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Annoyed by Work Now



So they expanded my responsibilities, but now I'm totally overloaded and overwhelmed. GRRRRRR. 

I'm totally excited to be doing something different and new, but I am not happy that once again, my plate is overfull. I have to talk to my boss and worry that he's going to push back. I wrote him an email on Friday letting him know that I was working Friday afternoon (when on one else was), that I have to work this weekend too, and that I want to discuss removing 1-2 clients from my plate on Monday. 

I worry I will have to speak with HR if he doesn't correct the problem. And the guy who was just promoted above me? He is reading sports articles at work. My other colleague who is at my level also sometimes works on the weekends. There's an uneven distribution of work and it's not right. 

The good news? I am interviewing with another company and had a very positive second interview. Maybe I'll be able to leave my company sooner than later... I hope so. I am really fed up with what I see going on with upper management. My boss is best buds with the one who got promoted and he shows favoritism which amounts to unfairness within our department. Not right. 

I guess I am just griping. I am lucky to have the job that I do... it saved me last year when I really needed full-time work and it gave me the 20K salary bump I needed. Now I want another 10K higher or more, lol. 

Not looking forward to this conversation with my boss. 


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