assertive. Also we are not omnipotent and only have one perspective and not the perspective of others which together may give a more accurate picture of a situation. An example is you are angry at a friend because you percieve them to have stolen something when in fact it may have simply been misplaced. Although the opposite could also be true, someone is victim of theft but ignorance is bliss.

Because of this we cannot rely on emotions alone to guide us through life because these emotions do not always percieve reality as it truly is but at our core we still must manage the feelings we experience, we need insight, observations and logic as well or people may be misinformed. This is my thoughts on anger.

In short it is beneficial to trace a feeling or emotion to a root and whether this root is planted or simply a dead tree that deserves our time and investigation.

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