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If the worse-case scenario happened, we lost everything. Would you still be there with me?

I believe I've identified one of my biggest fears, the reason for my little stint with anxiety the past couple days, and it is a pretty common one. The fear of failure.
There is a huge responsibility that I carry. I have a family to provide for. Whenever there is the slightest possibility that something could disrupt the foundation I've built, I become uneasy.

To release the weight I feel on my shoulders, I have to remove any attachment to the things that do not have importance in my life. The non-essential stuff.
Only then I can feel content no matter where life takes me.

I don't want to be failure to my family. In the worst-case scenario, I need to know that no matter what happens we'll always be there for each other.
If I have that, there is nothing left to fear.


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I am sorry you have had to wrestle with the anxiety monster - but I am glad that you have wrung out a victory of sorts in identifying a major anxiety source.

I am sure your family will love you and be there for you no matter what. 

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Fear has to be depression and anxiety's cousin. Fear is a major trigger for me. I did lose everything in the 5 years. It's hard to get past  but with support from each other we can and will.

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