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Reasons Why I Hate Summer

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Believe it or not, this is meant to be a "fun" blog entry--in spite of the negative tone of the title. I've always hated summer and loved winter. Why? Well, let me begin to list the reasons:

1. Sweat. This is the big one. Even sitting at rest, I generally sweat constantly. Right now, it's 72 degrees in the office and I feel uncomfortably warm. Everybody else in the office is just fine. One coworker is even wearing a sweater! By the way, I detest sweaters unless it's below zero outside. Even then, I will immediately remove the sweater once I'm inside. The vast majority of people enjoy summer fun like volleyball games, picnics, etc. I hate them. I'm a mess in the heat. I see joggers out in 90 degree weather and they aren't breaking a sweat. In contrast, I can walk from my apartment to the dumpster and turn into a dripping disaster. It's very unpleasant and also quite embarrassing.

2. Blood-sucking insects. I think it's directly related to #1 above, but I attract mosquitoes & gnats like nobody else. I should hire myself out as a device for keeping insects away from attendees at picnics and other outdoor events. I would attract all of the bugs so they would leave everyone else alone.

3. Outdoor events. This town is chock full of summer events...festivals, concerts, art fairs, farmers markets, etc. People flock to these things by the thousands. For me, they are nothing but a giant nuisance, clogging up the streets so that I can't get to where I'm going. Most attendees are there to be seen with like-minded "individuals". Of course, none of these people sweat either. Occasionally, I get dragged to an event and I absolutely loathe the experience. I hate being in the midst of crowds. It makes me anxious as all hell. I usually have to push my way out of the mass of humanity and seek refuge in an uncrowded area. My daughter wants me to attend an art fair with her soon and the mere thought of it fills me with dread. I've tried to explain it to her but she thinks I'm just being dramatic. Well, whatever. I can't stand crowds.

..to be continued..

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Usually I freeze all the time, but ever since I got heat exhaustion several years ago, I can't handle anything over 90F.  I went walking yesterday and it was 'only' 84F, and I nearly collapsed.  Ugh.  Agree that sweat sucks.

My daughter told me that eating garlic helps repel insects.  One of her cousin-in-laws gives their kids garlic pills. Not sure about the science of it, though.

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