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In continuation of my last blog post, but more derivative... Anxiety.
Depression seems like a life long battle, but when anxiety rears its ugly head it really cripples me. Everything stops.
In fact, it was anxiety that led me to the doctor; therefore prescriptions, in the past.

Yesterday, I felt a bit of anxiety for the first time since I was going through the medication dance earlier this year.
It concerns me. Sometimes the reasoning for anxiety is out of my reach. It lies somewhere in the subconscious I suppose. 
Other times, I know the trigger but no amount logic and reason can calm it. The root cause could even disappear but the anxiety remains.

This morning it was still there, at noon not so much, and now as I write this it seems to be fading away. As fishy as it seems, maybe I can finally work through this. It just feels a lot bigger than me sometimes.
Again, if I do pursue therapy, it may also help me here.


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