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So yeah...i do too much. I care a lot. Im trying to be the better person i thought i was when i screwed someone over a few years ago. While ill never be able to fix that, or make it better, what i can do is move forward and do what i can, right? Be what i was always supposed to be.

Its difficult now though. I insist on going to hot yoga daily as i was gifted with sn unlimited intro month. So its been my training for a huge physical endeavour im about to embark on. Havent had time to train properly with the actual physical activity. So i may be screwed.

Im a volunteer for something that my daughter does. And im super stressed about all the tasks involved with that, especially since im not here for some of the next few weeks. Makes things very hard right now. Going away this weekend as part of all of this. So less time once again.

I havent prepped for this weekend or the big trip coming up. 

As i type this all out, it doesnt sound like a lot of stuff. People would probably roll their eyes at this. 

And i dont know why i am even putting this out there. I suppose to get it out. See it all. 

But it all seems like a big deal. 

I need to get the house completely clean for my family while im gone. Get all laundry done. Create a supply box for the middle and end of my trip. 

Kid goes to the orthodontist on Friday. We leave after that.

I have tomorrow and Thursday and thats it. Ugh.

Ill get through this right?

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