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CBD Oil in Vaping



I've been using CBD Oil in my Vape. I've noticed that when I go up in the milligrams, it works better and quicker. I began with 200mg. Then 300mg. Now I'm at 500mg and I noticed a huge difference.

A difference in my physical pain level. It's helping the pain to not be as intense.
A difference in anxiety. I feel more confident to be able to go out of the house because the anxiety has decreased with the use of CBD Oil.
Even depression isn't as severe.

I hope they keep doing research into the use of CBD Oil. I hope it improves even more. I'm in Kentucky, so that means no legal marijuana. They are so backwards here that I bet KY will be the last to ever legalize it. I don't mean to complain, but they do it behind closed doors... then don't want it legalized. KY is well known for being the Bible Belt State of Hypocrisy.

I hate it here. Though there's no place like home, I still hate the location... I hate the hypocrisy... it's disgusting.

Forgive my rant. I don't mean to. It's just very annoying being stuck in Purgatory like this.

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Hey there Jamark8. I'm glad the CBD is helping you out.  I've been meaning to start taking CBD for a while now, but it's rather pricey for my budget at the moment.  It has so much potential for mental health, it's just a shame it has taken this long to become more available throughout the country.  

As for your "rant" (btw it's very healthy to rant and get stuff out sometimes 🙂)  I definitely understand your frustrations with the laws of your state.  I live now in Colorado (for entirely different reasons), but haven't forgotten that most other states still have some pretty tough laws.     

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