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Getting Laid Off... Again



Well, I was supposed to be laid off this week. I've had a couple conversations with the CEO who really likes me. He said it's financial. I am the highest paid in my department, with a light client load. He has no clients to give me and he has none in the pipeline. He relies on word-of-mouth only and doesn't do any inside sales (big mistake). We lost a couple huge clients, not mine, and my boss and our manager are having to rely on their own networks to obtain clients for us. 

It's not performance related. I am a top performer and may even be the best in our department. I achieve great results for my clients, and they've all been happy with my work. So at least there's that. 

And I know I am very employable, with eight years of experience in my field. But it took me two years to find a senior-level role before this job. Hopefully, it will be a far shorter timeframe to get a new job. Hopefully I won't have to take a salary cut, but I'm willing to if I must. 

It's not such a bad thing since over time, I came to not like the way the company is run. They have a very high turnover, and it's kind of chaotic, with poor management. My boss is not a great manager of our team. He knows very little about my field and really should not be in charge of us. I told the CEO that our group lacks true leadership since they fired our Director. 

So now I am just waiting to get the ax. I don't even care. My only concern is finances, but I think we can get by. I am also waiting to hear about a potential job offer. The feedback has been positive, I've been told, and they have just a couple more interviews until they decide. Fingers crossed! It would be a miracle to get laid off and to have a job offer the same day. 


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